Understanding the Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments of Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that is characterized by an inflammation of a person’s joints. Oftentimes, certain conditions get worse when being neglected over the years. Stiffness and severe pain are among the things that a person with arthritis suffers. Among the most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.


While medications and painkillers have been made available on the market today, some doctors still believe that traditional and natural treatments still work best to treating such condition. Due to the fact that side effects may be evident to some prescribed medications, following home remedies to treating arthritis are becoming more popular today.

Here are some of the natural treatments to consider to get rid of joint pains naturally.

  • Use hot and cold treatment – Making use of this treatment could create wonders for your arthritis condition. Hot and cold treatments have been popular to help ease pains in your joints, especially when done early in the morning. You can also make use of a heating pad in order to successfully use this hot and cold therapy. While it relieves joint pain, cold treatments are also known to lessen the swelling and inflammation of your joint. A bag of ice placed inside the towel is already an alternative cold treatment that you can do at home.


  • Lose extra pounds of weight – While it is true that weight plays a significant role in a person’s health, treating arthritis is also best done when a person tries to lose weight. It is known that your extra weight puts much pressure on your joints, most especially, somewhere in your knees and feet. In order to reduce the pressure on your joints, losing weight is the best thing to do. Further, this allows you to lessen the joint pain while at the same time, prevent future joint damage to happen.


  • Move your joints regularly – It is true that regular exercise helps a lot in treating arthritis or any sorts of joint problems. One must engage in a regular exercise in order to move your body regularly. As a result, your joints will become more flexible each day. You can consult a fitness expert and ask for the best routine to follow every day. Low impact exercise routines are among the things that you can try out on in order to flex your joints.


  • Omega – 3 Fatty acids diet – Your food intake also plays a vital role in treating your arthritis. You have to know that omega – 3 fatty acids are the fats which help treat arthritis. In order to bring your joints back to its optimum health, make sure to include these healthy fats in your daily diet. You can also try some supplementation that contain fish oil since it has been proven to reduce pain and toughness in your joints.

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  • Get a regular joint massage – Studies show that a regular joint massage helps reduce joint pains. While you improve the range of motion to your joints, it is believed that joint pains will also be relieved. To this end, it is also advised to consult a professional therapist that would help you address your problem.


  • Try some relaxation techniques – One of the effective ways to reduce stress to your joint is to learn to relax and meditate. Doing these techniques are known to feel you better despite the joint pain. Studies have found out that relaxation is helpful to people who have arthritis. Hence, when stress is managed and reduced, inflammation and swelling of the joint are also reduced.


Knowing the Symptoms of Arthritis

While it is important to know the different home treatments and reliefs for joint pains and swelling, understanding its signs and symptoms is also important to prevent future joint damage to happen.

Oftentimes, a person with arthritis is known to experience severe joint pains. The pain varies depending on the location of the joint problem. Meanwhile, the severity of the swelling and inflammation may also be depending on the lifestyle practice of a certain person.

On the other hand, swelling is becoming evident when a person already has arthritis. Fluid retention may also be present over a certain area of the body where the joint is being affected. Some people find it hard to stand, walk, and sit due to stiff joints. While arthritis tends to become worse, some people may experience a decrease in motion and may entirely lose their joint flexibility.

Arthritis symptoms may vary from one person to another. Nonetheless, among the most common signs that you must take into consideration are the pain and joint stiffness. When you feel that these signs are already present, prompt treatment and remedy must be done immediately.

Stiffness which could last longer than an hour already demands a really good treatment. While it is left untreated, joint problems may lead to certain complications. Fluid may start to accumulate in the affected area which may affect the joint health in the long run.

What causes Arthritis?

Generally, arthritis may somehow be considered as a joint degenerative disease, which is a combination of genetics and lifestyle factors. One or two of these factors may greatly contribute to a person’s risk of having a joint problem.

Other than that, certain infections may also affect a person’s joint health. Certain medications for autoimmune diseases can also risk the person’s chance of having arthritis. While it is true that arthritis may have different root causes, it is good to know that natural and conventional treatments are now available to treat such condition.

When the severity of the joint pain becomes worse, it would be best to consult professional help from rheumatologists in order to come up with the right therapy for the disease. Dealing with arthritis also means dealing with severe pain. Perhaps, understanding its causes and knowing its treatment is the best way to do in order to prevent future joint problems to happen.

Meanwhile, if you want to avoid the risk of painkiller treatments, following all-natural treatments for joint pains can greatly help you control and lessen the severity of your condition.

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