Treating Hepatitis with these 5 Natural and Safe Treatments

The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. However, due to unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors, increasing numbers of people today are being affected by a liver disease called hepatitis. According to studies, liver problems have been the leading causes of death of both men and women.

Many believed that hepatitis is really a silent killer. There are certain instances when signs and symptoms are not noticeable; not until the condition gets worse.


Primarily, when liver problems like hepatitis happen, there is a tendency for the virus to spread really quickly. To this end, whenever noticed that something is wrong with the liver, immediate treatments must be taken care of.

Given the fact that hepatitis is deadly, it is still good to know that there are certain remedies that would help alleviate liver problems safely. These treatments are proven safe and natural and could somehow control the spread of the virus inside the body.

Here are some of the natural treatments that you must need to know!

 1. Use Castor Oil

This is one of the most notable natural treatments to be used for hepatitis. It has been known that castor oil, when absorbed by the body, brings healing to whatever is inflamed inside the body. Perhaps, when hepatitis is on its earliest stage, the use of a castor oil will help you control the inflammation that is about to worsen. Further, castor oil can also be best used as part of your cold compress.

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All you need to do is to prepare a clean cloth and soak it in a pure and clean castor oil beforehand. After the procedure, just simply place the cloth on top of your bare skin where the liver is located. This kind of treatment is advised to be left for at least 30 minutes in order for the oil to be absorbed into the body completely.

 2. Milk Thistle

This is one of the highly-suggested natural cures for hepatitis around the world. Given the fact that milk thistle is a popular natural remedy for liver problems, it is also good to know that studies have already proven its benefits to hepatitis.

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It is known that this herb is already common as one of the main ingredients of the food supplements for liver health. Perhaps, in order to enhance and maintain your liver health, taking in some milk thistle extract or supplementation must be an option you need to consider. Much of the researchers have shown that milk thistle is safe to use and is effective in treating problems with the liver like hepatitis.

 3. Black Seed Oil

This is another hepatitis treatment that is widely known over the years. Black seed oil is believed to enhance the liver’s health and overall function. Further, this herb is also best for digestion, and will also help treat conditions related to the digestive health. Studies have shown that black seed helps strengthens the immune system and one of the most remarkable herbs known in the western part of the world. Thus, if you are looking for an effective and safe treatment for hepatitis, this black seed oil is another option to consider.

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 4. The Reishi Mushroom

While reishi mushroom is known to balance and improve the body’s immune function, this herb is also a great treatment for hepatitis. It has been known that this mushroom treats liver problems naturally as it enhances blood circulation and function of the liver.

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In China, this mushroom has been classified as one of the natural remedies having the highest value in terms of hepatitis treatment. Reishi mushroom is known to improve the body’s immune response whenever the body’s system is not functioning well.

 5. Artichoke

This is one of the most popular herbs in Europe that is known for treating hepatitis naturally. Artichoke has long been recorded in the United States and Australia as one of the leading treatments for both digestive and liver problems. For liver problems and disturbances, the artichoke is very safe to use as it also helps lower the cholesterol and promotes weight loss. This herb can be used for treatment through leaves decoction and must be taken as part of your daily diet every day.

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Hepatitis: What are the Things to Avoid?

In order to achieve successful treatments for hepatitis, patients should also know the things that he or she needs to avoid in order not to worsen the condition. Given the fact that hepatitis is a kind of viral attack, there are certain things that a person needs to do in order to control the liver’s inflammation.

Below is a list of things that hepatitis patients must need to restrict; especially when undergoing certain treatments and medication. Check this out!

 1. Alcohol

This is one of the leading causes of liver problems. Thus, in order not to worsen your condition, health experts advised patients to stop drinking alcohol permanently.


2. Caffeine

This is another substance that is harmful to the liver. Any sorts of drinks which have caffeine on it are definitely restricted to a person with a liver problem. Hepatitis may flare up if a person still continues to drink liquids that are caffeinated.


 3. Refined Sugars

A person with hepatitis is advised to follow a strict diet. Apart from carbonated and caffeinated drinks, it is also best to avoid eating foods with refined sugars. Hepatitis patients must avoid them if you wish to cure your liver problem permanently.


 4. Chocolates and tea

These foods are also included that you need to stop eating. If you wish to achieve a successful treatment for your liver, then perhaps, it would be best for you to also avoid these sweet and tasty food items.


Being cured of hepatitis or any sorts of liver problem, a person must strictly follow all the bits of advice that must be given to him. It is generally recommended for a person to follow the tips for hepatitis natural treatments in order to see the best result. May you find all these tips helpful as you treat hepatitis naturally and safely!

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