How to Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy During This Rainy Season? Here are 8 Tips!

The rainy season is that time of the year where you realize that you won’t be able to feel the sun a lot more than you used to. It’s that time of the year where you realize that summer is indeed finally over. It’s that time where it always feels cold and wet wherever you are.


Rainy days may be a good thing sometimes. You don’t have to worry about sweating yourself out while commuting. It reminds you that it is the perfect weather for a cup of hot chocolate or a warm bowl of soup along with your favorite book under the covers.

Unfortunately, rainy days may also possess dangers that we are not aware of. These dangers are mainly in the form of diseases from the virus and bacteria caused by moist and humidity of the wet season. Moreover, other unfortunate incidents can also take place.

What are the kinds of dangers caused by consistent rains?

While we’re prone to diseases caused by deadly viruses from constant humidity, it also makes it difficult to stay safe during heavy rains. The torrent rains make it slippery to walk without slipping, and it can also cause numerous hazards to car parts.

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Certain diseases that are contributed by the rainy season include dengue, infections, colds, and flu.

So how do you counter the mishaps of this wet season?

The cool weather has its pros and cons, and it is always a good idea to be prepared. This is especially important to protect our health and maintain safety while traveling to work or school in the grueling weather.

Below are eight effective tips to keep you out of harm’s way in this weather.

  1. Do not force yourself to walk or drive through flooded areas

There are times when we are in a hurry to get to the office or school. Often, we trudge through shortcuts to get us there faster. Unfortunately, some shortcuts may be a challenge when it comes heavily flooded in. It’s not a good idea to risk walking or driving through such areas.

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Walking through flooded areas may mean water coming from drains and canals and can’t be good for small cut wounds on your leg. It can cause severe infections and other health problems. Driving through can cause damage to cars, especially small ones, and compromise brakes and other parts. That can be hazardous as well. If you discover that you are in circumstances where you can’t escape the flooding, it’s highly suggested to wait it out.

  1. Make sure to be prepared with your rain gear

This is one of the most basic steps in keeping away from getting soaked in the rain. At the very least, an umbrella is a good tool to avoid getting wet and cold. If you choose to walk through floods and heavy rains, wear rain boots and a raincoat. Wearing a jacket is also a good idea to keep from getting chilled due to the cold weather. If you are unprepared, you can try and drop by a convenience store and purchase an umbrella.

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  1. Avoid touching wires that have fallen from electricity poles

This is especially important for children because of their curious nature. It can be dangerous when that happens because these wires are live. Live wires are a cause of claiming many deaths, especially among children.

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When live wires get into contact with water, it can be dangerous when touched. Children should be taught to keep away from electric wires that have accumulated around areas with water. As such, it is necessary to call on the people who have the authority necessary to attend to these issues.

  1. Be wary about places around your home that can collect water

This should be a cause for concern because mosquitoes are fond of breeding in places that water have accumulated in. The rainy season is always the ideal time for them to lay their eggs and start breeding. Mosquitoes are some of a few pests that carry deadly diseases like dengue and malaria and thrives in stagnant water.

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Dengue is one of the diseases common during the rainy season. It has claimed so many lives of those who are not susceptible to the illness. Make sure to check for areas that water can easily collect in like drains, open water bottles, buckets, pots and many others. To take more precaution, gear yourself with mosquito repellents, insect sprays, and mosquito coils.

  1. Practice good hygiene by washing and cleaning your hands at all times

Doing this can keep you from contracting diseases like colds and influenza. This not only applies during the rainy weather but daily. Wash your hands properly and thoroughly with water and clean soap. After rinsing, it is important that you dry your hands completely as well.

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  1. Take care to drink only clean water

It is important to be cautious about the water you’re drinking. Diseases through drinking water like diarrhea and cholera can also be rampant during the rainy season. If possible, keep away from water and beverages sold in street stalls as they may be contaminated. To remain safe, bring your own water with you.


  1. Make sure to eat healthy foods

When you want to stay healthy, it is important to eat foods that are healthy. Eat more foods that are rich in vitamin c for boosting immunity. Make sure also that your foods are not spoiled, so always wash your fruits and vegetables before eating them. You can also turn to supplements that contain essential vitamins and minerals that lack in food.

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  1. Keep away from places that are prone to lightning and thunder

It is not safe to be anywhere near lightning. When lightning and thunder is frequent, it is important to stay indoors. Staying near high-rise buildings are advised should you be outdoors. Make sure also that you are far away from areas with large puddles of water. Moreover, keep away from metal objects so try not to use your gadgets during a thunderstorm as these can be a good conductor of electricity.

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Make sure to follow these steps to keep you happy and healthy especially this season.

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