Top 7 Foods to Eat When on A Ketogenic Diet

With the rising trend of modern-day diets and weight loss topics, you probably won’t be surprised when you hear the word Keto or Ketogenic diet.

There are probably a handful of different diets included in the list of weight loss programs, but the Ketogenic diet is fast becoming the top choice for the health and fitness community. It is not just because of the Keto diet’s proven ability to lose weight, but also its ability to improve a person’s health and well-being as well.

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This weight loss program is so popular that even some celebrities and famous athletes alike swear by it.


What is Ketogenic Diet?

The premise of the Ketogenic diet circles around the idea that it promotes weight loss through consuming high-fat but low-carb meals. In fact, following the entire program revolves around eating fewer carbs, moderate protein but very high in fat only.

If you follow a stricter, number-based Keto diet, carbohydrates should be restricted to less than 50 grams a day – which is about 5 percent of your diet. Consumption of protein should take up about 20 percent of your meals while fat should take up the remaining 75 percent.

When our body goes through these changes, it is forced to depend on fats as our main source of energy instead of using sugar or glucose. This process is called ketosis.

When our body undergoes ketosis, it uses ketones which are natural compounds produced by our liver from the predominant fats since glucose is limited as the fuel burned for our energy.

When starting out, there are a number of side effects experienced with the Keto diet. However, over time, hunger becomes suppressed in this diet which is essentially helpful when you are aiming to lose a considerable amount of weight.


What foods are Keto-friendly?

The main idea of the Keto diet is to bypass carbohydrates but stocking up on fat and a little bit of protein. Switching to this diet can be overwhelming, but not actually difficult if you set your mind to it.

In this list, we have come up with the top ten foods to eat when you are on a Ketogenic diet.


  1. Meat and lots of meat and poultry

Since the Ketogenic diet is primarily a non-carb, high fat and protein diet, it’s not unusual that meat (and lots of it!), as well as poultry, are listed as the staple foods.

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Raw meat including beef, chicken, or pork are essentially high protein and no carb, and they contain the important nutrients like B vitamins as well as selenium, potassium, and zinc.

Individuals following the Keto diet would discover a build and maintenance of muscle mass because of the amount of protein consumed. However, the recommended type of meat for this diet should come from grass-fed animals as they contain more nutrients than animals with grain diets.


  1. Eggs

Eggs are food that are rich sources of protein. They are also considered top of the list because of the handful of health benefits they contain. While they’re packed with all the essential nutrients we need while on a Keto diet, they are easy to obtain and affordable as well.

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Eggs, especially if they are hard-boiled, helps activate hormones to make us feel full longer while stabilizing our blood pressure. When eggs are eaten whole including the yolk, we get a sufficient dose of zeaxanthin and lutein, which is beneficial for healthy vision.


  1. Cheese and dairy

If you’re one of those who loves cheese, then eating this is perfect if you’re on a Keto diet. They’re not only delicious but filled with essential nutrients as well. Moreover, cheese contains a high amount of saturated fat, which is considered ideal for this diet.

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However, since there are many types of cheese, cottage cheese is one that is ideal for the Keto diet.

For people with low lactose tolerance, there are other dairy options that are considered keto-friendly.


  1. Avocados

We all know how extremely healthy and delicious avocados are, so it’s not surprising it’s listed as keto-friendly. Avocados contain only minimal carbs but is rich in saturated fat and contains essential vitamins and minerals to help make the Keto diet easier to follow through.

Not only that, avocados are said to help lower bad cholesterol, therefore, reducing risks of heart diseases.



  1. Seafood

Fish and some shellfish are considered keto-friendly because they are very low in carbs but are rich sources of essential nutrients including potassium, selenium, as well as B vitamins. Salmon and tuna are considered top of the list because they also contain enough omega-3 fatty acids, which is a necessary element in a keto diet.

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  1. Nuts and Seeds

Some types of nuts and seeds are considered healthy and Keto-friendly because they are low carb but high in fat. Consuming nuts have also been associated with lower risks of heart diseases, depression, certain types of cancers as well as some chronic diseases.

Moreover, when eating nuts on a keto diet can help absorb less calories which keeps you full longer.



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  1. Dark Chocolate and cocoa

We all know how incredibly delicious chocolates are and how it triggers happy hormones when we consume it. So, this is certainly great news for people with a sweet tooth. What makes dark chocolates incredibly keto-friendly is that they contain small amounts of carbs but are high in antioxidants. It’s no wonder dark chocolates are also considered in the list of superfoods as it also contains just as many antioxidants as fruits like berries. Based on scientific studies, flavanols in dark chocolates play an important role when it comes to lowering heart-related diseases as well as regulating blood pressure.

However, when choosing to eat dark chocolates, they should contain at least 70 percent or more of pure cocoa.


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While these foods are listed at the top of keto-friendly foods, there are others that can also be considered ideal to eat for keto diets.

Many individuals who followed the keto diet have attested to reaping its benefits like achieving their desired weight and staying healthy at the same time.


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