Hate Stretch Marks? Here are 10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, or otherwise known as ‘tiger stripes’ is a skin condition that not everyone is fond of and is an unsightly thing to look at. In fact, most think of it as a nuisance or body flaw especially when reaching certain adult age. While it commonly happens to women, some men may also have it as well. Just by the word itself, stretch marks are caused by prolonged skin stretching.

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As the skin is the largest skin in the body, having stretch marks make it appear as if a person is unhealthy or disregarding of their general health. Often, it can also become a zapper of self-confidence, if not embarrassing. However, stretch marks are a natural occurrence. Although it is not something to be too worried about, there are still ways on how to get rid of them completely.


Why do we get stretch marks?

As humans, our skin is designed to be elastic in form. Our skin is made up of two proteins that make up its structure which is the elastin and collagen. These proteins help make sure our skin is in place even when it is expanded and shrunk repeatedly. This is due to the phases that our body goes through like pregnancy in women, gaining and losing weight, hormonal changes and even puberty that causes the repeated stretching. However, over an extended time the stretching would start to create a fissure, similar to a rubber band, and that’s when the stretch marks form and appear on the body.

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How do stretch marks look like?

The scientific term for stretch marks is striae distensae and is commonly seen as a scar on the skin that decolorizes as a person ages. Some stretch marks are transparent and often not very visible. However, there are also stretch marks that start off as reddish or pinkish indents and then darkens and deepens. At some point, however, if the stretch marks are not irritated, they will return to its whitish transparent color and become invisible.


How do we get rid of stretch marks naturally?

Having stretch marks is not something to be of concern as over time it will eventually disappear. However, preventing it can sometimes be tricky because it would require plenty of discipline in trying to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Even at a normal shape, stretch marks can still appear on the skin.

Preventing the appearance of stretch marks would often mean that there should be thorough and consistent skin maintenance. Aside from that, there are other ways to help you get rid of the unwanted skin scars and fast. Below are ten home remedies you can try:


1. Cocoa Butter

It is no surprise that a lot of lotions and creams nowadays contain cocoa butter. It is because of the natural moisturizing property that makes it an ideal solution to get rid of stretch marks. Apply cocoa butter on affected area daily at least two times a day for about 2 to 3 months.



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2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely known to be used in helping treat various skin ailments. This is because of the soothing and healing properties that also makes it an ideal substance to get rid of stretch marks. It’s also easy to plant and use. Just simply cut off a piece of aloe vera and rub the juice on the affected area on the skin. Leave the plant on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing it off. Do this daily for a couple of months as well for best results.


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3. Lemon Juice and cucumber

There’s something about lemon juice and its healthy acidity that helps in reducing scars from stretch marks. Combine that with cucumber with its soothing effects, and you get the perfect solution for making those scars disappear.

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4. Coconut and almond oil

These oils are also good for lessening stretch marks on the skin. Use them both in equal parts and apply directly to the affected area and massage daily for best results.


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5. Castor Oil

There has been a lot of good things coming from castor oil when it comes to skin health. Using castor oil and massaging it on the skin can significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Not only that, but castor oil can also help make the skin smooth and moisturized.




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6. Sugar

Who would’ve known for this ingredient to be helpful in getting rid of stretch marks? Sugar is also a good remedy to get rid of scars and exfoliate the skin at the same time. To use, just add almond oil with sugar and lemon juice. Mix well and apply on your skin regularly to slowly make the scars disappear.


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7. Olive Oil

The antioxidant properties and nutrients contained in olive oil make it a healthy remedy for improving many skin ailments as well as getting rid of stretch marks. You can apply the oil directly on the affected skin and massage regularly as it helps with proper blood circulation. You can also combine olive oil with vinegar and water to use as a night cream.




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8. Potato Juice

There are essential vitamins and minerals contained in potato juice that is ideal for restoring and growth of healthy skin cells. It’s also one of the easiest natural remedies you can find at home. Just get a piece of potato and cut into equal thick pieces. Use one of these pieces and rub on the affected area gently and firmly. After rubbing, cover the entire affected skin with potato pieces and leave to juice to dry before rinsing off.

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9. Alfalfa

The leaves in alfalfa contain amino acids that are essential for achieving good skin health. Moreover, alfalfa leaves are a rich source of protein and vitamins that help in skin nourishment. Mix a few tablespoons of alfalfa powder with chamomile oil until it forms into a paste and massage on to the affected area of the skin at least two or three times daily.



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10. Water

Who can forget the importance of drinking ample amounts of water for good health? When we are hydrated, it keeps us away from health problems and helps detoxify our body. Not only that, drinking enough water can help keep the skin supple and maintains elasticity. This is one of the easiest methods of keeping your skin healthy and relatively prevent stretch marks from appearing.


While trying these natural remedies can help keep your skin healthy and make the stretch marks fade for a while, it does not remove them completely. For concerns on your skin, you can always visit a dermatologist or skin specialist for other treatment methods.


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