How Can Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Stay Healthy Despite Hectic Travel Schedules? Here are 5 suggestions!

Being a politician isn’t easy. Between attending meetings, political campaigns, official parties and the like, they also have to deal with public issues. Not only that, but there’s also frequent traveling to different countries with different time zones. Even with all the staff and secretaries doing the physical aspects of the job, it’s not as delightful as it seems. The high levels of stress politicians face daily is not for the faint of heart.

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That is why it is vital for any politician to stay healthy and fit as it is important to possess the power for the good of their nation. Renowned national and fitness expert, Samir Becic has quoted that, “The world’s leading politicians are in the public eye and have access to other powerful decision makers. They can and should use their unique position to help stop global obesity epidemic. ”

In his quote, he stressed the importance of politicians keeping an active and healthy lifestyle. This is for them to have sound mental and physical energy especially during demanding times in the office. This is also for them to represent themselves well as role models regarding health.

Political figures like Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump can be susceptible to health issues with the kind of schedules they keep.

US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is currently the 45th appointed president of the United States of America. Before his time in office, he was known as a businessman and famous television personality. He and his family owned a chain of real estate businesses like skyscrapers, hotels, golf courses, and casinos.

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Donald Trump also co-authored a number of books and owned Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants. The Apprentice is one of the famous reality game television show which he produced and hosted. He was estimated by Forbes with US$3.1 billion net worth, ranked 766 in the list of world’s richest person.

Donald Trump is the first elected president without any government or military service. Donald Trump’s election as president as well as his policies have sparked numerous outbursts and protests from the public. His domestic policy directed a travel ban on countries with Muslim-dominant communities, claiming concerns of local security. Similarly, his foreign policy to follow his America First agenda, where he cut US ties with Trans-Pacific partnership trade and Paris Agreement. He also ordered tariffs on imported goods.

Medical Assessments

Even as a president, he gets doctor check-ups like a regular person. From blood pressure to cholesterol levels, physicians run health tests on Donald Trump similar to what Americans receive. It was reported that Donald Trump’s health is considered average at age 71. However, just like any average American, Donald Trump enjoys eating fast food and is considered slightly obese. His only means of exercise is probably golf which is not often.

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North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-Un assumed leadership in 2011 succeeding his father, the late Kim Jong-Il. He is also the grandson of Kim-Il-Sung, who founded the Kim Dynasty. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the early life of Kim Jong-un. He was educated in Switzerland before attending Military University in Pyongyang.

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When he accepted the leadership of North Korea, many of the senior officials have been reportedly removed or executed. Among the terminated officials was his uncle, who was one of his father’s top advisers.

Under Kim Jong-un’s leadership, the nation continued its program of weapons testing. Despite the country receiving sanctions, they still resumed it nuclear testing proceeding the launch of a long-range missile that failed causing political strains between US and Korea.

Medical Assessment

Unfortunately for Kim Jong-un, his unhealthy habits are making him prone to a variety of medical issues. At his young age of 31, it is already apparent that he is experiencing more than a few conditions. His love for Swiss cheese and stress levels may cause him to consume more than usual. With that, his weight is jeopardized being about 250 pounds, rendering him as obese.

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He smokes and drinks excessively. He also plays a lot of video games in his spare time, making him sedentary. His family also has a medical history of suffering from obesity.

How can they stay healthy?

Currently, both political figures are in Singapore for a Peace Talk Summit. The purpose of the summit is for the United States and Korea to stand together by overcoming hostility and start a new history.

So, it is vital for them to be in good condition during the entire event. Below are 5 top suggestions to achieve that.

  1. Avoiding any kind of alcoholic drinks

Alcohol not only intoxicates a person, but affect the state of mind. For politicians like Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, they need to have a clear head especially in events like these. Additionally, it will also save their liver from being damaged especially for Kim Jong-un.


  1. Staying hydrated with plenty of water

Drink more water instead of coffee or soda. Water is always the best solution to health, especially when traveling. This is because of the low humidity in the air and exposed to different kind airborne diseases is common when flying. Water washes out toxins and prevents the effects of dehydration.


  1. Choosing foods that are whole and fresh

Instead of grabbing fast food, opt for fresh and healthier food options. Although it’s more convenient by buying over the counter meals, it won’t do your health any good. Fruits like apples can get anyone through breakfast. Additionally, oatmeal is a good source of fiber. Nuts like almonds are also healthier snack alternatives.


  1. Making use of the outdoors

Since you have limited access to gyms during travel, maximize your time outdoors. You can do this by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. If you are headed to a building that’s only a few blocks, you can walk there.


  1. Getting a good amount of sleep

A good sleep can be hard to achieve when traveling. Traveling to countries between time zones can be difficult for finding a normal sleep pattern. If that happens, find an activity that can help like reading books, or do breathing exercises. This is extremely important especially for politicians to focus and concentrate during the event.

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