Top 10 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Chapped and dry lips are one of the most common problems that most people find uncomfortable and unattractive. One of the most common identified causes of chapped lips is vitamin deficiency; although sometimes, it may also be due to poor lifestyle practice.


Among the most common symptoms that are being observed by chapped lips sufferers are cracking, redness, dryness, and lip’s flaking which may cause certain pain.

Some other risk factors also include allergies, smoking, and most of the time, extreme exposure to the sun’s heat. In line with this, numbers of commercial products have been made available in the market in order to treat lips dryness.

However, the good thing about this condition is that it can be treated and be managed through certain remedies that can be found at home. Here are some of the tips to follow to get relief for your chapped lips naturally and effectively.

1. Honey Moisturizer

It is known to give the best health benefits to any sorts of health condition. Further, honey is also proven as an effective and natural moisturizer for your lips. It has a natural antibacterial component that gives natural healing to your dry lips. Meanwhile, honey is also known to be purely organic and is safe to be applied to your lips. You can simply create a homemade paste of honey and make use of it as your natural lip moisturizer. You can apply it twice daily, very early in the morning and before going to bed at night.

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2. Lip Paste Made From Sugar

Apart from honey, sugar is also a great remedy for chapped lips. It is proven to exfoliate the dead cells off your lips; while at the same time, it brings back the softness of your lips naturally. You can create a mixture of sugar and honey and apply it your affected lips. You can let it stay for a couple of minutes and see the result for yourself. You can also use this sugary paste as you rub your lips through your fingers. This allows you to remove the dead skin cells from your lips at the same time.


3. Coconut Oil Moisturizer

This is one of the most effective natural treatments that would save you from lip dryness. Coconut oil has a natural component that is proven to heal chapped lips faster. You can simply apply a pure coconut oil as many times possible in a day, leave it to your lips for a couple of minutes, and see how the oil can create wonders for your condition.

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  4. Apply Rose Petal Paste

While roses are known to beautify your garden, it is also good to know that rose petals can be a good treatment for your cracked lips. It is one of the home remedies that would rescue you from discomfort and lip pain. All you need to do is to gather a handful of rose petals and soak it in the water thoroughly. You can also make use of dairy products like milk as an alternative to the water. Mash the rose petals until you create its natural paste. Apply this to your dry lips as many times possible, depending on the severity of your lip dryness and flaking.


5. Castor Oil

Another effective and natural treatment for lip dryness is the castor oil. It is known to give instant relief and soothing feeling to your chapped lips. You can create a simple treatment by mixing castor oil with a fresh lemon juice. Mix it very well and apply it to your lip directly. It is a good treatment that moisturizes and renews the softness of your lips once it is healed.

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6. Cucumber Slices

It is known as one of the coolest vegetables you can find in the market, and it has proven to cure flakiness and dryness of the lips. Cucumber has a good hydrating agent that helps moisturize your damaged lips. All you need to do is to make cucumber slices, rub it gently on your lips for about 2 to 3 minutes, and wash your lips after the treatment. Apart from its slices, you can also opt to mash the cucumber in order to create a cool lip mask as your natural treatment.


7. Aloe Vera Gel

This is another tip to follow that treats chapped lips best. Aloe Vera is known to contain active ingredients that soothe and heal chapped skin naturally. Further, this natural remedy has proven to strengthen the protective layer of the lips and will also provide an extremely cooling effect. You can apply the Aloe Vera gel overnight and repeat the treatment until your lips get healed.

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8. Green Tea Bags

While it is known to be an antioxidant drink, you can also use green tea bags in treating your chapped lips. It contains tannins that help heal the dehydrated skin of your lips. When placed on the lips, you will experience an instant relief from burning sensation and pain.


9. Lemon Juice

It is known as another effective treatment for lip dryness and redness. Lemon acts as a natural exfoliant that helps remove the dead skin cells from the lips, leaving it soft and moisturized after application. You can also mix lemon juice to honey and create an effective lip mask that you can use as treatment.


10. Cocoa Butter

While it is known to contain healthy fatty acids, this butter has also proven to treat chapped lips naturally. Its fatty acids are known to nourish dehydrated lips; thus, leaving your dry lips moisturized and soft after application. You can simply apply a small amount of cocoa butter to your lips, leave it overnight, and see the results after multiple applications.

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How to Prevent Chapped Lips from happening?

One of the most unattractive situations that you must be into is experiencing chapped, dry and cracked lips. Getting rid of this condition needs you to rehydrate yourself as often as possible. Loading up your fluid intake is one of the things that you need to do. Further, it is also advisable for you to use only mild products that suit your lips well. You can also make use of lip exfoliator for your sensitive lips.


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