How to Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution and Stay Healthy and Fit This 2019

“I’m going to lose all that weight once the holidays are over, let me just enjoy this treat.”

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We’ve heard this line before. We’re probably also guilty of saying it year after year. Making a new year’s resolution to get fit is easier said than done. After all the food binge and indulgence during the holiday season, it often becomes difficult to get back on track once the new year rolls around. Chances are, you might even end up breaking your half-hearted resolutions sometime in the middle of the year.

Having a new year’s resolution seems like a cliché thing to do, but it is actually difficult to follow through. That’s why it is necessary to set clear and realistic goals when wanting to achieve it. Below are the top ten easy health tips to follow to help you keep stick to your new year’s objectives:


  1. Create a plan ahead of time and make sure that it’s visible

Goals are useless when a plan is not set. If possible, establish a clear strategy weeks before the new year arrives. Don’t delay until the last minute to come up with a health plan as it will only keep you sidetracked and will only make you accomplish it only a certain day.

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Moreover, it is a good idea to write down your plan in a manner that you can see it and remind you of what you need to do daily. You can set it as your smartphone or computer wallpaper. If you prefer to jot it down, make sure to put it up on your refrigerator or desk for you to see.


  1. Opt for whole and fresh foods instead of pre-cooked meals

You’ve already eaten your fill during the holidays, and most of these foods are responsible for our expanding waistline. These culprits usually include sugar, carbohydrates, and lots of unhealthy fats. As the new year approaches, go out of your way to stock up your fridge and pantry on healthy, organic foods that are packed with nutrients. These include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and lean meat.

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  1. Lessen the processed snacks and treats

There’s a saying that the longer the shelf life of what your food is, the shorter your life will be. Organic and whole foods do not last a year or more. That is only for processed foods like cookies, chips, donuts, cake mixes, crackers and more.

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This kind of foods will only drain our energy while increasing our cravings. They contain no essential nutrients needed by the body and will only store as fat instead when we eat in excess. It’s the new year, time to toss them off the shelf.


  1. Drink lots and lots and lots of water

If you can reach out for a wine or soda refill during the holidays, it’s just right that in the new year you load in just as much water. We all know that water is a vital component of our body’s health and well-being. It is because our body is made up of 60 % of water.

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It is necessary always to replenish and maintain its levels. If we are dehydrated, we are likely to crave more food, and this usually involves lots of sugar. To suppress our appetite effectively, drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily.

Also, you can also include herbal tea or lemon water in your healthy choice of beverage.


  1. Get a healthy dose of sleep at night

This is another important element of a healthy life. After all the Christmas and New Year preparations, the chances are that you’ve missed out on a lot of sleep during the flurry of activities. Since the new year has already arrived, follow a schedule by getting into bed before 11 PM. Make sure that you also sleep at least 8 hours a night.

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  1. Squeeze in some time to exercise

Staying active is also an important factor to keep us healthy even if it’s not just for the new year. Doing daily exercises helps flush out toxins through sweat, keeps the skin young and firm, reduces belly fat, and improves blood circulation and balance out our hormones. Doing exercise does not necessarily mean signing up for the gym.


There are other options for you to stay active including:

–    Cycling

–    Jogging

–    Swimming

–    Trekking

–    Yoga

–    Aerobics


  1. Breathe in some outdoors

In this way, you get to achieve two things at once. First, you get the benefits of keeping fit at the same time easing into a better mood. Going outdoors once in a while can help with our blood flow. Not only that, it helps to keep away from the stress of going back to the realities of work and life.

Moreover, going outdoors would mean soaking in a good dose of vitamin D through sunlight.



  1. Avoid bad vices like smoking and drinking alcohol

If you are already smoking, it is best to start quitting. There are several ways to help you by giving up cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of health-related problems including lung cancer.

Also, limit your alcohol consumption. If you need some wine fix, one glass will do. However, avoiding alcohol especially beer altogether can help you achieve a healthy new year.



  1. Reconnect with friends and lessen the time spent on social media

In this technological age, it’s a lot more convenient for reaching out to friends. However, it’s also a good idea to take a break from the whims of social media once in a while. Instead, you can employ social media to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones and improve your social life instead. Try it; it’s good for your well-being.

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  1. Start decluttering your home

Do you own stuff that you haven’t used for years? Throw it away, or donate them to charity if they’re still in top condition. Ridding your home of clutter is effective in keeping your home warm and inviting. In this way, your chances of resting better and relax are higher.

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