Natural and Effective Reliefs for Constipation

Constipation is a condition that is commonly characterized by a minimal bowel movement that happens to a certain person in a specific period of time. How to get rid of constipation? Oftentimes, it is caused by the kind of foods being eaten, a personal lifestyle choice, and as well with the medication that a person is taking in.


While constipation is really not a serious condition, some people still find it unpleasant especially when they start feeling discomfort and abdominal bloating. Some may also experience a bit of pain in the stomach especially when their stools are hard and dry which is really difficult to pass.

Despite not being a serious problem, constipation may affect a person’s quality of life. To ease your worries about this condition, there are many ways that will help you address this situation.

These natural treatments can be best done in the comfort of your home. Check this out!

 1. Eat more fiber-rich foods – People who are constipated might have a less intake of fiber. Perhaps, the best thing to do is to increase your food intake that will enhance the consistency of your bowel movement. Studies have proven that fiber is a great solution for constipation. Dietary fiber is indeed a cure for a poor bowel movement and will also relieve the symptoms of future constipation to happen. Alternatively, take Psyllium Husk Capsules.

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 2. Drink plenty of water – Hydrating oneself with the right amount of water is another natural means to relieve your stomach from constipation. When you’re constipated, the only best relief that you can find at home is a glass of water in order to get things inside your stomach be moving again. As much as possible, avoid drinking too many carbonated drinks since it could make your constipation get worse.


 3. Drink caffeinated coffee – While some people find coffee an unhealthy drink, constipated individuals may find it a really good answer to their bloated stomach. Studies have proven that coffee enhances one’s urge to go to the bathroom. It helps in stimulating the muscles in the digestive system; hence, enhancing your bowel movement is possible. Coffee is also known to contain soluble fiber that helps prevent future constipation to happen.


 4. Take herbal laxatives – This is another natural relief to follow to address concerns about constipation. There is over-the-counter herbal laxative that would best work for you. It is proven to contain plant components that help stimulates the muscles of the gut; thus, speeding up your bowel movement is generally possible. However, it is still best to consult your doctor, as a laxative may not be best taken by pregnant and nursing mothers at times.

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 5. Increase your pro-biotics intake – One of the most popular treatments for constipation is the pro-biotics. It is a known natural treatment that is best for a person’s digestive health. While having to deal with chronic constipation, pro-biotics helps you balance the healthy bacteria inside your gut; hence, enhancing your bowel movement is possible. Adding pro-biotics to your daily diet won’t hurt you at all. Take it now and see the results for yourself.

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 6. Take prune juices – One of the natural remedies for constipation are the prunes. It is known fact that prunes contain a natural laxative component that enhances a person’s bowel movement. Further, studies have proven that apart from fiber, prunes and prune juices are way more effective in treating constipation.

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 7. Reserve enough time for a bowel movement – It is also important to spend a specific period of time for your bowel movement. By doing so, your gut will be getting used to it especially when you’ll be doing it daily. You can spend around 30 to 45 minutes of your time after breakfast and make it part of your new habit.


What Makes a Person Constipated?

While it is important to understand the cure for constipation, it is also essential to know the reasons behind such digestive condition. When you start feeling that your bowel movement happens less than the usual, then most probably, a bloating stomach is on its way.

Oftentimes, constipation happens when there is a change to a person’s usual food intake and activities. Further, the right amount of fluid in a person’s body is also a great factor that affects his or her gut health.

While most people find dairy products a certainly good food to eat, these foods are definitely among the reasons why people become constipated. Other than the food intake, stress is another contributing factor to a poor digestive health. When a person is unable to manage stress well, most likely, his or her digestive tract is also affected.

At some point, certain medications may also affect a person’s digestive health that may lead to constipation. When a person is taking drugs such as painkillers, anti-depressants, and antacid medicines, then most probably, a person may be constipated in the long run.

When left untreated, constipation may affect a person’s daily routine, although, it is not usually as serious as others may think.

Is there a Need to Consult a doctor?


While constipation is believed to be not a really serious problem, at some point, consulting a doctor is still necessary especially if natural treatments are not working for you. Most of the time, a professional help is suggested when a person already noticed some blood on its stool.

When a person is already experiencing severe pain with bowel movements, and or, when constipation has lasted for more than two weeks, a doctor’s prescription is already needed. With regard to the doctor’s consultation, oftentimes, a blood test must be undertaken in order to check a person’s hormone levels.


Some tests may also include checking the muscles of the person’s anus and a test that will also check a person’s colon. While it is believed that constipation is preventable, it really takes a lot of effort to dig deep into the so-called “lifestyle change.”

Eating a well-balanced meal, exercising regularly, cutting back dairy product intakes, and going to the bathroom when the urge happens is certainly the simplest yet most effective changes you must consider to enhance your digestive health and relieve yourself from constipation.

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