Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, and Natural Treatments

Stevens-Johnson syndrome is one of the leading conditions that affect a person’s skin and mucous membrane. One of the most common treatments that are being given to a person with this condition includes anti-viral treatments and cures which focus on eliminating the underlying cause of the disease.

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This condition is commonly known to be rare but at the same time, a very serious disorder. Most likely, the most common symptoms include flu-like skin conditions and certain rashes and blisters on the mucous membrane. Patients who suspect to be having Stevens-Johnson Syndrome are highly advised to seek urgent medical care soonest possible.

While the underlying cause is not yet identified, treating Stevens-Johnson disease with some natural and effective remedies is still advised. However, whenever contracted with this allergic reaction, it is best as well to consult the doctor for the most effective medication.

Nevertheless, here are some of the natural treatments to utilize to deal with Stevens-Johnson syndrome naturally!

 1. Use Tea Tree Oil

This oil is one of the most effective alternative treatments for SJS. Tea tree oil is known to contain an antiseptic and anti-fungal property that helps cure redness and blisters to the skin. Meanwhile, whenever applied to the skin, tea tree oil helps eliminate the toxins, thus reducing inflammation and infection will become evident in no time.

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 2. Apply Magnesium Chloride

This is another natural treatment for Stevens-Johnson syndrome that helps detox the cells of the skin naturally. Magnesium chloride will be applied directly to the affected skin and see the results after several applications. This treatment is known to eliminate the toxins and other infections from the skin and it will also promote the production of infection-fighting cells in the body.

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 3. Colloidal Silver

This is another natural cleanser that helps treat Stevens-Johnson syndrome naturally. While others are used to be applied physically, this colloidal silver is a natural treatment to be used as an internal remedy. It has been proven that regular intake of this substance will work best to naturally eliminate toxins and other harmful components inside the body. While this syndrome is known to be a progressive condition, treating it naturally with colloidal silver has been known to reverse the condition.

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What Causes Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?

There are certain risk factors that have been identified over time which put a certain person to being affected by Stevens-Johnson disease. This condition may be rare and unpredictable; however, this has been known to be triggered by certain medication intake and infection.

There are certain drugs that affect and cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome to happen and some of which includes the following;

 1. Anti-gout medications

 2. Medications that treat mental conditions

 3. Radiation therapy

 4. Pain relievers

 5. Medications for infections

Other than these medications, Stevens-Johnson syndrome can also be triggered by infections like pneumonia, HIV, hepatitis, and Herpes viruses. People who are known for having these illnesses will most likely have 100 times greater chances of having the said syndrome.

Meanwhile, a weak immune system is also a contributing factor which will put a person at risk to Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Meanwhile, if a person already had a history of the said condition, then most likely, the condition will happen again in the future.

A person may also be more susceptible to the said illness if he or she has a certain blood infection and skin infection. Other than these conditions, a person with eye problems will also trigger the syndrome. Apparently, these are among the risk factors and causes being identified on why such disorder happens to a certain person.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome doesn’t only affect adults but children as well. In most cases, this condition is being triggered to children due to antibiotic intakes and due to certain drugs that are used for seizure treatments. If you are getting this kind of condition, mostly, infection happens in the first two months that you are taking certain medications.

How to Prevent Stevens-Johnson Syndrome from Happening?

While it is important to learn about its underlying causes and treatments, it is also essential to know about the prevention that will prevent such illness to affect the body. Whenever taking medications, it is advised for a person to undergo testing beforehand.

Perhaps, talking to your doctor would be the best advice that you should follow. Not all medicines work best from one person to another. Hence, in order to ensure your safety and to lessen the risk of having Stevens-Johnson syndrome, make sure to test the drug first before having a full intake of the said medication.


Meanwhile, if you are already a Stevens-Johnson syndrome sufferer, it is also important to avoid those medicines that will trigger the problem. You have to consult the doctor before taking any medicines beforehand. Make sure to avoid drugs as it will most likely worsen the syndrome. Further, in order to prevent recurrence from happening, being watchful with your medications is very important.

Studies have shown that recurrence will appear to be more severe than the first episode of the attack and usually is fatal to the affected person. You can also advise your entire family to avoid medications that trigger Stevens-Johnson as this may also have some genetic risk factor in the family.

What are the Common Symptoms of SJS?


One of the most common symptoms of the said illness is the fever. Originally, a fever will be followed by unexplained skin rashes and redness. Some other SJS patients will also experience blisters on the first attack of the infection that will mostly affect the mouth, nose, eyes and their genitals.

Meanwhile, other patients will also experience mouth and throat sore and fatigue. When condition gets worse, cough and burning of the eyes will also happen. Perhaps, Stevens-Johnson generally requires an immediate medical attention. Make sure to seek professional help if you experience these common signs and symptoms.

Learning about these essential things about Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is important in order to address the condition effectively and urgently. While there are natural treatments that are known to treat such disorder, visiting your doctor upon complication is still the best thing that you can do before taking natural and synthetic medications. May you find all these information helpful!

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