Let’s Talk About The Paleo Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

Over the years, several health issues have not only surfaced but also evolved. Although lifestyle and habits are just some of the few factors causing a downfall of good health, the main proponent points to the kind of food we eat.

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Because of this, several diet trends have also emerged as well as evolved. Many health and fitness experts have tried and tested different eating regimen that would suit our lifestyle and physical tolerance.

One such diet that has currently become the talk of the town is the Paleo Diet or Paleolithic diet.

The premise of this diet was to solve health problems like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The idea of the Paleo diet is to remove food that is a part of the modern diet and go back to how our ancestors who were hunter-gatherers ate.


The start of the Paleo Diet

When we say eating the way our ancestors ate, it dates back to around 2.5 million years ago. This means the food that we should eat are the ones that can be hunted and gathered. These kinds of foods include lean meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts and seeds.

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Even celebrities like Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, and even basketball star Kobe Bryant are following the Paleo Diet. The Paleo diet is also given other names like Stone Age diet, caveman diet or hunter-gatherer diet. This diet is first tracked to Walter Voetglin, a gastroenterologist. It was when he came up with the idea of in a book he wrote in 1975 that we should eat like our ancestors.

Soon, the Paleo diet became the most googled weight loss method sometime around 2013 and had since gained followers since. It is because of its proven effectivity, and simple to follow as well as its way to gain better overall health and well-being.


Paleo diet – what is it about?

As our bodies have adapted to the modern way our food is prepared, the Paleo diet is a way to cut back on them and go back to basic food groups. It is because of the adverse effects of food nowadays is processed making us susceptible to several chronic illnesses and health complications. This diet is set to promote good health, achieve weight loss and lessen inflammation through well and careful planning.

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The Paleo diet is basically a diet that is also grain-free, so carbohydrate intake is less whereas consumption of protein and fat is greater than most diets. However, the Paleo diet also disregards other food groups with essential nutrients like dairy and legumes. As a result, the basis of cutting out these vital food groups have also sparked debates among health experts.

Here we try to understand the concept of Paleo diet before trying it out.


What are the foods that are best for Paleo?

When you follow this kind of diet, it can initially become a challenge as the food that your body is used to eating will subsequently be reduced. The following are the kind of foods that should be included in a Paleo diet:

–    Seafood

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–    Grass-fed beef

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–    Eggs

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–    Fresh vegetables and fruits

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–    Poultry

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–    Nuts and seeds



–    Healthy oils like coconut, olive, walnut, avocado and flaxseed oil.

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What are the foods to avoid in a Paleo diet?

Even when choosing some of the foods that can be eaten in the Paleo diet can be enjoyed, there are some that need to be avoided altogether. These foods include:

–    Dairy

–    Refined or processed sugar

–    Processed or junk foods

–    Cereals and grains

–    Sweetened or caffeinated beverages

–    Potatoes

–    Legumes


Why should you try Paleo Diet? What are the benefits?

Every kind of diet would always produce benefits, especially for our health and well-being. The Paleo diet is no exception. Below are six benefits you can gain from following the Paleo diet properly:


  1. It can help achieve weight loss faster

For anyone who’s bent on trying any kind of diet, the usual reason would be to lose weight. Following the Paleo diet have proven its effectivity in shedding a substantial amount of weight. Since you are exchanging processed foods and sugar for healthy proteins and fats, it’s easier to reduce calories and boost weight loss.

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  1. It helps lessen inflammation

When our body becomes invaded by bacteria and viruses, our immune system responds by warding them off and forms an inflammation. Inflammation is known to be the root cause of much chronic illness like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. When we follow the Paleo diet, the food we eat is generally anti-inflammatory which can help lessen the risk of getting severe health problems.

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  1. It helps fill nutritional gaps or deficiencies

Most of the modern or processed foods we eat do not have any nutritional value. The Paleo diet makes sure that we eat more foods that are rich in nutrients. For instance, eating more red meat increases our iron levels, and fish also increases essential omega-3 fatty acids that our body requires.

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  1. It helps suppress hunger and keeps you sated

Since the food groups that the Paleo diet highlights are the ones that are heart-healthy and lots of protein, it can help lessen cravings and appetite. Research has shown that fat is slowly digested while protein reduces the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and keeps you full. The Paleo diet is also shown to boost metabolism and lessen the intake of calories. As a result, this diet prevents diseases like diabetes and obesity.

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  1. It increases your protein intake

Protein is known to be an important component to maintain good health. It is because it helps regulates blood sugar, regenerate tissue cells, heals wounds faster, develops strong muscles, and carries oxygen. When we eat a protein-filled food, it is a guarantee that we have higher energy levels and stronger immunity.

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  1. It helps control blood sugar

Since the Paleo diet highlights on restricting carbs in your diet, it will do a lot of good for your blood sugar levels. Therefore, it lowers your chances of getting diabetes. Eating more healthy fats and protein would mean slower digestion, and stabilize blood sugar levels. Several kinds of research have also shown that the Paleo diet has made more health improvements than most foods.

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While the Paleo diet can reap plenty of health benefits for your body, it is still important to note your body’s responses to the diet. To be safe, check with your doctor first if your condition is suitable to the process this kind of food entails before following.


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