Understanding Prostate Enlargement and Its Natural Remedies

One of the most common health conditions that men have dealt with is the so-called prostate problem. Despite the worries that are relatively connected to such condition, it is normal for a man’s prostate to grow as they age. For some reasons, an enlarged prostate doesn’t bring any harm to some men. However, some enlarged prostate may lead to a really serious condition.

Some studies show that there are about five men between ages 50 to 60 who are prone to having prostate problems. Some symptoms are evident, while some are not. While these symptoms can really be bothersome, having known that a man is ill with such condition will greatly affect his personal life.

Some may opt to visit their doctor for medications while others may opt to have a surgery. The good thing is that, during the early stages of prostate problems, men can still opt to undergo alternative and natural remedies to treat the problem.

While proper medication is entirely necessary, proper lifestyle change and all-natural remedies still work best in treating prostate problems.

Here are some of the notable natural treatments to follow to address your concern about prostate problems.

 1. Eating pumpkin seeds – This is one of the effective natural remedies to consider for prostate problems. Pumpkin seeds are believed to shrink the prostate as it contains the compounds called phytosterols. Moreover, adding this to your daily diet is believed to give you a positive health benefit.


 2. Saw Palmetto – It is known as one of the herbal remedies that are best used in treating prostate problems. Saw Palmetto comes from one of the types of a palm tree and has been used as an effective natural medicine for the urinary system, and that which include prostrate problem. Research further shows that Saw Palmetto isn’t only good for prostate but at the same time, it has an anti-inflammatory effect that is best for the prostate health.


 3. Pygeum – Having known as a family of the African plum tree, pygeum is also considered as a natural remedy for prostate problems. It is one of the traditional medications that are used to treat certain urinary problems a hundred years ago. Some studies also show that taking in pygeum helps in emptying the bladder and as a result, the urine flows very well. Take Pygeum and Saw Palmetto together for optimum results!


 4. Stinging nettle extracts – It is one of the best treatments for prostate problems that have been known in Europe for many years. Stinging nettle extract is known to reduce prostate problem symptoms.


 5. Ryegrass extract – This is another herbal treatment that you can be used for your prostate problems. Men who are taking this extract which is made from rye, Timothy and corn are believed to have improvements in their nighttime symptoms.


Urinating most often at night is one of the conditions that men have to deal with prostate enlargement. Perhaps, adding this extract to your diet will cause no harm. Instead, you can be sure to experience improvements and positive effects on your prostate health.

What are the lifestyle changes that help treat prostate problems?

While it is true that proper medication has to be applied to treat prostate problems, opting to improve your lifestyle and diet are yet among the key to achieving your prostate’s optimal health. Before you wish to undergo certain therapies and surgeries, you can try some of the most beneficial recommendations for lifestyle change below.

 1. Eat the right kind of meals – It is always true to say that, “you are what you eat.” When you noticed some enlargement of your prostate, it is advised to become more watchful of what you eat. There are healthy diets to follow in order to shrink your prostate size.


Eating foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids is one of the things to do. You can also indulge in some foods that are rich in healthy fats like nuts, avocados, olives, and vegetables. Limit the food intake that you know would hurt your prostate health like spicy foods, foods that are high in seasoning, and dairy products.

 2. Get a regular exercise routine – Exercising regularly is another tip to follow to improve your lifestyle, thus improving your prostate health at the same time. Studies have shown that regular exercise promotes prostate health.


You can opt to enroll in a gym and have your professional instructor guide you on what to do. A simple resistance and aerobic exercise are one of the options to consider.

 3. Start losing extra pounds of weight – When you indulge in a regular exercise, what comes next is losing weight. Attaining your ideal body weight is also essential to an improved prostate health.


Oftentimes, being obese is mostly linked to several health conditions just like prostate problems. If you can put off some weight, then you are doing yourself a great favor. Gaining more weight may affect your estrogen production; hence, prostate problems become inevitable.

 4. Learn to manage stress – Stress is one of the underlying causes of certain health conditions of both men and women. In order to reduce stress, make sure to practice a positive outlook on life. Whenever worried about work and other stressful situations, you can help manage stress as you divert your attention to more enjoyable activities. Stress may worsen your prostate problem; thus, make sure to get rid of it as much as possible.


 5. Take proper supplementations – As you practice a healthier lifestyle, there is also well-researched supplementation that would be best for your prostate problem. These supplements are known to promote and enhance your prostate health and urinary health at the same time.


Taking these supplement help regulate more normal hormones, and shrinking your enlarged prostate would be possible. This will also help boost your immune system and would help you manage inflammation more naturally and effectively.

A change in lifestyle is generally one of the keys to attaining an optimal health. By following all the tips mentioned above, it is not impossible for you to improve your prostate health one step at a time. Taking these steps with much effort will eventually give you the positive health effect of your prostate problem.

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