WIBO Sports Water Bottle – Your Partner for Camping and Fitness

Keeping yourself hydrated as you engage to any outdoor activities is a must! Perhaps, a WIBO sports water bottle is everything that you need. This item is made from the safest plastic that is BPA-free. It is equipped with a button that automatically opens its lid as you gently press it on.

This product is greatly suitable for camping, fitness activities, and to any adventures outdoors. For more information, check out the details below;

  • Water bottle material is Tritan, BPA-free, odorless.
  • 4.3cm caliber, ice and other food can be load.
  • Seal leakproof design, shake or invert without leakage.
  • Food-grade straw and dustproof cover design: Open the lid namely drink, suction nozzle has dust shield to insulate the dust(A buttom to open the lid,sucker can be detachable)
  • Handle design, is a perfect water cup, suitable for sports, fitness, tourism, office, shopping, driving, etc.

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