Fidget toys for Dermatillomania

What is Dermatillomania?

Dermatillomania is also referred to as skin picking disorder or excoriation disorder. It is associated with a mental problem known as obsessive compulsive disorder. In this condition, people usually picking their own skin that led to skin lesions and causes disturbances in their lives.

Individuals start picking their healthy skin, pimples, scabs, or lesions. Skin picking is a body focused repetitive behaviors (BFRB) that usually begins in the adolescence stage, during puberty age around 13 to 15, and is also common in adults. In severe cases, the chronic behavior makes individually distressed and can result in severe tissue damage.

Fact sheet on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - from Wikimedia
Fact sheet on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – from Wikimedia


Dermatillomania is an obsessive compulsive disorder in which a person cannot stop himself from skin picking. Many factors can trigger this condition such as:

  • Negative emotions including shame or guilt can lead to skin picking.
  • During stressful events, people start different things to get relief. In stress, they also start skin picking that helps to get rid of these stressful situations.
  • In some cases, some people usually children start picking their skin due to boredom.
  • Skin conditions such as acne or eczema may cause itchy skin that can lead to continuous skin picking. This cycle gets started and the behavioral pattern becomes habitual.

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of dermatillomania are:

  • Repetitive skin picking from lesions such as acne or scars and also begins to pick skin from normal skin areas.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to stop skin picking but always be disappointed.
  • Continuous skin scratching can be a symptom of dermatillomania.
  • A person usually touches the skin again and again. Compulsively rubbing the skin is also a sign of a skin picking disorder.

The main purpose of fidget toy

Fidget toys are items that can hold in the hands or fidget with. These toys can be available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. When you hold the fidget toys, your hands will be occupied. Therefore, you can be unable to pick the skin. Additionally, it also helps you to feel relaxed, calm and draw attention from skin picking.

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What to consider before buying the fidget toy

Since fidget toys are used to reduce the urge of skin picking. You have to keep in mind these things before buying a fidget toy.


When you’re going to buy a fidget toy, you should consider the age of the person. Skin picking disorder affects both children as well as adults. But some toys are small and unsafe for young children and use under supervision.


You may choose a fidget toy that can scratch the same kind of itch. If the fidget toy does not do this, you should try a different kind of fidget toy.


Almost all fidget toys can make noise. It is important to find a toy that can appropriate for many situations. The noise may disturb others if the particular fidget toy is used in schools, offices, or any other workplace.


As you know, skin picking disorder is not treated with one method. You have to use different ways to overcome the behavior. You have to combine different methods with fidget toys to reduce the skin picking condition.

Best fidget toys for Dermatillomania

Fidget cube:

The fidget cube is an oversize dice that makes your hands busy because you have to press the buttons to make the noise. The repetitive motion of pressing the button of the dice is similar to picking the pimple. So, you get relieved by doing this.

You can get the best fidget cube from Amazon to reduce anxiety and works as a stress reliever toy.

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Stress balls:

Stress balls are popular because they help to relieve tension. It creates a squishy sound that distracts your attention from skin picking. If it is difficult for you to find a stress ball with sound, you can also use a mesh ball that can be helpful and work in the same way. Bonus balls can also be effective because they can improve our awareness when we touch them.

If you’re suffering from dermatillomania and want to busy stress balls, you can buy them from Amazon.

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Edamame key chain:

Edamame key chain is one of the best fidget toys that can be used for dermatillomania. It is made of rubber and you can squeeze these three pods in different directions. It is helpful because it satisfies you that is similar to releasing pus or hair from your skin.

For purchasing edamame key chain, you can visit Amazon and book your fidget toy to prevent skin picking disorder.

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Infinity cube:

If you want to keep your hand busy on your desk, we recommend you use an infinity cube. This fidget toy is a good example that can be helpful to reduce anxiety, therefore it is best to use it during stressful situations. When you use infinity cube, you will find it very interesting.

It has a bulky shape and weighs around half a pound, so you may not able to carry it with yourself. Moreover, it is not suitable for young children due to their size. You can buy Infinity cube from Amazon to reduce your skin picking nature.

Spiky sensory rings:

One of the effective alternatives to skin picking is spiky sensory rings. These rings have textured surfaces that can be available in different forms. By using these spiky rings, you can pick the surface of it rather than your skin. Moreover, these rings have affordable prices and you can get them in the form of a multi-pack.

For kids, you can buy Impresa products spiky sensory rings that can be helpful to alter their attention from skin picking.

For adults, Mr. Pen spiky sensory rings are recommended that are mainly designed for people suffering from dermatillomania.

Spinner ring:

A spinner ring is effective when you are in a public place and do not want to show any toy to others. You can use spinner rings to move your fingers instead of picking your skin. It is a simple fidget toy that you can keep in your hand. For adults, metal spinner rings are best to reduce the condition of dermatillomania.

Usually, these spinner rings are found in different sizes and designed for both males and females. You can buy JewelryVolt Stainless Steel Ring Tribal Flames from Amazon.


Slime is an amazing fidget toy that can keep your hands busy in other activities instead of skin picking. The slow and continuous motion of molding the slime can release stress and anxiety from the body. The use of slime is a fun activity that you can play in different ways. It is present in different attractive colors that can be a great option for boys and girls.

If you want to buy a slime for yourself or your loved ones, you should get it from Amazon.

Picking stones kit:

Skin picking has different forms in which some forms are easy and can be treated with fidget toys. If you have a habit to pick skin in front of a mirror, you can use the Picking stones kit for this purpose. It can help to distract the focus and often continuous behavior of skin picking. This fidget toy can give you a unique opportunity to reduce the disorder of dermatillomania.

You can get Picking stones kit at your home, just ordering from Amazon.

Tom’s fidgets original flippy chain:

You can keep your fingers busy with the help of Tom’s fidget original flippy chain for a lot of time without any noise. It is best for people who start picking their skin when they are stressed or focused.

If you’re looking for a fidget toy that is noiseless and helps to reduce the skin picking disorder, you have to use Tom’s fidget original flippy chain. You have to keep in mind that the small size of these toys can cause choking in young children.

Benefits of using fidget toys for skin picking

The fidget toys are very beneficial for those who are suffering from dermatillomania. During stress and anxiety, the most affected parts are hands and fingers. Therefore, people start picking their skin during these awful situations. Although fidget toys cannot treat this disorder, they can help calm you. It can also alter the person’s attention and distract them from skin picking habits.

Mainly, it is used to manage the condition of dermatillomania. In mild cases of skin picking, the fidget toys are best for treatment and people do not need any medical attention.


People with dermatillomania have the urge to pick the skin. There are a lot of factors that trigger this condition, but psychological problems are the main issue in which people start picking skin. Many people find it helpful to use fidget toys to stop this disorder.

Fidget toys are just preventing the urge of dermatillomania, but it is not the proper cure for this condition. It can stop you or distract you from picking skin for a while. Additionally, if a fidget toy is not suitable for you, you should try other fidget toys.

9 best fidget toys for dermatillomania
9 must have fidget toys for dermatillomania

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