What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Men Plus 8 Natural Ways to Treat the Problem

It is in any man’s primal nature to feel urges especially when it comes to the opposite gender. Men and women are both designed with the physical need to procreate, but for men, it is more than that. The difference in men is that sex has a massive impact on his well-being and masculinity when he achieves that primal release during intercourse. For any man, sex is an activity gives a man both pleasure as well as physical fitness.

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When a man becomes aroused, the brain transmits chemical signals to the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow to the penis. When the blood becomes trapped at the head of the penis, it creates a pressure making it stand erect.

Some men may often find themselves having problems getting themselves into it. When a man can’t stay hard or erect during sex, it is not necessarily a cause for concern. However, when these problems become prevalent, it can cause distress and would usually indicate a medical issue. One of these erectile problems that are common to men is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

It is defined as a disorder when a man finds himself regularly unable to maintain or keep a firm erection enough to perform sex. When a man is unable to get himself hard or firm during sex, it can interfere with sexual activity. This condition happens when the blood flowing to the penis is not enough or does not remain in the penis. Another term given to erectile dysfunction is known as impotence.

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About 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction in the United States. Erectile dysfunction can happen to men of all ages, but it becomes more prevalent when age increases. Many men with this kind of problem would struggle with relationships and can be an embarrassing ordeal to talk about. Often, it can be a condition that a man is not knowledgeable about and have no idea how to deal.

Erectile Dysfunction – What Causes It?

It is hard to distinguish the real cause of erectile dysfunction as the sexual arousal of males is a highly complex process. Arousal generally starts in the brain to the nerves, muscles and blood vessels. However, the process can also be affected by a man’s emotions as well as hormones. So, two categories are divided indicating the reasons why some men find it hard to stay erect during sex – physical and psychological.

The physical causes of erectile dysfunction include a list of health complications like:


High blood pressure

– Heart disease

– Obesity

– High cholesterol levels

– Multiple sclerosis

Parkinson’s disease

– Post-surgery complications

Prostate disease treatments

Excessive smoking and alcohol drinking

– Substance abuse

– Hormonal problems like thyroid and testosterone deficiency

– Spinal or pelvic injuries

– Radiation therapy near the pelvic area

– Blocked blood vessels or atherosclerosis

Sleeping problems

In other cases, a man may not have medical problems but still have erectile dysfunction. Often, mental and emotional factors can also contribute to the condition. The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction include:

High levels of stress and anxiety at home and work

– Traumatized by sexual abuse in childhood

– Self-conscious or nervous about sexual performance

Feelings of depression and low self-esteem

– Guilt

– Extreme fatigue

However, these cases are generally tagged as ‘secondary.’ Secondary because it triggers a physical disorder therefore directly causing erectile dysfunction.

When a man is afflicted with erectile dysfunction, it becomes a burden for him when it comes to relationships. It can also cause severe depression and increases the levels of anxiety. It can also lead to discontentment and unsatisfactory sex life and becomes increasingly difficult to get a woman pregnant.

How can erectile dysfunction be prevented?

Checking with your family doctor is always a good idea if you suspect that you are afflicted with erectile dysfunction. This condition is usually diagnosed by looking at the symptoms. These symptoms include:

– Inability to maintain sexual performance or ejaculate

– Having trouble keeping the penis erect

– Sexual arousals or desires are low

Once these symptoms appear, various treatments can involve drug and surgical methods. There are also prescribed medications that doctors can recommend to manage the problem of erectile dysfunction.

However, there are also natural methods you can apply before resorting to surgical ways or medications to help with the condition. Here are eight effective and non-surgical strategies to get your sex life back on track.

  1. Keep an active lifestyle and exercise regularly

Exercise is always an important aspect when it comes to good health; this is no surprise because can also help treat erectile dysfunction. When you exercise, the blood flowing through the blood vessels improve significantly. Exercise can also help increase testosterone production naturally.

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  1. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

The kind of food that you consume daily can often have a significant impact on your libido and sexual drive. If you have erectile dysfunction, load up on foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains and lower the amount of red meat. While this is also important, a balanced diet also keeps your body weight at a healthy level.

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  1. Get more quality sleep

Bad sleeping habits are one of those factors contributing to erectile dysfunction. When you get enough sleep, you replenish your body’s functions and also increases testosterone production which makes it easier to release good hormones. When these good hormones are activated, it makes it easier for a man to feel sexual arousal again.

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  1. Stop excessive smoking and alcohol drinking habits

Many reports have associated men who smoke and drink excessively with erectile dysfunction. This is because the toxins in smoking and alcohol levels narrow the blood vessels, therefore, making it difficult to maintain an erection.

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  1. Take organic supplements

Medication should be well-monitored when you are suffering from ED. However, there are herbal supplements that can increase arousal and decrease erectile dysfunction. One ingredient that has been reported to help lower the chances of ED is ginseng. It is because ginseng has properties that can improve blood flow in the blood vessels surrounding the penis. These supplements can usually be purchased in health stores or online.

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