Why Do We Need Probiotics? Here are 11 Good Reasons Why!

If you don’t know this by now, our bodies are filled with billions and trillions of microorganisms. Whether we realize it or not, these microorganisms play a vital role when it comes to our survival. In fact, they are more important than the human cells themselves on a scale from ten to one. There are only two types of these microorganisms or microbes – the good and the bad. When it is said that our body needs bad bacteria just as well as the good ones, that fact is actually true. Both types of microbes should be able to balance each other out. The good microbes work extra hard to keep us healthy and vibrant by constantly keeping the bad ones out.

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However, when there are a lot more bad bacteria than good, the good ones can no longer keep up with protecting our bodies and eventually fall out. It is at this point our bodies become susceptible to inflammation, deadly diseases, and harmful viruses.

Fortunately, recent scientific studies have discovered the health benefits of consuming probiotics. These are live microorganisms that can be found in some foods we eat. This is because probiotics help to replace the lost or damaged microbes in the body as well as it is rich in essential benefits. So, when we consume foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles and certain cheeses regularly, keep it up. It is because of the several good things we can gain from eating them.


What are the benefits when taking probiotics?

From our skin, digestion, immunity, probiotics can certainly help protect our body in many aspects and improve our overall well-being.



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Below are eleven good reasons why we should be taking probiotic supplements on a daily basis.


  1. Improves immunity and infection

Did you know that about 80% of our immune system is actually located in our gut? Most of the cells involved in our immunity are living around our intestinal tract. That’s why that probiotic is needed for the microorganisms to support the cells around our gut.

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  1. Prevents diarrhea and bowel movement problems

Probiotics also work as a form of natural antibiotics that help promote our body’s defenses against harmful bacteria. As a result, it protects us by preventing the onset of diarrhea. Probiotics also help clear out bad bacteria that inhabit along our digestive tract that causes bowel movement problems due to inflammation.

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  1. Keeps us energized and reduces fatigue

An unhealthy gut can often lead to unexplained tiredness. It is because fatigue and sometimes irritation is a result of improper indigestion. With the help of probiotics, the live microorganisms help support our gut flora and get all the nutrition by proper digestion.


  1. Improves digestion and nutrient absorption

When we overeat, it causes our digestive system to go haywire. It is because lack of healthy live bacteria cannot support the digestive enzymes in breaking down our food properly. As a result, we experience indigestion and often causes bloating and discomfort. Not only that, we are unable to gain all of the nutrients from our food. With probiotics, our bodies are able to absorb all of the necessary nutrition from the food we eat. With the support of probiotics, we are ensured of healthy digestion.



  1. Helps us maintain a good and happy mood

When we eat probiotics, it is not a surprise when our mood is feeling good and vibrant. Since probiotics promote a healthy gut flora, it would put our stomach at ease and place us in an emotional and mental balance to get us through the day.



  1. Reduces inflammation in the body

As probiotics also function as a natural antibiotic and help strengthen our immune system, it can mean reduction of inflammation in significant areas of our body. As a result, our joints, skin, bones, and muscles become healthier.

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  1. Lessens bad breath

Did you know that our mouth is the one place in our body that is mostly inhabited by bacteria? When we do not take care of our dental health, it could result in bad breath and even cavities. With the help of probiotics, we can help the oral microbiome and controls harmful bacteria from multiplying in our mouths. Aside from probiotics, protect your mouth by killing bad bacteria through mouthwash and brushing your teeth regularly.



  1. Regulates blood sugar and prevents diabetes

It is also reported in several studies that probiotics can help lower blood sugar, therefore, preventing diabetes. When there is a right amount of good bacteria in your body, it will transmit chemical signals to our cells to support and control glucose levels.

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  1. Helps us maintain our body weight

In some scientific research, our metabolism speeds up when our gut flora becomes healthy through the help of probiotics. When that happens, it promotes healthy weight maintenance. So, if you’re into losing those extra pounds, consume more probiotic to help accelerate your metabolism.

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  1. Aids in protecting us from cardiovascular disease

It’s true. In recent studies, it is reported that consuming sufficient amounts of probiotics has been found to aid in lowering high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. In that way, probiotics help us from being susceptible to various heart diseases.

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  1. Makes our skin appearance healthy

If you’re into keeping a glowing skin, it is a general rule to clean the inside of our body first before the outside. Our skin is our largest organ in the body. Since probiotics promote healthy gut flora, it is a guarantee that our skin becomes cleared of various problems. So, if you like clear and healthy skin, probiotics is the way to go!


With all that said, it is necessary to note that not all probiotics are created the same. So, we should know how much probiotics we are consuming and if it is enough to sustain a healthy gut flora to determine improvement in our well-being.


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