Why Should We Eat More Raw Garlic? Here are Top Ten Reasons Why!

Yes, we all know what garlic is. We are familiar with its intensely pungent smell but flavorful taste. We also know that garlic has long been infused in many culinary dishes and recipes all over the world for many centuries. Even garlic is popular in the media because of its comical reputation to repel vampires.

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However, when garlic is eaten in its raw form, it is loaded with equally powerful benefits. It is because of the sulfur compounds believed to be found in garlic that is responsible for its strong smell and taste. Additionally, it is also because of that it contains a lot of positive health effects.

Even the famous Greek philosopher and physician Hippocrates has attested to the potent therapeutic elements contained in garlic. His prescription of garlic in medicines to treat many types of illness has long been proven for years even until today.


The origins of garlic

Although garlic is a crop that’s been cultivated since ancient times, there is still debate on where it was originally grown. Most would say that it started somewhere between South Asia, Central Asia or some parts of Siberia.

Garlic is considered to belong to the onion species known as Allium. Because of that, it is closely related to herbs like shallots, onion, chives, and leeks.

In traditional medicine, garlic is considered an herb that can kill bacteria and germs and have the ability to treat infections from wounds. Since then, garlic has been used significantly as an antiseptic for many health ailments.


Raw garlic is good for your health

While garlic makes food more appetizing, it is now recently popular as a supplement in its raw form. Including garlic in your diet daily can have high chances of preventing or even reducing major health problems including stroke, cancer, and heart diseases.

In addition to its benefits, garlic is considerably easy to grow, easy to obtain, affordable and makes our food taste more wonderful.


Below are the top ten reasons why raw garlic should be included in our diet.


  1. It helps lower or regulates blood pressure

If there’s one thing that garlic is good at, is that it helps control blood pressure levels. Several scientific studies have reported that garlic contains properties that can prevent hypertension. It is because garlic contains a compound known as allicin, which is believed to lower blood pressure.

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Taking at least four cloves of garlic in a day is enough to prevent your blood pressure from shooting up.


  1. It helps prevent risks of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

Alzheimer’s is a disease that can deprive a person of being able to think properly or accomplish their daily tasks. Worse of all, it makes it difficult for a person to remember who they are.


Garlic is loaded with antioxidants that can strengthen the body’s defenses against damage from oxidation which causes this disease. Based on much scientific research, people who consumed more raw garlic has a lesser risk of developing dementia.


  1. It helps lower and regulate cholesterol levels and keep the heart healthy

Heart disease is a disease that is reportedly a leading cause of death for many individuals. Consuming garlic has considerable positive effects when it comes to protecting the heart, according to several scientific research.

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Another feature that is unique to garlic is its ability to remove the buildup of plaque in the arteries especially in individuals with metabolic syndrome.


  1. It helps prevent the risks of cancer

Cancer is also considered a disease that causes many deaths among individuals. Vegetables that belong in the allium family, particularly onions and garlic, contains properties that prevent the formation of cancer cells.

In many scientific research, garlic is said to have reduced the risk of cancer like breast or pancreatic cancer. With that, consuming raw garlic can potentially fight cancer and as much as possible not ignored.



  1. It helps reduce inflammation in the body

Body pain and infections are caused by inflammation. Consuming raw garlic can help significantly in reducing inflammation and relieve chronic pain in the joints. So, instead of taking pain reliever pills like ibuprofen, eating raw garlic is more effective in lessening inflammation.



  1. It helps manage weight and promotes weight loss

Garlic is said to have microbial properties and supports weight loss and management. It is because it has a heating substance or thermogenic element that keeps the body heated. When this happens, energy is used to cool the body down, therefore, helping you lose weight. So, if you decide to lose that extra pounds off your weight, eating raw garlic is the way to go.

Additionally, garlic is considered one of the superfoods that help increase metabolism.

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  1. It helps lower symptoms of cold and flu

Because of garlic’s antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it is said to be considered effective in killing bacteria and viruses in the body causing the common cold or flu. Not only that, but garlic can also treat infections in the body.

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  1. It helps prevent the risk of diabetes

Another advantage of eating garlic is that it has the ability to help manage health problems like diabetes. Consuming raw garlic is believed to help control blood sugar levels and our body’s resistance to insulin. Several medical institutions have attested the benefits of garlic and including it in many diet plans for people with diabetes.

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  1. It helps manage hair loss (alopecia) problems in both men and women

Garlic is also said to treat balding problems especially those with alopecia. Alopecia is a disease that causes cells in the body to attack each other leading to hair loss.



  1. It helps boost antioxidant levels in the body

Garlic is considered a food that contains plenty of antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect our body from oxidation damage while effectively fighting off bacteria.




Garlic is best known for its benefits when it is added to our diet especially cooked into our meals. However, taking garlic in its raw form can provide a multitude of benefits as well.


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