8 Effective Natural Treatments to Prevent or Treat Anorexia

Anorexia is one of the many health conditions that affect a person’s total well-being. It is commonly called as an “eating disorder.” While many people become desperate enough to lose weight, little did they know that they are putting their body into a more dangerous situation?

Anorexia is mainly caused by a person’s poor eating habit. Most of the time, women are the leading victims of the said condition since most of them desire to lose weight extremely and fast. However, they are not aware of the different anorexia symptoms. While this condition already needs a really serious medical intervention, the good thing about anorexia is the fact that it can still be generally treated with healthy and effective home remedies.

There are certain secrets as to how natural treatments may help a person with anorexia. Generally, it is the aim for these natural treatments to enhance the person’s digestion and to increase its appetite again at the same time. Here are some of the most effective natural remedies to follow for those anorexia sufferers.

 1. Ginger

This is one of the best secrets that help treat eating disorder symptoms effectively and naturally. Ginger is known to promote hunger and will increase a person’s appetite in general. This remedy will miraculously work wonders into a person’s daily appetite. Hence, stimulating his or her hunger is one of the common results.

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 2. Drink Lemon Juice

While lemon is known to be a good source of Vitamin C, it is also known to be a great cleanser for the body. Lemon tones up the body’s digestive system naturally; and hence, it will help the body gets back to its natural and optimal condition.

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All you need to do is to squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and add a little amount of salt to taste. You can also add some ginger juice to make the treatment more effective. You can drink lemon juice twice or thrice a week and see the results for yourself!

 3. Take Garlic Every Day

Another effective secret for anorexia’s natural treatment comes in a form of garlic. It is advised for a person to take at least three to four cloves of garlic each day. This natural remedy is known to cleanse the system and it increases the hunger of a person at the same time.

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One of the leading benefits that garlic can give is its effect on the person’s digestive health. You can opt to take raw garlic, garlic in a soup, or garlic boiled in water for your treatment. You can repeat the procedure until such time that positive changes happen to your appetite.

 4. Drink Warm Water

One of the simplest yet most effective anorexia treatments is by drinking plenty of warm water. Whenever a person’s digestive tract is not cleansed and not healthy, there is a tendency for a person not to feel hungry at all.


With this case, warm water will make the first step to a healthier digestive system. Warm water intake miraculously creates wonders for a person’s entire digestive health. Thus, make sure to load up your water intake every day and see the positive results it can give your health!

 5. Use Mint

While mint is known to soothe the mouth, this natural remedy is also proven to be a natural appetizer to a person with anorexia. All you need to do is to consume about 2 spoons of mint juice every single morning in order to promote and enhance your hunger.

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You can repeat drinking mint juice as soon as already see certain changes in your eating habits. Sooner or later, you will feel an increase of your appetite and you will crave for more foods at the same time.

 6. Eat Pineapple Regularly

It is also advised for a person with anorexia to eat pineapple chunks regularly. Pineapple enhances a person’s appetite and as a result, you will crave for more foods throughout the day. While anorexia is known to be a curable condition, it is still important to maintain a really healthy diet and taking a good amount of fruits is necessary.


In order to properly cleanse your digestive system, make sure to load up your diet with foods that are rich in fiber like pineapple. Within a few days of eating pineapple, you will see good results in your eating habits.

 7. Eat Fresh Oranges

Fresh fruits like oranges are another effective natural treatment for anorexia. This fruit is also known to stimulate a person’s appetite and will boost the digestive health at the same time. Apart from treating anorexia, you have to consider that cleansing the digestive system is also necessary. A person may not feel hungry at all if the digestive system is also not healthy.


All you need to do is to eat more oranges or drink a fresh orange juice every day. Taking this fruit juice repeatedly will help you see positive changes in your appetite. Further, orange juice doesn’t only treat anorexia; but as a whole, this is also best to promote better mood as you inhale the aroma of the orange peels.

 8. Get a Good Massage

It has been known that a person with anorexia also needs a really good massage. Studies have found out that having a body massage for about twice a week helps decrease the symptoms of anorexia. Further, it is also proven to lower stress and anxiety levels.


All you need to do is to give your body a remedial massage which promotes manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. However, you have to make sure that it will be done by a trained and licensed massage therapist.

These remedies for binge eating disorders simply aim to improve the body’s total health. The best part about home treatments is the fact that it doesn’t have any side effects and are very effective as well. May these tips become helpful to you as you address your anorexia problems naturally. The only thing you need to do is to follow these natural treatments regularly over a period of time and see the positive results it can give your body.

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