Got stuck? Try these 10 simple ways to lose belly fat for kids Today

Normal body weight is important for kids because it can prevent them from many diseases. Belly fat is easy to lose when you make healthy changes in your kid’s life. The reason behind it is that the belly or abdomen is the first part of the body that loses fat because it is metabolically active. Kids take sugar beverages that lead to obesity. Cold drinks and sugary beverages increase body weight and cause many other diseases. Belly fat can increase risk of heart diseases and diabetes in kids. Obese kids face different other problems like bullying, body image anxiety and also depression. Dieting is not good for kids because it causes many nutritional deficiencies in them. Making changes in kid’s dietary food and replacing it with healthier food can trim calories. This is the best way as nutrients are not lost from the body. It is better to limit the sedentary activities of children such as watching TV and playing video games. It is the main reason that make them obese. Physical activities such as sports can help them to maintain their body weight. It can make them physically active and can reduce the risk of obesity and other diseases.

Here are some recommendations to lose belly fat of kids without losing the body nutrients:

Eat vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables have low calories, so you can add fruit and vegetables in your kid’s diet. You can decorate the plate like cut fruits and vegetables in different shapes that make it more attractive. Use whole fruit instead of juices as juices have less fibers. Also, when sugar is added to the juices, it increases the calories. Whole fruits contain more fiber that is good for digestion. So, serve them with fruits and vegetables that can help to reduce the belly fat.

healthy food for kids

Low glycemic diet

Try to choose a low glycemic diet for kids because it helps them to feel fuller. Low glycemic diet can decrease the appetite which is good for weight loss. It can decrease fat from the body. Glycemic diet increases the blood glucose level of the body. High glycemic diet contains cereals, candy, sugary drinks and soft drinks. High glycemic diet increases blood sugar level, increases hunger and causes many diseases. Add low glycemic food in a kid’s diet that reduces the body weight because it takes time for digestion and regulates blood sugar level. You don’t need to cut all carbohydrates from a kid’s diet. You have to choose low to medium glycemic food such as carrots, apples, beans, pasta and dried fruits. These foods can reduce the belly fat of the kids.

Count the calories

Do not eliminate calories from a kid’s diet because it can provide energy and other health benefits. You have to consult a good pediatric nutritionist for selection of accurate calories. It helps in weight loss and also does not affect the growth. Pediatric nutritionists will tell you exactly how much calories your kid needs. The exact number of calories depends upon the age, gender, BMI. So, it is important to count the calories before starting any meal plan. If you do not do proper attention to it. Otherwise, it will affect their growth and health. Do not check a kid’s weight daily, it causes mental stress.

how to lose belly fat for kids

Proper sleep

Sleep is the reason which can lead to obesity in many kids. Proper sleep is necessary for good health and also improves behavior, attention, memory. Sleep is good for both mental as well as physical health. Kids need 9 to 11 hours for sleep that is essential for growth and maintain body weight. Adequate sleep helps to maintain normal weight and decreases the risk of obesity and other diseases related to it.

Drink water

Water is helpful to reduce belly fat in kids. It burns body fat because it is 100% calorie free. The other reason for drinking water is it may suppress the appetite. When the appetite of kids is suppressed, they will not eat too much food. It can help in weight loss. Do not provide juices and cold drinks to the kids when they are thirsty because these drinks are high caloric. They can increase the body weight of kids. The benefit of drinking water is it increases lipolysis. Lipolysis is a process in which body fat is burned and converted into energy. So, belly fat is also burned by drinking plenty of water and helping kids in weight loss.

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More proteins

Protein is an important nutrient to maintain body weight and also a good source to reduce the belly fat in kids. Protein promotes fullness and decreases the appetite. Mostly kids like chicken that contain protein which is helpful to reduce their body weight. Protein increases the secretion of hormones GIP and GLP-1, they can help to break the excess fat from the body and convert that fat into energy. Protein also reduces the secretion of Ghrelinhormone that stimulates hunger. Therefore, it improves the process of glucose homeostasis. You should try to serve more proteins such as eggs, fish, chicken, pulses and legumes to the kids to prevent them from being obese.

Avoid junk food

Junk food is a high fat and high sugar diet that can increase body weight. Kids eat junk food that can make them obese and increase the belly fat. Obesity leads to increased risk of heart diseases and lung diseases. The excess fat put pressure on the heart and lungs that can show symptoms in the form of exertion. Try to avoid junk and processed food and replace it with vegetables and fruits. If kids want it, try to serve them with homemade pizzas, grill chicken breast, pasta and cookies. You can also decorate the food and cut them in different shapes to make it more attractive and more appealing.

Minimum use of sugar and salt

Sugar beverages contain fructose which can increase belly fat. Sugary beverages are worse than using sugary food because consuming liquid sugar is more harmful. It can also increase the risk of heart diseases, obesity and inflammation. Sugar is the main thing that causes increased fat production and deposition in the body. Kids like eating sweets and sugary food. So, it can be a reason for obesity in kids. The first part of the body that is affected by the fat is the belly.

Therefore, kids are overweight because of eating sugary food and beverages. While salt contains sodium that holds water in the body and causes bloating. So, minimizing the use of sugar and salt in a kid’s diet can help to reduce belly fat. You can also use low sugar food such as homemade fruit salads, sandwiches, pizzas and cookies that can be good for the health of kids.

sugar for kids is bad


Kids need at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. Start the timing from 15 to 20 minutes and gradually increase it. Exercise does not mean they have to run or treadmill for 1 hour. It means that kids have to find opportunities of exercise that are fun. Kids can join a dance class, music class, martial arts or walk the dog. It can also help them to burn their body fat and keep them healthy. Sports are important for human health as it burns more fat into energy. Sports can make kids fit and also reduce the fat. It helps in weight loss. Good sports for kids are swimming, cycling, running, roller skating and aerobics etc.


It is important to understand the motivation of kids about weight loss. If your kids want to slim down, you have to find the reason behind this. It is not necessary to lose weight due to bullying or to look like a model. You have to tell them to lose weight because it is good for their health. Normal weight can make them fit and prevent them from many diseases. Make sure they understand, so they think about it and motivate themselves. You have to motivate and support them as family support is important for health. It can encourage them and help them to lose weight.


In conclusion, normal body weight is good for a kid’s health and reduces the risk of many diseases. Processed and junk food contains high calories that can make them obese. In kids, obesity can lead to heart diseases, diabetes and lungs diseases. To prevent kids from these diseases, you have to avoid junk and processed food and serve them with vegetables and fruits. Always try to provide kids healthy food because it helps them in growth. Watching TV and playing video games for many hours can make kids obese. So, you have to limit these activities. Physical activities like sports and exercise can make them fit. Kids have to do exercise because it can help them in weight loss. If your kid likes something that is against weight loss, don’t eliminate it suddenly. Do it gradually that can prevent them from getting stress. 

10 simple ways to lose belly fat in kids
10 simple tips for kids to lose their belly fat

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