Top 10 Products to Help Relieve Symptoms of Menstrual Cramps in Women

Top 10 Products to Help Relieve Symptoms of Menstrual Cramps in Women

For some women, it’s always a dreadful ordeal whenever she has her monthly visitor especially when an unpleasant ache around the abdomen follows it. That’s correct – her period and menstrual cramps. Science calls it dysmenorrhea, others call it menstrual cramps or period pains. However it is named, the pain that accompanies a woman’s menstruation is never easy.

There are some women who experience menstrual cramps longer than others. There are also some women who go through menstrual cramps days before her period starts and continue until the last day.  When that happens, it could be an indication of an underlying health issue. It could also mean reasons to be absent from work and school. It could render counter productivity and general lethargy.

Prostaglandins are known as the culprit for causing menstrual cramps. When a woman has higher levels of the chemical messenger prostaglandins in her system, the more intense the cramps and pain would be for her.

Generally, you shouldn’t be too concerned if you have menstrual cramps as they would go away after your menstruation. However, seek medical attention only if you are experiencing the following:


– Excessive bleeding with feelings of difficulty to move or do anything due to intense pain

mild fever and chills

– you suspect you are pregnant

– clumps of unusual tissue also discharge with the bleeding


If you are experiencing menstrual cramps, an over-the-counter pain reliever would usually help relieve the pain. Alternatively, there are products that you can find online that can also help relieve menstrual cramps. Below are ten highly recommended products you can select from:


*Prices updated as of September 2018


  1. Nature Creation Menstrual Cramps Reliever

Price: $29.99

A microwaveable therapy to help relieve menstrual pain and discomfort. It can also relieve discomfort in the lower back. It is equipped with an elastic strap that fits against the body for convenience in mobility. It is made out of fleece fabric and cotton on each side for comfort and helps you stay cozy and warm especially during winter. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.3/5 stars





  1. Birth Song Menstrual Cycle Cramp Relief Formula for Period Pain

Price: $14.59

A menstrual pain relief formula with natural supplements to make you feel better emotionally and physically. It contains relaxant properties to help relieve the tension, anxiety, and stress that comes along with your menstruation. It is made from organic and herbal ingredients to guarantee a healthier you even during your period. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.2/5 stars





  1. Seven Minerals PMS Magnesium Relief Spray

Price: $18.95

A natural menstrual pain relief formula spray that’s powerful yet gentle to the body with ingredients that can help ease the discomfort. It contains ionic magnesium that you can spray on your abdomen and feel its soothing effects deep into the cells for PMS support and pain relief. It also contains essential oils like sweet marjoram, clary sage, and ylang ylang to help boost your mood with its heavenly aroma. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.4/5 stars





  1. Sunny Bay Menstrual Cramp and Pain Relief Heat Patches

Price: $12.99

Adhesive and disposable air-activated menstrual heat pads that guarantees around 6 hours of heat while wearing it and 8 hours pain relief after taking it off. It stays in place with is adhesive and is odor-free. It can only be used one time and is best for pain relief in the back, abdomen, pain, and arms. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.2/5 stars







  1. Women’s Nature Natural Cycle Relief

Price: $19.95

A dietary supplement formulated for menstrual cramp relief and supported a healthy hormone balance. It contains natural ingredients like red raspberry leaf, gingko biloba, and ginger and helps reduce bloating, lessens cramping and many more. Overall, it naturally helps make you feel better each period. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.6/5 stars





  1. Cure Oils Women Essential Oil for Hormone Balance

Price: $28.50

An essential oil formula that is a solution for every woman. This product helps lessen cramping and other PMS symptoms as well as balances the hormones. It is made with the purest ingredients like clary sage, rosemary, chamomile, and many others. It can also help alleviate feelings of stress and improve hormones. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.5/5 stars





  1. GoPatch Menstrual Cramps Relief Patch

Price: $33.95

Drug-free patches with natural relief that can make you go through your day without any side effects. It is relatively safe to use even while taking medications. It has fast-acting relief and helps relieve menstrual cramps and discomfort. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 5.0/5 stars





  1. The Secret Lab My Sweet Aunt Flo Menstrual Cramp Pain Relief Formula

Price: $13.99

An effective and natural menstrual cramp relief that can make a difference. It is a better option than painkillers without the usual groggy feeling after taking. It helps soothe discomfort, pain and all the anxiety that comes with menstruation while balancing hormones and stabilizing mood. It contains potent and natural ingredients to lessen uncomfortable feelings during menstruation. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 5.0/5 stars





  1. HTP Relief Heat Therapy Pack

Price: $16.99

A therapy designed heat pack with a contouring and adjustable band so it can fit you with ease and comfort. The product can also be used for pain in the back, arms, shoulders, legs, and joints. It can be used as both hot and cold with fast-relief results. It is eco-friendly with natural ingredients used for the filling. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.8/5 stars





  1. WishGarden Herbs Organic Herbal Menstrual Support Supplement

Price: $15.99

This product is made by a company with roots in midwifery, so they know what special needs that women have. This menstrual cramp solution is formulated specifically for soothing pains associated with the menstrual cycle. It is certified made with organic and herbal ingredients and tested for quality to guarantee soothing, nurturing and health supporting results. It is made in a liquid form so that it is absorbed faster by the body and easy to swallow. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.5/5 stars





All of these ingredients are great options when you want to reduce the cramps and pains you get when you have your monthly period. However, it is important to consult with your doctor first before trying them and if they are suitable for your health.


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