How To Get Rid of Sunburn, Relief And Prevention From Sunburn Blisters

Summer is almost here and it is yet another time for most people to be on the beach and to soak wet under the sun’s heat! While most people enjoy such a holiday to relieve stress from work, it is also the time of the year where most people suffer from sunburn.


Basically, sunburn is a certain skin condition which is caused by too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Little did people know that apart from enjoying the blue skies at the beach, being exposed mainly to the heat of the sun will cause certain damage to the skin. Most often than not, sunburn appears to be red and extremely painful and itchy.

As you enjoy the warm water at the beach, certain signs of a sunburn may not occur immediately at a certain point in time. It may take up to five to eight hours before the damage appears to the skin. When not treated properly, there is a great risk for a certain person to experience severe burns and peeling to the skin. Meanwhile, this condition may also trigger the risk for you to have a melanoma, which is a terminal form of skin problem.

Here are some of the notable and effective home remedies for sunburn to consider in addressing your concerns with sunburn blisters. Check this out!

1. Make use of Aloe Vera – This is one of the most common and oldest natural remedies that you can use to treat sunburn permanently. It is known to soothe the skin since it is very cool when applied to the affected area right away. It has been found out by some skin experts that Aloe Vera works best just like how moisturizing lotions are working on the skin. There are also certain cosmetic products which are made from Aloe Vera that can consider purchasing in stores.

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 2. Coconut oil – The natural oil from a fresh coconut is being considered as a natural treatment for sunburn. It serves as a mild sunscreen which is best used when soaking wet on the beach. Coconut oil is also known to have a sunscreen protection factor that ranges from 5 to 10. Whenever you get the chance to have an all-day sun exposure, this oil is the great way to protect your skin from burning and peeling. A lot have also proven that apart from using it as skin protection, coconut oil is also a great treatment for your burning and peeling skin.

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 3. Baking Soda – In order to soothe your skin and to treat sunburns naturally, making use of this baking soda is also another effective tip to follow. It has an alkaline component and which also serves as an antiseptic to your skin. Preferably, when used to sunburn, it will give you an instant relief from the itchy sensation that is associated with your peeling skin. You can simply fill your bathtub with cold water and add a cup of baking soda to it. You can soak your body for about an hour or two and make sure to do the process once in a day in order to see the best results.

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 4. Try out an oatmeal bath – While it is believed to be one of the healthiest meals in the kitchen, oatmeal is also another natural treatment that is best for sunburn. According to skin experts, oatmeal has its natural properties that help moisturize the skin naturally and will also give an instant relief to skin irritation. Filling your bathtub with a mixture of oatmeal is one of the things to do to treat your skin’s sunburn. You can follow this natural remedy for at least two times a day or whenever necessary and see the results for yourself.

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 5. Apple cider vinegar solution – This is another natural solution that is basically found in your kitchen. Apple cider vinegar is known to speed up the healing process of the skin from burns and irritation. You can soak yourself in your bathtub and pour an amount of apple cider vinegar in it. It is proven to balance the PH level of one’s skin and hence, healing happens quickly and effectively.

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 6. Try out cold compress – One of the best techniques in order to reduce skin inflammation and itching associated with sunburn is through a cold compress. You can simply wrap some ice cubes into your cloth and dump it on the skin’s affected area. You can do it several times in a day in order to experience its relief as quickly as possible.

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How to Prevent Sunburn from damaging your Skin?

While it is important to learn the natural tips for treating sunburn, it might as well be important to know its prevention at the same time! Whenever planning for an outdoor trip this summer, make sure to get your skin protected around the clock. Spending hours under the sun might be fun, but not to mention the damage that it could give your skin.

Here are some of the tips to follow to avoid sunburns to happen in the future.

1. Make use of skin protection (Sun Block) cream with high SPF levels – If you want to keep your skin burn-free, make sure to give it the best protection. There are sunscreen products that would certainly be best for your skin type. As much as possible, never expose your skin under the sun’s heat without the proper application of this product.

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 2. Stay out of the sun when the sun’s rays are the strongest – There are certain hours in a day which we consider the peak hours. It is the time where your skin is at the greater risk when exposing under the sun. Oftentimes, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. is considered as the strongest hours for the UV rays to affect your skin. Hence, make sure to schedule your activities outdoors ahead of time.


 3. Wear your appropriate clothes – When you are scheduled for an outdoor activity, make sure to wear appropriate clothes that would prevent your body from too much sun exposure. The more that your skin is being covered by your clothes, the lesser chances for it to get burnt when you are under the sun’s heat.


May you find these tips helpful as you are about to engage in your upcoming summer getaway!

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