Low Blood Pressure: Understanding its Causes, Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Low blood pressure is one of the many conditions that have been present to numbers of people today. However, the good thing about it is that it is not always a sign of a really serious health problem. Oftentimes, low blood pressure is characterized by certain conditions like feeling weak, dizzy and light-headedness.


At a certain point, low blood pressure is caused mainly by decrees in the person’s blood pressure due to a wide range of underlying causes. While it is important to learn about its treatment, it is also vital to understand and know about the causes behind low blood pressure in order for appropriate medications and remedies to be given.

What Causes Low Blood Pressure?

Low blood pressure, in the simplest form of definition, is a condition where the volume of the blood decreases. Most often than not, medication intake is among the notable causes behind the said condition.

Apart from this, it has been believed that dehydration is also one of the reasons why people suffer from having a low blood. When the body is dehydrated, patients have the tendency to experience vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. When a large amount of water is lost in the body, there is a great risk for a person to develop low blood volume.


Therefore, it is important to have an adequate water intake, especially when a person is exposed mostly on excessive exercising and heat exhaustion. Prolonged dehydration will not only affect the volume of the blood; but on the other hand, it will also affect the kidneys’ function and may even lead to a more serious condition.

Apart from dehydration, organ inflammation is also another identified underlying cause of low blood pressure. This condition includes pancreatic and abdominal problems. When a person is suffering from such illness, a great tendency for her or him to develop low blood volume at the same time.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure


When the blood volume is not sufficient inside the body, there are certain signs and symptoms that become evident to a certain person. To this end, organs will not function properly and may even lead to permanent damage. One of the common signs of having low blood pressure is the feeling of dizziness and fainting.

Whenever insufficient blood flow happens to the brain, brain cells will also not receive the right amount of oxygen it needs. As a result, a person may feel light-headedness and in some worse cases, it may lead to nausea and vomiting.


Some other patients may or may not experience chest pain, depending on the condition. Whenever having heart problems, low blood pressure is characterized by having a severe pain in the chest. This is due to the insufficient pressure of the blood that is needed by the arteries of the heart.

7 Natural Treatments for Low Blood Pressure


Low blood pressure, it may be harmful or not, still requires prompt and immediate treatments and remedies. Its treatments are sometimes based on the kind of symptoms that happen to a person. Nevertheless, the good thing about the said condition is the fact that it can be dealt with natural remedies.

Here are some of the most suggested natural remedies to reverse low blood pressure condition!

 1. Consume High Amount of Salt

While it is known that salt consumption has to be minimized, in treating low blood pressure naturally, a person may be advised to consume more salt on its daily diet as it can help raise the blood pressure quickly. However, before taking such recommendation, it is still best if you can seek for a professional help as excessive sodium consumption may also lead to heart problems like heart failure.


2. Keep Your Body Hydrated

One of the best things to reverse low blood pressure is to drink plenty of water daily. It has been proven that fluid balance in the body is helpful in increasing the body’s blood volume. It is also another means to prevent your body from dehydration.


 3. Eat Small Portion of Meals

Another tip to follow that will prevent your blood pressure from dropping off is through eating a small portion of meals as many times possible in a day. However, you also need to track your carbohydrate intake as it may worsen your condition. Some doctors are also recommending their patients to consume caffeinated beverages as it helps raise the blood pressure quickly.


 4. Eat Plenty of Raisins

This is another home remedy that will help you raise your blood pressure naturally. Apart from that, raisins are also known to be an effective remedy for hypertension. All you need to do is to soak a cup of raisins in your water overnight. On the next morning, drink it on an empty stomach. Repeat the process for several days and see the result after a couple of weeks!

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 5. Drink Beetroot Juice

This is another helpful treatment for both high and low blood pressure. It has been advised for the patient to drink at least one cup of this juice twice every day. You can repeat the procedure for a couple of weeks and see the result for yourself.

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 6. Use Tulsi Leaves

This is another home remedy that is proven to help treat low blood pressure. These leaves have been known to regulate the blood pressure naturally. It contains high levels of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C which help the blood pressure to be under control. Apart from treating blood pressure problems, tulsi leaves are also best for treating high cholesterol levels.

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 7. Elevate your Head Position When Sleeping

Apart from the natural home remedies found at home, following the proper sleeping position also helps to reverse low blood pressure. Make sure to sleep at an elevated sleeping position using soft and comfortable pillows. By doing so, you are helping your heart to pump blood well; hence, regulating your blood pressure even when sleeping is possible.


In order to give the best remedies to a low blood volume condition, understanding its causes and signs is very important. May you find all these information helpful as you deal with low blood pressure naturally with effective home remedies.

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