The Do’s and Don’ts for a Safer and Healthier Pregnancy – Here are 8 Notable Tips

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting stages in a woman’s life. Carrying your little bundle of joy inside your womb is an immeasurable joy, and hence, it needs some sorts of nurturing while you help them grow inside your womb. Being a mother, you have to learn about the things that need to be done to ensure your baby’s health.


For the next nine months of your life, taking care of your personal health is a must. Perhaps, the best thing that you can do is to follow these tips to a safer and healthier pregnancy. Make sure to learn about the “Do’s and Don’ts” as you make your way to a healthy pregnancy journey.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthier Pregnancy

 1. Take Appropriate Multivitamins for your Pregnancy

Apart from eating a well-balanced meal, taking supplements that are rich in both vitamins and minerals is very important to your pregnancy. In order to provide your growing bundle of joy with the right nutrients, as the mother, you also need to nourish your body with the right supplementation.

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These supplements will help you nourish a growing baby inside your womb. Further, while a healthy diet is believed to be important in pregnancy, some mothers might underestimate that healthy multivitamins also matter. It is known that prenatal vitamins contain a higher level of vitamins and minerals that are required for pregnant mothers.

These supplementations are known to support the healthy growth of fetus inside the mother’s womb. Among the important vitamins that a mother needs include folic acid, calcium, and iron in order to ensure safety while carrying the child for nine months.

 2. Get Enough Hours of Sleep

It is always anticipated for pregnant mothers to have disturbed sleep due to some changes in the hormones. With that, you have to consider that during the first three months of your pregnancy, enough hours of sleep is very much needed. There are moments when you experience anxiety, feeling uneasy, and unusual sweating in the entire nine months. These conditions are normally brought by hormonal changes.

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In order to address such concern, make sure to snooze off and have your rest as much as possible within the day. You can take naps whenever possible; and further, make sure to go to sleep early at night. Pregnant mothers are advised to sleep for at least eight to nine hours a day. Quality sleep is important to avoid fatigue to happen while carrying your baby.

 3. Avoid Drinking Alcohol when Pregnant

Alcohol is one of the beverages that pregnant women should avoid taking. Several studies have found out that drinking alcohol affects the fetus’ development inside the womb. Hence, as much as possible, get rid of this alcohol in order to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome to hit your child.


When you’re hooked on drinking alcohol, may be asking a professional help from your doctor is the best thing that you can do. The sooner you get help from experts, the earlier it is for you to keep your baby healthy and safe in the span of nine months.

4. Engage in Safe Prenatal Exercise

While it is believed for pregnant mothers to keep themselves healthy all the time, little did they know that being pregnant also requires a good dose of exercise, too? However, before hitting the gym for a prenatal workout, make sure to consult your doctor as much as possible. Regular exercise will help you lessen the chances of experiencing insomnia, weight gain during pregnancy, and mood swings all at once.


Make sure to ask your doctor about the right fitness routine to follow every day. They will surely guide you through the right program that is best and safe for your pregnancy and your growing baby.

 5. Engage in Sex while Pregnant

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by most couples. Whether or not it is safe for pregnant mothers to have sex, apparently, doctors believed that doing so is just alright. However, sex must have to be avoided whenever the water breaks or when you are about to give birth. It is also best to talk with your doctor regarding the safety of having sex during the pregnancy period before doing so.


 6. Avoid Drinking Lots of Caffeine

When pregnant, make sure to consume less of caffeinated beverages. It is believed that such substance may affect the fetus’ heart rate and development. There are also certain studies, however, have shown that pregnant women can still consume a cup or two of coffee every single day.


7. Monitor Your Baby’s Movement inside the Womb

While the fetus is growing inside your womb, a mother may experience certain kicks and movements from the baby. These movements are notable signs that your baby is healthy and fine. Most of the time, kicks and baby movements happen at the 24 weeks of pregnancy and onwards. Make sure to monitor these movements, of course, with the help of your doctor from time to time.


 8. Be Watchful with What You Eat

When pregnant, make sure to track the foods you eat. There are certain foods that might cause you infection and poisoning. Thus, make sure that you are aware of the kinds of foods being eaten.  Some pregnant moms are also prone to salmonella food contamination and this may put your baby at a higher risk.


Make sure to identify the foods that are best for you and your child. Further, it is also known that too much Vitamin A is not good for your health. It may affect your child as he or she grows inside the womb. Make sure to eat the only minimal amount of these foods just like fishes and live foods.

Being pregnant, you have to be aware of these things to ensure that your baby is developing safe and healthy. From time to time, make sure to visit your doctor in order to monitor the growth and health of your little bundle of joy. While all these tips must be taken into consideration, make sure to always carry your pregnancy notes with you!


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