Ten Indoor Plants You Need To Keep The Home Healthy and Clean

At best, we try to keep our homes clean regularly. However, air pollution is still prevalent because it is something that is not visible. Unknowingly, we are inhaling a harmful amount of toxins that are mixed in our air. As a result, we become easily prone to health problems.

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Although we are aware of the health benefits from following a plant-based diet, staying healthy by simply keeping plants indoors especially at home can also have positive effects for the health just as well.


Why should we keep indoor plants?

This fact was discovered by certain medical experiments that resulted in indoor plants can improve the quality of the air in the home. This is done through the absorption of harmful airborne chemicals including formaldehyde and benzene.

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Further research also showed that certain houseplants could act as natural filters to clean the air at home. Not only that, having plants in the house convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen.

Whether we are aware of this information or not, it is already apparent that being surrounded by lots of green can naturally keep us calm and relaxed.

Additionally, it is said that some studies also found that keeping certain types of houseplants indoors can help in lessening stress as well as minimizing risks of medical problems like heart problems and high blood pressure.


What are the best indoor plants to keep the home clean and healthy?

Trying to keep our homes clean all the time is something that we cannot achieve all the time. Fortunately, there are plants that are easy to care for indoors whether or not you have a green thumb. Below is a list of ten indoor plants to keep to have a home free from air pollution:


  1. Boston Fern

Boston Ferns are easily one of the most common plants that you can find in most homes. It is because this plant is easy to grow and care for. Not only that, Boston ferns are known to contain the capability to purify the air inside the home.

As it is, this indoor plant is known by most green-thumbed individuals and gardeners that it can eliminate harsh compounds in the air. These compounds include micro-plastics, formaldehyde as well as tobacco or cigarette smoke. The functionality of Boston ferns is that their leaves absorb these harmful elements from the air and use its materials to thrive.



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  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is in itself known for its health benefits especially when it comes to skin care and treatment. However, this plant is also ideal when it comes to purifying the air in our home. It is because the aloe vera plant has the capability to absorb harmful elements from the air that is commonly found in cleaning agents and paint. Not only is this plant great for a healthy home, but it would also look great as a kitchen accessory as well.



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  1. Rubber Plant

If you’re into bigger and bolder plants to purify the air in your home, the rubber plant is the ideal choice. Rubber plants do not always require so much care as other plants do. However, the size of its leaves can absorb more harmful elements in the air. These compounds become converted into materials that the plant can use to thrive.



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  1. Azalea

Aside from being a beautiful add-on to your home decorations, azaleas are also pretty useful when it comes to filtering the air at home from harmful compounds. Azaleas help to keep the air clean by absorbing harmful airborne elements especially formaldehyde.

To care for the plant, all you need to do is mist them from time to time with water as they prefer moist soil and humid surroundings.




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  1. Snake Plant

Snake plants are also common indoor plants. Snake plants are identified for their ability to soak up carbon dioxide in the air and change it to oxygen. Snake plants are an especially useful addition in your bedroom as they can help improve the quality of the air in your room while sleeping.

Not only that, snake plants can help eliminate harmful airborne elements like toluene, xylene, and trichloroethylene.



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  1. Golden Pothos

This is another common plant that is kept in most homes. The Golden Pothos is a plant that does not wither easily and is relatively resilient. This houseplant does not purify the air as much because of its small size. However, it is certainly one of the easiest plants to grow and keep at home. If you’re not the type with a green thumb but would want a plant that can help purify the air, Golden Pothos is a good start.




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  1. Peace Lily

The Peace lily is a plant that’s also an excellent air purifier, especially at home. Despite its pretty flower appearance, it is a powerhouse houseplant that can break down harmful elements in the air particularly benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

A unique feature in Peace lilies is that they do not require too much sunlight. In fact, they are dubbed as “closet plants” because it does not need to be put in a place directly under the sun. For individuals living in small spaces like apartments, Peace lilies are the ideal indoor plants.




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  1. Gerbera

Gerberas are bright and pretty flowers that belong to the daisy family. However, it is also an indoor plant that can remove traces of benzene in the air. Gerberas have similar abilities to snake plants as they also absorb harmful airborne elements and convert them to oxygen.

This plant produces sufficient oxygen especially during the night which is beneficial for people with sleep problems.



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  1. Mass Cane

This is another type of big and bold plants that are popular in accessorizing the home and the office. The other name for the mass cane is corn plant, and they are effective in eliminating formaldehyde in the air. However, mass canes grow slower than most plants but require lesser maintenance. Having mass canes at home can make the place look nicer and the air cleaner at the same time.



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  1. English Ivy

This plant gives the home a rustic, especially with old buildings. However, when this plant is kept at home, they help in filtering the air and eliminating mold by absorbing them. English Ivy also requires less maintenance – just direct sunlight and soil that is slightly dry.


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