What Are Hives? Here are 5 Natural Remedies to Treat this Skin Condition

If you’ve already experienced at some point having red, swollen, and itchy welts that appear out of nowhere, it could most likely be a symptom of hives. When you suddenly have hives emerging from your skin, it can be rather startling. Generally, hives occur because of some kind of allergic reaction. Fortunately, hives are generally considered harmless and do not last for long periods. More often than not, hives would just go away after some time. However, there are times when hives can be rendered as an allergy that is life-threatening or that it can become chronic.

Hives are a skin condition that you do not get infected with or catch it from somebody else. Rather, hives is a condition that occurs when your body responds to something that you eat or experience. Common causes can include food, drugs, stress and even infections. In fact, one of the most likely causes of hives is stress and allergic reactions.

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Hives are a condition that can happen to anyone at any age. It can also appear in any part of your body. It is reported that an estimate of one in five individual can be affected by an outbreak of hives at any time in their lives.

So, how do we recognize the symptoms of a hives outbreak? We all know that walking around with unsightly welts on our skin is not something we like to do. Everything you need to know about hives and how to recognize and take measures to avoid future outbreaks. While conventional treatment is usually a good idea, there are also natural remedies you can use to treat hives just as well.

Hives: What are they?

Hives are itchy and reddish bumps that appear on your skin and is coined with the scientific name Urticaria. Hives are definitely itchy and can cover large parts of your body and will often burn or sting. The appearance of hives is the bright red, itchy welts that can look pale or dark that are tiny but can be significant and interconnected. Often, these welts can become as large as a dinner plate.

Hives are usually mild. It can suddenly emerge on the skin and then disappear a few hours or days later. When hives appear for less than six weeks, it is generally known as acute hives. Hives that remain on the skin for more than six months is known as chronic.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Hives are recognized by red, itchy welts that appear on any part of the skin that often interconnects and form plaques. They would usually appear on the thighs, trunk, face and even upper arms. Other symptoms that indicate hives are:

–    Extreme itching sensations

–    Blanching or when you press the center of a hive or a wheal it will turn white

–    Swelling with clear edges

What are the common causes of hives?

As mentioned, hives only occur usually through allergic reactions or your body’s responses to certain experiences or anything that is ingested. When the body reacts to allergies, chemicals are released that causes the skin to flare up with hives. Moreover, infections and certain medications can also release these chemicals causing hives.

Through the allergic reaction, the chemicals released would make the skin break out almost instantly. Allergens that typically cause breakouts include:

–    Specific foods like shellfish, milk, beans or nuts and even certain fruits that can trigger allergens

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–    Pollen and dust


–    Air pollution

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–    Hygienic products that have harsh chemical contents

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–    Shots for allergies

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–    Certain medications like antibiotics and antidepressant


–    Pet fur

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–    Bites or stings from insects

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When the allergens trigger hives to flare up, chemicals like histamine are released into our skin causing exposure to the blood vessels. This then causes the redness on the skin which is the hives.

Other reasons for hives breakout that is not caused by allergies include the following:

–    Excessive workouts and perspiration

–    Infections

–    High stress and anxiety levels

–    Extreme exposure to hot and cold weather

–    Certain illness like lupus or leukemia

How do you treat hives?

When you think you have hives, it is a good idea to visit your physician or doctor and get the best medical advice for treating hives. This is especially important if your symptoms have not cleared after six weeks. For acute hives, there are natural remedies you can try to treat hives and relieve itch and redness. Here are five ways:

  1. Avoid trying to irritate it further

If your hives symptoms are mild, you can just leave it and be patient because it will just go away after some time. Make sure to not use harsh chemicals on your skin or products that have strong fragrant to avoid irritation. Furthermore, try to avoid using tight clothes as it can likely irritate the affected areas.

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  1. Try soaking in an oatmeal bath

If there’s one natural remedy that surely relieves symptoms of hives, it’s organic oatmeal. A good dip in an oatmeal bath should do the trick. Just mix in two cups of uncooked oats in a stocking or cloth and tie it up. Then, just place the stocked oatmeal in your bath until it infuses with the water. The ideal temperature of the water should be warm and not too hot or too cold.

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  1. Use witch hazel

This liquid has plenty of antioxidant and healing properties that can help soothe your skin and relieve the itching and redness from hives. Just soak a cotton ball with the substance and dab on the infected areas for fast healing and calming. You can purchase this liquid in health stores or online.

  1. Apply aloe vera on your skin

Aloe vera is another natural plant that can boost the healing of hives by reducing inflammation and itching. Just cut off a piece of aloe vera plant and apply directly on the skin. However, make sure you’re not allergic to the plant by trying a skin test first.

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  1. Frequently apply cold compress

Using this method now and then can help relieve the skin from itching and reduce inflammation. Try applying this method as often as possible.

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