What is Brain Fog and How do You Beat It? Here are 6 Natural Ways!

There are those times when you inevitably feel moody, distracted, lethargic, or simply “off.” It is likely that you’re dealing with a condition known as “brain fog.” Because of our fast-paced and modern lifestyle, brain-fog has now become an undesirable side-effect. What makes the situation worse for us is that the kind of food we eat are mostly processed and nutrient-deficient. Along with the ways we spend our time and the unhealthy foods we eat, it is no wonder our brain health lacks sufficient support.

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Today, a large percentage of individuals do not get enough sleep. They also lack the proper nutrition and have succumbed to sugar addiction. On top of that, many of us now are highly stressed because of work and life. To deal with this, we get into bad habits that only jeopardizes our health even more.

Our brain depends heavily on a consistent stream of vitamins and minerals we put in. Not only that, our bodies require sufficient amounts of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, and fatty acids along with getting ample amounts of rest.

Fortunately for us, brain fog is a condition that can be prevented. By addressing the main issues like our diet, sleep, physical activity, and stress, we may be able to overcome brain fog.


What are the symptoms that indicate brain fog?

When you suffer from brain fog, it simply means that you are feeling the opposite of level-headedness, optimistic, calm and motivated. It takes away your sense of happiness and inspiration and increases the chances of anxiety and even depression.


Medical researchers describe having brain fog that interconnects perception, cognition, and physiology. Somehow, the condition of brain fog is likely to lie deeply through habits that promote high-stress levels.


The symptoms of brain fog include:

–    Frequently irritated

–    Lethargic and fatigued

–    Frequent headaches

–    Difficulty in concentration

–    Having trouble remembering

–    Feelings of anxiety

–    Mild confusion

–    Poor sleeping habits

–    Feeling mildly depressed

–    No energy to exercise


What are the causes of brain fog?


  1. Not getting enough sleep

Since one of the symptoms of brain fog is severe tiredness, it’s not a surprise that lack of sleep is the cause. An adult requires an average amount of rest of at least seven to eight hours a day to be able to think clearly. Moreover, children and teens need more hours of sleep to avoid a lack of concentration.

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  1. Not eating enough nutrient-dense food

However, if you’re experiencing brain fog even with a right amount of sleep, the reason for it is the apparent lack of nutrients in your diet. When we are eating more processed foods than whole, healthy ones, the lack of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can affect our brain health.

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  1. Stress

Feeling high levels of anxiety especially at work and at home increases the chances of brain fog. When we are struggling to meet work deadlines, and trying to get things done, we are stressing ourselves out. The number one killer of health in the world right now is stress. It is through stress that our bodies become vulnerable to major chronic diseases. Putting ourselves in stressful situations create a feeling of hopelessness, thus, giving us brain fog.



How do you beat brain fog?

As mentioned, brain fog is only a temporary condition and is reparable. Brain fog is also not something that needs immediate medical attention. However, it is highly advised that you take measures to reverse the situation before it leaves you with unwanted illnesses.

Fortunately, treating brain fog also does not require prescribed medication. There are natural ways to do it. Below are six natural ways to try at home in treating brain fog:


  1. Limit sugar intake but eat enough complex carbs

Many of our food have a tendency to deceive us, especially processed ones. Although some foods indicate zero sugar and low carbohydrates, there are still traces of unhealthy chemicals in them. To beat this, opt for whole and fresh foods instead. Stick to cooking your own meals and avoid pre-packaged to lower sugar consumption.

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  1. Avoid situations that leaves you anxious and stressed

Managing stress levels can significantly lower symptoms of brain fog. When we are so bent on getting organized for the day, the ordeal becomes distracting. We become overloaded with information that eventually leaves us spent and exhausted. Stress is when our bodies release high levels of cortisol. The effects leave us in side-effects that can consequently damage our lives.

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To beat this, set aside some time for yourself. Practice meditation and breathing exercises. Engage in hobbies that puts stressful thoughts aside.


  1. Get enough sleep

Many studies have shown the association of good sleep and improved brain health. Getting enough sleep allows our brains to remove all the day’s toxins and refuels our energy for the next day. When we lack sleep, it makes concentration difficult and also can raise cortisol levels. This makes feeling frequently moody and irritated. To beat this, make sure to get at least six to seven hours of sleep a day.

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  1. Take measures to counter hormonal imbalances

When our thyroid are not working properly, and we are feeling constantly fatigued, it can cause brain fog. Hormonal imbalances can also increase the chances of brain fog. This is usually caused by common reasons like poor eating habits, stress and insufficient rest. To beat this, change your diet and try to cut down caffeine, sugar and bad carbs. On top of that, make sure to get enough rest.

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  1. Address your food allergies and other sensitivities

A person who suffers from allergic reactions to certain foods also increases the chances of brain fog. This is because people with food allergies can damage their gut from cutting out important sources from food. Allergies cause inflammation which can significantly affect brain health. To beat this, opt for natural treatments for food allergies.

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  1. Incorporate daily exercise

Exercise can help reduce stress and prevents inflammation. That’s why it is important to include exercise along with good sleep and proper diet to live healthily and brain fog-free. Go for light to moderate exercises to bring back hormonal balance, boost insulin resistance and help you sleep better.

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Try and use these steps to treat brain fog naturally. However, if the symptoms do not go away, you can always talk to your health specialist about minimizing them.

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