Top 10 Bath and Beauty Products Below 30 Dollars That Are Great Gift Ideas

If there’s one thing that can effectively reduce the stress for the day, it’s taking a nice, warm bath when getting home. Women especially are more partial to drawing water and including aroma for a nice soak.

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In essence, taking a bath is generally a good thing for everyone. Aside from removing the day’s stress and grime, there are plenty of benefits for you and your overall well-being when you take a bath.


Below are some of the benefits of taking a bath:


  1. Bathing keeps your skin healthy

Bathing, especially in warm water, can open up your pores and essentially clears out all the toxins and dirt inside and on the surface of your skin. Not only that, bathing keeps your skin smooth and supple.

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  1. Bathing makes you smell heavenly

When you take a bath and include aromatic oils or soaps, you’ll emerge not only fresh and clean but smelling good as well. It’s amazing how smelling good can also make a person feel good as well.

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  1. Bathing helps you achieve a better night’s sleep

When taking a warm bath, it not only reduces the stress but eases the tension and knots in your muscles. You’ll feel essentially lighter and more relaxed that falling asleep is not a difficult feat at all.

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  1. Bathing allows you the opportunity for being alone

After enduring the day’s grueling stress, it’s nice to set some solitude for yourself once in a while. You’ll notice how effective taking a bath is in easing your mind and forgetting your troubles.

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  1. Bathing is a cheaper option to spas and salons

Although splurging for a spa day to pamper yourself, taking baths are relatively less expensive. There are products available in beauty stores or others that you purchase online and use them at the privacy of your own home.

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Your skin will eventually thank you if you take good care of it. Moreover, you can also share the same principles to other people as well. If you’re looking for a good bath and beauty gift set especially for girls or women, read more below for great selections under $30.00:


  1. Aprilis Large Bath Bombs Gift Set


Price: $12.99

Bath bombs are generally the next best thing now when it comes to baths. Although aromatherapy oils are still popular, more and more people are using bath bombs. This gift set includes six bath bombs that are made organic and natural. It can help moisturize dry skin and is great for children as well. You can purchase this here:

Score: 4.2/5 stars



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  1. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set


Price: $24.80

If there’s someone you know who is fond of bath bombs, this gift set is another great selection. It includes 12 therapeutic bath bombs or fizzies handcrafted from the USA. It contains shea and coco butter to help moisturize dry skin. Best of all, these bath bombs will not stain the tub even after it fizzes with all the colors. You can purchase this here:

Score: 4.8/5 stars



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  1. Zen Breeze Bath Bombs Gift Set


Price: $13.91

If you know someone whose vegan, this bath bomb gift set is a good choice. It includes eight luxury all vegan bath or bubble fizzies with relaxing aromatherapy scents to help feel relaxed and relieved from stress. It’s also a great gift for men and children. The bath bombs are made with different colors for every mood. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.5/5 stars



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  1. Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set


Price: $9.39

This gift set is perfect for your friends who love to travel. It includes five travel size products including hand salve, body lotion, deep cleansing cream, lip balm, and foot cream. The products are made with all-natural ingredients like chamomile, milk, and honey, coconut and beeswax. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.6/5 stars



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  1. Lovery Spa Gift Basket in Heavenly Ocean Bliss Scent


Price: $26.99

This is a 9-piece spa gift set that is perfect for a luxurious spa treatment at home. It is beautifully wrapped and comes in an ocean bliss scent. It contains shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, body lotion, soap, and loofah back scrubber packaged in a silvery weaved basket. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.6/5 stars



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  1. Giftsational Spa Gift Set with Heavenly Cherry Blossom Fragrance


Price: $26.99

Another spa gift set complete with all the works for a bath that comes in a beautiful package and cherry blossom scent. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.7/5 stars



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  1. Joanne Arden Organics USA Vegan Bath Bombs Kit


Price: $25.32

This gift set is another bath bombs kit. It comes in 20 large fizzies and is made for vegans with superior and handmade quality. It contains natural ingredients and essential oils that helps de-stress and relax. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.5/5 stars



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  1. Freida Joe Luxurious & Elegant Bath Spa Gift Set for Women


Price: $19.99

Another spa gift set elegantly and luxuriously packaged in a gold tub. It includes body lotion, shower gel, bath salts, bubble bath that comes in a sensual white rose jasmine scent for a soothing and tranquil bath experience. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.2/5 stars



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  1. Tatum & Shea Spa Gift Set for Women


Price: $17.97

A gift set that is made for luxurious indulgence but relatively affordable. It is a complete spa set in a box essential for at home pampering that includes shower gel, sea salt scrub, body lotion, body butter, and bath bomb. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.1/5 stars



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  1. Jolitee French Milled Botanical Soap Sampler Set


Price: $19.99

For anyone who loves collecting scented soaps, this is a perfect gift idea. This gift set includes French milled botanical soap samplers that are vegetable-based that come in nine heavenly aromas. They’re individually wrapped and beautifully packaged in beautiful decorative patterns for a fun and nice lathering experience. Each soap is aromatic and therapeutic and leaves skin moisturized and soft. You can purchase this product here:

Score: 4.6/5 stars



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Without a doubt, it’s always nice to take a bath knowing that it includes plenty of benefits and it makes you feel good without so much effort. Additionally, you can also make someone happy with these gift ideas for their birthdays, graduation, weddings and many more.


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