How CrossFit Training Benefits your Health and 5 Top Moves for a Great Body Shape

Exercise is just as important to our health as sleeping and eating the right food. When we exercise regularly, we help our bodies to become more resistant to chronic diseases and improve our overall health. Some of the positive changes we experience when we keep an active lifestyle is the improved mood, better body shape, better sleep quality, and clearer skin complexion.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of different workout routines since fitness and health became a trend. It is no longer just running, stretches, aerobics, or just going to the gym. While there are a lot of exercise routines available, it is also dependent on a person’s body type and physical capabilities. There are also workouts that are designed for different purposes like weight loss, muscle toning or building, training for athletes and many more.

Currently, there is an exercise routine that has seen a significant increase in popularity across the globe which is called CrossFit. CrossFit began sometime in the early 2000’s and was originally used as a high-intensity and functional workout program for military, police and firemen training.

CrossFit – What is it about?

CrossFit is a type of strength and conditioning workout program that doesn’t use traditional exercise equipment except your own bodyweight. It is a combination of various resistance and strength trainings, plyometrics, body and weight lifting, speed and endurance training and even gymnastics. CrossFit is also not the kind of exercise to be taken lightly if you want to start getting active.

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Once you begin doing CrossFit, it will immediately cover significant components that make up the physical fitness. These components include stamina, body and core strength, cardiorespiratory, agility, balance and coordination, power and speed. The kind of exercise CrossFit involves are many types and only uses the whole body like pulling, running, pushing, squatting and rowing.

What health benefits can you get from doing CrossFit exercises?

The number of certified CrossFit trainers, programs and facilities has been growing significantly over the years. This shows that the positive results from doing the CrossFit program has proven itself. Below are some of the advantages when you start doing CrossFit exercises:

  1. You will notice remarkable weight loss

The variety of intense exercises you do with CrossFit and the specific area of your body it targets allows calories to burn faster. Moreover, doing minimal but continuous movements in HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) promotes speed and endurance.

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  1. It will encourage friendly competition

Doing CrossFit can be done on your own. However, doing it by yourself would require good physical capabilities, and knowing how to execute the exercises safely. That’s why CrossFit is better with companions. It not only let you meet like-minded individuals but helps you strive to be better every day.

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  1. You will develop stronger and toned muscles

When you continue doing CrossFit training regularly, you will start to notice more strength and tone in your muscles. It’s also a lot easier to do regular tasks like carrying the groceries or simply opening a jar lid. You can definitely feel a difference.

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  1. It decreases plateau and breaks repetition

The kind of exercises you do in CrossFit is not repeated daily. Unlike regular exercises where you perform the same routine day after day. CrossFit is based on variety and high-intensity movements. In this way, you get to switch to new routines each day and use different muscle groups.

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  1. It help you become flexible and agile

Doing CrossFit only requires your body as your exercise equipment and that it is not repetitive. When you do CrossFit exercises, it helps you to listen to your body more and adjust to the variety of movements and stretches that you do to reach optimal fitness.

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  1. It promotes sound heart health

A lot of endurance is needed when doing CrossFit exercises at shorter intervals. This would mean that your heart is continuously at an elevated rate. Overtime, this kind of elevation allows your blood to pump more therefore more oxygen is carried around the body.

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  1. It improves overall lifestyle

There is a lot of good energy felt around every CrossFit athlete. A lot of people have found CrossFit contributes to improved health, longevity, mobility and lifestyle.

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There are a lot of different movements when doing CrossFit. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, anyone who starts doing CrossFit should be able to master some of these moves. Below are five common CrossFit exercises that can help achieve a great shape.

  1. Burpees

This simple but spontaneous exercise only involves starting with standing, followed by dropping quickly to the floor to do a push-up. After that, moving your body to a squat position to a sudden jump straight-up.


  1. Pull-Ups

This is one of the most basic and common move in the world of CrossFit. All you need to do is start by hanging from a bar that is secured with a tight overhand grip. Make sure that the position of your arms are a bit wider than the shoulder-width. Then, while squeezing, engage your abs and pull yourself up towards the bar until your chin passes through. Bring yourself down and repeat.

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  1. Push-Ups

This is another basic and common move in any exercise, even in CrossFit. Begin by placing yourself in a plank position, hands flat on the ground, and your feet and legs together in a straight line. Then lower yourself down towards the ground slowly so that your chest is in contact with the ground and pushing yourself upwards again without collapsing your back. If doing push-ups on your toes is difficult, you can begin by using your knees first. This exercise does a lot of good to the body as it targets your entire body’s muscle groups.

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  1. Headstand Push-Up

You start this exercise by doing a headstand where your head meets the floor and your feet meets the ceiling. Later, bend your arms until your head touches the floor then push yourself back again to the extended headstand position and repeat.

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  1. Tire Flip

This exercise is also common in CrossFit but requires weights. The weight involved is a large tire, about the same size used by a truck. While the tire is lying on its side, flip it over in a squatting position and lifting it.

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It is important to note that CrossFit isn’t for everybody. Before getting into this type of exercise, make sure that you have the physical capability and tolerance. If you have an underlying medical condition, make sure to consult first with your doctor before starting.

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