Effects of Office Burnout and 5 Top Home Treatments to Remedy the Problem

For many years, it is in human’s innate nature to work. There are a lot of reasons why we work. We work because we need to earn income and put food on our table. We also need to work so we can afford to live comfortably in our home and enroll our children in good schools for their education.

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Work has evolved in keeping up with the times and technology. Having a job in a nine to five setting doesn’t count anymore in these times of rising economy. Because of that, people are resorting to over time, keeping a part time job, or taking more than one job. More often than not, strenuous labor has evolved into working in the confines of the office.

While all that is going on, health problems have also evolved. Due to the demands of our job and the amount of stress we encounter at work, we end up jeopardizing our health as well.

In most cases, we end up getting burned out from work.


How do we get burned out?

Burn out can apply in just about anywhere but work. However, keeping a job is one of the most common causes of burn outs.

The demands of our office job is only the tip of the iceberg. Not including extended hours trying to meet deadlines, keeping up with your boss’s demands, and the constant sedentary habits is out to do you in.

Below are a few reasons why we get burned out in the office.

  1. We’re sitting on our desks all day regularly

There’s a lot of evidence linking to sitting at extended periods and negative effects to the health. It is known sitting a lot can even lead to premature death. Why does this happen? It is because when we are not active, there is a likely chance to develop muscular and skeletal problems, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and many more.

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  1. If we’re not sitting all day, we’re slouching

When we are slumped on our office chairs for the entire day working on our computers, there is a big chance we are also slouching. Slouching can lead to problems with posture and can cause body aches. Prolonged slouching can then lead to severe problems like arthritis.

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  1. Working to meet deadlines can make you skip breakfast and regular meals

When our job becomes too demanding, we tend to skip the most essential meal of the day – breakfast. We all know the importance of eating breakfast before starting the day. When we forget to eat breakfast, our bodies will start to go haywire and throw our metabolism off track. As a result, our blood pressure becomes compromised and may even lead to gaining weight.

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  1. A demanding job means eating more fast food

When we’re constantly on the go with our jobs, we find it difficult to prepare nutritious meals. So, we turn to the next best thing – fast food. With the numerous fast food joints around, it’s easy to just buy your meals and not mind its lack of nutritional value. As a result, we not only gain weight but jeopardize our health from the lack of nutrition.

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  1. Having a toxic employer and co-workers can lead to extreme anxiety

There are evidences linking to work health problems and bad bosses. A study showed that working for an unfair employer can lead to a lot of health complications.

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What happens when you are burned out at work?

Health problems that can lead to serious complications are usually caused by office burn out. These health ailments include:

  1. Heart diseases and stroke
  2. Obesity
  3. Diabetes
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Eye problems
  6. Low sperm count
  7. Depression
  8. Anxiety
  9. Respiratory problems
  10. High cholesterol levels

What to do when you are burned out? Natural ways to combat the problem

Having office burnouts is not necessarily a problem to be worried about. However, it is the ailments that occur due to the prolonged issue. It is important that experiencing office burnout should be called out immediately. There are symptoms that indicate when a person is burned out at work. These symptoms include:

  1. Feeling lethargic and tired
  2. Difficulty in concentration
  3. Noticeable weight gain
  4. Constant headaches and migraine
  5. Struggling with remembering things
  6. Job performance starts to slow down
  7. Struggling with sleeping

When you’re experiencing any one of these symptoms, it is wise to seek therapy and doctor’s consultation. However, there are also natural methods you can try at home to alleviate the symptoms of burnout. Here are five home treatments you can use to remedy the problem:

  1. Get a good amount of sleep

People who are burnout from their job would usually find it difficult to sleep. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Try making a sleep schedule that will eventually align with your circadian rhythm.

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  1. Do something productive to lower stress levels

Sometimes, it is a good idea to have some balance in your work and life. Do something you find that’s fun and engaging to do. In this way, you can also discover your hobby. Go for a hike, or travel or do something with arts and craft or take up photography.

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  1. Eat a balanced diet and don’t leave out the essential vitamins and minerals

This may be difficult to achieve for people who are always busy and on the go. However, it is important to maintain this kind of habit of eating healthy. A suggestion is to cook up all your meals for a week and place them in microwaveable containers and bring them with you to the office. In this way, you can ditch the fast food and go fresh, whole foods. You can also boost the nutrients from your food through supplements. There are supplements available to take orally you can find over-the-counter or online.

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  1. Stay active with lots of exercise

One thing that contributes to office burnout is the incredibly sedentary and monotonous lifestyle. Remedy that with ample amounts of exercise regularly. Keeping yourself active daily for at least 45 minutes to an hour can help boost your immune system and balance out your hormones to keep you happy.

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  1. Practice meditation and yoga

There are a lot of evidence that proper breathing exercises or meditation can help lessen burnouts. This is because meditation can help center your mind and body and make you feel calm.


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