How to Effectively Treat Hypertension and Reverse High Blood Pressure Naturally

Hypertension, which is commonly known as “high blood pressure,” is one of the most dangerous health conditions today that can lead to stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. Treatments for the said condition may require a different approach which includes lifestyle change, proper medication, and regular exercise.

Hypertension treatments generally come in many forms. Therefore, it is important to take into considerations the best treatments that would best work for you. It is the goal of the hypertension treatment to lower the blood pressure while at the same time, to protect the important organs of the body, like the brain, kidneys, and the heart.


Everyone should take into account that lifestyle modification is one of the important keys to achieving good results of your treatment.

Here are several and effective tips to follow in order to lower your blood pressure effectively.

  • Engage in a regular physical exercise – It has been recommended that patients with hypertension must engage in a 30-minute of moderate exercise. This may include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling or depending on the advice of your doctor. By doing at least 3-4 days of exercise a day, losing weight is definitely possible. It is important to keep fit and get your body in shape regardless of age.


  • Avoid and manage stress well – Stress, when left unmanaged, will lead to emotional, mental, and even to physical problems which include hypertension and heart disease. Hence, it is vital to get tips and learn about managing stress. Boosting a positive outlook in life is also a great way to reduce your worries and anxieties. You can also engage in your favorite recreational activity, favorite sport, and/or go out shopping once in a while.


  • Get your regular check-ups and blood pressure test – Patients with hypertension are advised to have their on-going medical care regularly. Generally, this includes but not limited to regular doctor’s check-up in order for your doctor to monitor how well your treatment is going with you. It is also important to have a regular blood pressure test so that doctors will know whether or not, necessary changes must be made to your treatment plans.


  • Limit your alcohol consumption – Proper lifestyle modifications for hypertension patients are very important in order to attain good results of your treatment. Apart from eating a well-balanced diet, it is also advised for patients to minimize, if not eliminate, their alcohol intake.


  • Reduce the amount of sodium intake – If you have a high blood pressure, reducing the amount of sodium to your daily meals to less than 1,500 milligrams is very much important. Meanwhile, healthy adults should also minimize their sodium intake to not more than 2,300 milligrams in a day.


  • Manage your body weight – High blood pressure is closely related to having an excess body weight. Therefore, as much as possible, try to eliminate extra pounds and your blood pressure will eventually fall. Make sure to be mindful of the calorie intake that is suitable to your size, sex, and day to day activities.


  • Quit smoking It is no secret that cigarette smoking brings negative effects to one’s health just like hypertension. By knowing the dangers of smoking, you have to consider that getting rid of it as early as possible is deemed necessary especially when you are hypertensive.


What are the natural herbs that treat hypertension?

 1. Basil leaves – It is one of the natural herbs to use to lower a person’s blood pressure. It has a content called eugenol that helps control a person’s blood pressure. Meanwhile, it is safe to use as it is one of the healthiest variety of foods that you can use at home. Basil leaves are known to block certain substances that tighten the blood vessel. As a result, hypertension can be controlled. Adding this to your diet is an ideal thing to do. Try a basil extract supplement if you can’t get the leaves near you.


 2. Cinnamon– While it is being known as a tasty seasoning, cinnamon also works best in treating your hypertension. It only takes a little effort to include this in your diet and it will definitely bring down your blood pressure. It has been proven that cinnamon extract can lower the high blood pressure instantly. You can simply sprinkle it on your breakfast and make it part of your daily meal.


 3. Flax seeds – It is one of the healthiest and most natural treatments for high blood pressure that is known to be richer in Omega – 3. Recent studies show that taking 50 grams of ground flax seeds a day helps lower and control a person’s hypertension. You simply need to include it to your diet and see for its positive health benefits.

 4. Garlic – This pungent seasoning can do more than just make your food tasty. Garlic is known for having the ability to lower a person’s blood pressure as it helps increase a person’s nitric oxide that causes the blood vessels to relax. As a result, it lets blood to flow more freely and reducing the blood pressure is possible. Try a Garlic Oil pill if you find it inconvenient taking a bulb itself.

garlic 1

 5. Ginger  – Studies reveal that ginger is shown to help lower the blood pressure. It also helps improve the blood circulation as it relaxes the blood vessels thus allowing the blood to flow easily. While commonly used as food, ginger is also a good ingredient that can be added to your diet every day. Odorless Garlic Supplements will help if you cannot take the pungent smell of a raw garlic.


 6. Celery seed – Commonly known as an herb used for flavoring, celery seed is also a natural herb that treats hypertension. In China, this herb has long been used as a remedy to lower blood pressure. You can use the seeds or you can juice the whole plant and experience its positive health benefits.


Important treatments for Hypertensive Children and Teens

Children and teens nowadays are also prone to having hypertension. Perhaps, the first and most important line of treatments for these children to have is a healthy lifestyle change. They are mostly advised to eat a healthy and balanced meal every day. This means, eating more fruits and vegetables are important for children and teens to treat their blood pressure more naturally.

For obese and overweight children, proper and regular exercise is essential to treat hypertension. Parents are also advised to consult a doctor in order to have a tailored-fit treatment plan for the kids. Once a person observes and practices a healthy lifestyle, blood pressure often returns to the normal level especially when the underlying conditions are also treated with proper medication.

However, if the blood pressure continues to get high, be sure to consult a doctor who can prescribe, design, and monitor the right treatment program for you.

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