List of Superfoods That Can Help You Beat Diabetes



We are probably familiar with how difficult it is to deal with a disease like diabetes. Diabetes is a common health condition that has affected millions of people in the world every year.


Having diabetes is a problem that is troublesome especially with the kind of symptoms that associate with it. Some of the common signs that indicate diabetes include:

– Unexplainable weight loss or weight gain
– mood swings
– extreme fatigue and lethargy
– dizziness and fainting spells
– nausea
– frequent urge to urinate
– blurry eyesight
– Excessive hunger and thirst
– Wounds that slowly heal
– Infections on the skin
– Certain areas in the skin start to darken
– Tingling or numbing sensations felt in the extremities

More often than not, the usual culprits causing diabetes come from our lifestyle as well as the food we eat. When we live a life that is filled with constant stress and couple it with unhealthy eating habits, it is a recipe for health problems. It is also known that stress and eating habits are often associated with one another. Being overly stressed can trigger unhealthy cravings, and we tend to reach for foods that are rich in sugar.


How do we prevent diabetes from happening?

Of course, modern medicine already has the tools available to treat diabetes and reduce its symptoms. However, there are measures to take to prevent prediabetes, and it starts with changes in lifestyle habits. Surprisingly, even if the food we eat is the reason for succumbing to diabetes, it is also food that can be a form of medicine and treatment. However, the food we eat must be selected, and it should also be packed with the necessary nutrients to reverse the effects of diabetes.

healthy foods for diabetes

We have all heard of nutritious foods, but we are also probably familiar with superfoods. They are known as superfoods because this set of foods provide health benefits for everyone. They are foods that contain additional amounts of vitamins and minerals that can help fight diseases and make us live longer.

Although superfoods don’t have any scientific meaning, they are known to help our bodies regulate blood sugar, suppress cravings, as well as protect the heart. These traits are especially important especially when dealing with a disease like diabetes.


So, what are these superfoods that can help you beat diabetes?

In recent years, superfoods have become the trend when it comes to eating healthy and right. Certain superfoods can help prevent or treat diabetes. So, what are these superfoods? Here are ten known superfoods:


1. Almonds

Almonds are one of the top superfoods to help counter diabetes. Their small size makes them perfect, delicious snacks. It also helps keep us away from unhealthy snacks that increases our levels of blood sugar. Almonds contain a right amount of protein and fiber as well as healthy fats. Other medical studies also associate almonds with good heart health.

almonds as superfood for diabetes


2. Dark Chocolate

If you find you have a sweet tooth and love chocolate, choosing dark chocolate would be a better, if not healthier option. Dark chocolate contains more pure cocoa than processed sugars, unlike its milk chocolate counterparts. Not only that, dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can boost a healthy lifestyle. Of course, make sure when buying dark chocolates that they are made of the purest and highest quality to avoid unnecessary ingredients.

dark chocolate as superfood for diabetes


3. Green Tea

Green tea is also a superfood that tops the list because of the antioxidants contained in them. Drinking green tea regularly helps fight off the damages caused by free radicals, therefore reducing the problems linked to diabetes.

green tea as superfood for diabetes


4. All types of berries

Diabetes can also be prevented by eating any kinds of berries. These include strawberries, blueberries, blackberries as well as raspberry are available in any supermarket. These superfoods are packed with enough vitamins, antioxidants, fiber to support good health. It also contains low sugar amounts which are also a healthier choice for a person with a sweet tooth.

strawberries as superfood for diabetes


5. Salmon

Salmon is also a great type of food to help battle diabetes. It works in both protecting your heart as well as control diabetes from the healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help in lowering the risk of heart problems associated with diabetes.

salmon as superfood for diabetes


6. Kale

This type of vegetable is popular for its rich content in vitamins and minerals. It also contains fewer carbohydrates but has more protein, which is a good factor for lowering the risk of diabetes.

kale as superfood for diabetes


7. Apples

The saying, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” holds especially for diabetic patients. Eating an apple a day effectively regulates blood sugar which lowers risk of diabetes. Not only that, apples are a great source of fiber which makes you feel full after eating one.

apples as superfoods for diabetes


8. Sweet potatoes

Although potatoes are considered as healthy foods, sweet potatoes are a better option for people with diabetes. Sweet potatoes contain healthy carbohydrates and fibers that can help stabilize our blood sugar levels.

sweet potatoes as superfoods for diabetes


9. Avocado

Eating avocados are a great way of preventing the onset of diabetes. Why? It is because avocados contain healthy fats which can help in regulating appetite. When avocados are added into a meal, it can help you feel full faster, therefore, suppressing cravings all the time. Not only that, but avocados are also known for its ability to protect the heart.

avocados as superfoods for diabetes


10. Beans

Even with their small size, beans are great for countering the onset of diabetes. Beans are high in protein and fiber. Beans are also slowly digested by the body, which makes you less hungry very often. Additionally, beans are packed with essential nutrients like potassium and magnesium which helps support heart health and healthy muscle functions.

green beans as superfoods for diabetes

Although diabetes has affected many individuals over the years with numbers growing each year, it is still preventable. With the right foods, regular exercise and overall changes in lifestyle, the onset of diabetes and even other diseases can be prevented.

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