What Health Benefits Can You Get From Drinking Chamomile Tea? Find Out The Top 10 Here!

The origins of tea

For many years, tea has been used as a main ingredient in traditional medicine. Dating back to the Chinese and Ayurveda, tea is used as a means to treat a lot of illnesses in early centuries. Even though is thought to be a favorite drink among the British, tea dates way back and began its use in China. Since then, the prominence of tea grew and spread around Europe and to other parts of the world. Soon, tea became known as both a beverage as well as natural and therapeutic remedies.


There are many varieties of tea available in the market. Some of the well-known types of tea include green tea, herbal tea, black tea, oolong, white tea, yellow tea, fermented tea and chamomile tea. Every one of this tea has their specialty and benefits that are associated when consuming them.

Introducing chamomile tea

Chamomile tea in Hindi is also known as Babune ka Phal. It is one of the popular types of tea that is known for its healing, inflammatory as well as calming properties. Chamomile tea is taken from the dried chamomile flowers and is golden in color with a fruity and sweet flavor and is a herb belonging to the daisy family. It can be found in countries like Europe, native Asia, North America and Australia and usually blooms during the summer.

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Chamomile can be consumed as a drink, and it can also be used as incense because of its sweet aroma. Although chamomile has different varieties – the Roman and German varieties being the most popular, they still contain the same therapeutic effects.

Chamazulene is the primary component found in chamomile. Chamazulene is a fragrant flavonoid that contains its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

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Health benefits of consuming chamomile tea

Nowadays, chamomile is taken as a supplement to prescribed medication, as it is not only safe but provides beneficial properties to those who drink the tea regularly.

The following are top ten health benefits that you can gain from taking chamomile tea:

  1. It aids in relaxation and inducing sleep

Drinking chamomile tea has been known for its sedating properties, therefore, making it easier for relaxation and sleep. For people who have insomnia or having trouble sleeping, this is especially beneficial. Taking chamomile tea on a daily basis can help you decrease the troubles of sleeping.

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  1. It aids in lowering the blood sugar and decrease the risk of diabetes

Studies have also shown that consuming chamomile tea also reduces the risk of diabetes. The organic chemicals found in chamomile helps in lowering the blood sugar levels as well as controlling the amount of insulin production in the blood.

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  1. It helps in treating allergic reactions and reducing inflammation

Because of chamomiles anti-inflammatory properties, drinking the tea can help in regulating our immune system’s reactions to allergens. It functions as a natural antihistamine and subdues the reactions in the body.

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  1. It helps in treating minor wounds and other skin problems

Because of its healing properties, chamomile tea has long been known to help in treating small wounds and skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. The plant of the Chamomile tea contains an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory element known as Matricaria chamomilla L and is known to help in healing small wounds as well as skin problems.

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  1. It helps in preventing many types of cancers

An antioxidant property in chamomile that helps in fighting various cancer cells called apigenin helps in preventing the development of different types of cancer such as thyroid cancer, breast cancer, digestive tract, uterus, skin and prostate.

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  1. It helps women in reducing menstrual pains and cramps

With the anti-inflammatory property in chamomile, it has proven that drinking chamomile tea helps women deal with menstrual problems. This includes cramps, bloating, sweating, sleeping problems, and even mood swings.

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  1. It helps in boosting the immune system

Studies have shown that drinking chamomile tea helps in boosting our immune system, just as it helps in fighting bacteria.

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  1. It helps in treating the onset of colds and flu

If you feel the symptoms of a cold or flu, chamomile is the perfect remedy for relieving some of the symptoms. Drinking the tea or inhaling the tea will help clear nasal congestions as well as ease a sore, itchy throat and runny nose.

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  1. It helps in reducing stress

With the lifestyle we lead that is fast-paced and toxic, many of us are left feeling anxious and stressed. Stress is a number one leading cause of health problems. To reduce the symptoms of stress, drinking chamomile tea has been proven to help us relax as it works its gentle sedative effects.

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  1. It helps in promoting younger skin and slows aging

As we age, it is easy for our skin to become dry, dull and wrinkled. Chamomile helps in moisturizing and take care of uneven spots on our skin. To use this, simply boil two chamomile tea bags in a bowl of water. Carefully position your face directly above the bowl in the steam. This not only helps you relax but also moisturizes and lightens the skin.

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Using chamomile at home

Nowadays, chamomile has become a popular tea for many health solutions. There are a lot of ways in using chamomile. Other ideas include:

–    Using dried chamomile flowers when taking a warm bath. It helps in easing inflamed and irritated skin while moisturizing it as well. Essential oils can even be added to help you relax.

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–    Using it as a gargle to reduce inflammation of the throat and the mouth and also promotes better oral health. For ten minutes, pour boiling water a few dried flowers and let it steep.

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–    The most popular way is using chamomile is for drinking it as a tea. There are no wrong or right ways to make chamomile tea. However, the suggested method is putting 2-3 teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers into a cup of water and let it boil. Once you can see its color and smell its aroma, you can turn off the heat. Then, strain the tea into a separate cup. You can even add raw honey for taste. You might like some of these tea product suggestions from Amazon:

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Note: Before using herbal remedies at home, always consult first with the doctor or health practitioner.

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