Top 10 Nutritional Supplements to Lower Your Cholesterol and Protect Your Heart

It’s not always an awful thing to have some cholesterol in your body. Some cholesterol is actually good despite that we’ve been told over the years in modern medicine that cholesterol, in general, is bad for the health.

However, too much can also be bad. When our cholesterol levels are high, we put ourselves at risk for heart diseases. This is why we need to practice control in order to keep the bad cholesterol at bay while keeping the good ones for our well-being.

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What’s the difference between good and bad cholesterol?

To better understand what really cholesterol means, let’s debunk the myth about it being entirely damaging for our health. Good cholesterol is referred to as High-Density Lipoprotein or HDL while bad cholesterol is known as Low-Density Lipoprotein or LDL. It is the HDL’s job to keep the LDL from clogging up in your arteries. The LDL is the one that creates plaques around the walls of our arteries and making blood flow to our heart very difficult causing heart diseases.


What makes LDL levels in our body increase?

One of the common reasons why there is so much LDL in our system is Trans fats. Trans fats are usually contained in the processed food we eat especially fried ones like fast food and baked products. Currently, the FDA is slowly taking measures to remove food that contain high amounts of Trans fats in the market supply. You can avoid them also altogether by checking the label on your purchased food items. If you find the word “partially hydrogenated oil” on your food packaging, it is just Trans fat given a fancy name. It is best to avoid it or throw it out.

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While that is relevant, the basic way to lower LDL is by changing our habits and lifestyle. If we eat too much processed foods, we not only increase bad cholesterol levels but also store plenty of fat in our body. As a result, we become overweight and may even become obese. Try avoiding these foods and also put in some exercise. Staying active would significantly increase our HDL and lowering the LDL.

We also need to keep ourselves away from stress altogether, so we do not seek foods that are unhealthy. Other ways include drinking a lot of water, eating more fish and loading up on fiber-rich foods.


Alternatively, we can also turn to taking nutritional supplements that can also help us lower bad cholesterol and effectively protect our heart. These can usually be found in health stores or purchased online. Take note that it is important to check with your doctor first before taking these supplements. Here are top supplement recommendations online you can find to reduce bad cholesterol.


*Price updated as of August 2018


  1. Himalaya Guggul

Price: $12.33/60 capsules


Score: 4.3/5

A plant-based capsule for a vegetarian option. Contains Guggul, which is a type of herbal plant naturally extracted and clinically formulated for lipid metabolism.




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  1. Genius Heart & Cardiovascular Health Supplement

Price: $42.74


Score: 4.6/5

A supplement that is well worth the price you pay. It helps support blood pressure with grape seed extract, which is a natural solution for high blood pressure. It regulates and naturally lowers cholesterol levels. It also helps boosts brain power as well as cardiovascular endurance. All the way for a healthy heart!




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  1. Nature Made CholestOff Complete Softgel

Price: $35.69


Score: 4.1/5

Also considered as a high-rated supplement. Formulated from natural sources with no artificial flavors and ingredients that are carefully selected to meet high-quality standards through rigorous manufacturing procedures. Made as an easy-to-swallow soft gel and is gluten-free. Does not contain preservatives, starch or yeast.




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  1. Lipomezin Cholesterol Lowering High-Quality Supplement

Price: $48.00


Score: 4.7/5

A supplement made with unique formula from ingredients that are carefully selected like herbal extracts and policosanol. Naturally lowers LDL and maintain good cholesterol levels. It also helps boost healthy cardiovascular functions. Helps keep the heart healthy and supports brain health. Developed in an FDA-certified facility to ensure safety and effectivity of the product.




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  1. Kangyacare Shan Zha Jing Jiang Zhi Pill – Hawthorn Herbal Supplement

Price: $13.99


Score: 5.0/5

If you opt for herbal remedies, try this supplement. Controls lipid levels with robust cardiovascular activity. It also contains antioxidant properties to strengthen immunity and brain health.



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  1. Tocotrienols Raw Power Brand (Raw Rice Bran Solubles)

Price: $19.95


Score: 4.4/5

A powerful antioxidant in the form of powder you can add in smoothies, shakes or other healthy dessert recipes for a healthy twist. It helps reduce bad cholesterol, protects the heart and keeps it healthy, maintain healthy hair and skin and supports brain health and reduces high blood pressure.



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  1. Nutrapro Blood Pressure Support Capsules

Price: $17.99


Score: 4.7/5

A high-quality supplement formulated for supporting heart health while cleansing your blood from impurities. It is developed using natural extracts but scientifically processed guaranteed to keep you and your heart healthy while reducing risks of high blood pressure.




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  1. Nutrapro Healthy Heart

Price: $23.73


Score: 4.4/5

High-quality supplement for cardiovascular health support to strengthen arteries and lower bad cholesterol. Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases caused by plaques clogging the arteries, prevents pressure in the arteries and ensures optimal well-being while protecting your heart from reduced LDL. Ensures longevity with natural ingredients, but safe, effective and FDA-approved.



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  1. HeartOne, Complete Heart Health Supplement

Price: $15.45


Score: 4.9/5

Supplement developed for lowering cholesterol and lowers inflammation while regulating blood pressure. Contains patented antioxidant and is easily absorbed. Formulated from 45% organic products to also support cardiovascular health by highly-trained physicians and reviewed and recommended by pharmacists.



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  1. Naturalia Labs Ultimate Cholest Control – Lower Cholesterol Supplements Premium Formula

Price: $17.89


Score: 4.5/5

A cholesterol-lowering supplement made with 100% natural ingredients like niacin, Cayenne pepper, garlic, and Guggul. Considered one of the best formula to effectively lower LDL or bad cholesterol and prevent heart diseases. It is easy to swallow with no side effects, aftertaste, or bad smell.




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