Best light beer for gout

What is gout?

Yes, here in, we have introduced to you what gout is in this article. So, gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis in which a large amount of uric acid (hyperuricemia) builds up in the joints. It can affect anyone and mostly occur in the big toe. It can also affect other joints such as the foot, wrist, ankle, hands, and knee. In this condition, inflammation, tenderness severe pain, and swelling can occur in one or more joints.

The pain of gout begins suddenly, commonly in the middle of the night. You may feel your big toe is on fire due to gout. The joints that are affected due to gout are swollen, hot and tender. There is no proper cure is available for gout but you can manage this condition with the help of medication and other remedies.

Common Sign and Symptoms:

The episodic period of gout is known as a gout attack. There are many signs and symptoms in affected joints such as:

  • Redness on the affected area
  • Stiffness of joints
  • Severe pain
  • Inflammation in joints
  • Tenderness, even when your skin touches the bedsheet is also including in gout symptoms
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Risk factors of gout:

The main reason for gout is an increased level of uric acid. The risk factors that enhance the level of uric acid is the following:

  • Men between the age of 30 to 50 are more prone to develop gout. Females usually develop this condition after menopause. After menopause, the level of uric acid increase in females and enhance the chances of gout.
  • Red meat, shellfish, pork, fish, and beverages can increase the risk of gout
  • Certain medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiac and renal diseases can also trigger this condition.
  • Family history plays an important role in the development of gout. If anyone in your family had a gout problem, there is a chance you may develop this disease.

Gout and beer:

In our body, the purines are converted into uric acid crystals. These crystals deposit in joints and cause pain and swelling. Certain beers contain purines, therefore increasing the risk of gout than alcohol consumption. Drinking high purine beer may enhance the pain in your joints. Alcohol has a bad impact on the kidney, this is the main reason uric acid does not eliminate from the body.

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If you drink two or high purine beers daily, then you are at high risk as compared to nonbeer drinkers. Beer contains brewer’s yeast which is the main source of purine in it and increases the chances of a gout attack.

Best light beer for gout:

The beer that contains no or less amount of purine can be used in gout. Here are some best beers that can be consumed by a gout patient.

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Kirin Zero:

Kirin zero is a beer that claims to be 100 percent purine free. Often, beers are made from hops and barley but Krini Zero is formed from soybeans. Patients with gout can consume this drink. You have to drink it in an appropriate amount. The reason is that it contains a high amount of sugar that can trigger gout pain, inflammation and lead to severe gout.

Asahi W Zero:

If you are looking for a beer that has no gluten, carbohydrates, and purines, then Asahi W Zero beer is best. It is more commonly used in the summertime and the taste is just like a shandy. Additionally, people with gout disease can use this beer because it is purine free. You can easily purchase Ashahi W Zero from Amazon.

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Sapporo Gokuzero:

Sapporo gokuzero is a beer made of 5% alcohol. It does not contain purines and carbohydrates. The taste of this beer is similar to elephant beer but it is fortified beer. Gout sufferers can drink Sapporo gokuzero which has less gout risk. It is less harmful but you have to consume a low amount of this beer.

Nodogoshi Free:

Nodogoshi free is another beer that is purine free and can be used for gout patients. The price of this beer is very cheap, so you can easily afford this. Nodogoshi free beer is becoming popular these days.

Tanrei W Double:

Tanrei W Double is also considered a safe drink to consumed by a gout patient. The label shows that the drink is 99 percent purine free. Since purine is harmful and dangerous for gout patients. In this case, you may drink this drink but you have to use a limited amount.

Suntory All Free Lime:

It is a heavy carbonated and light beer that is more like soda. Suntory All Free Lime beer does not contain alcohol and purine. The taste of this beer is just like lime. That’s why people think its taste is more like a soft drink. Therefore, you can drink this drink, if you have a gout problem.

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Nippon Beer Ryoma 1865:

If you are looking for a purine free beer, then Nippon Beer Ryoma 1865 is best for you. This manufacturer claims that this beer is non-alcoholic, purine free and carbon dioxide free. German “reinheitsgebot” provides a complete detail about the manufacturer of beer. Nippon Beer Ryoma 1865 is brewed according to this. The taste of the beer is good and you can purchase it online from Amazon.

Athletic Brewing Co. Beer:

Like other light beers, Athletic Brewing Co. Beer is non alcoholic, low caloric, and contains a little amount of purine. Gout patients can consume this drink if they want to drink beer. It has low risk, so a low level of drinking this beer cannot cause any harm and does not trigger the condition.

Oishi Zero:

Oishi zero beer is produced by Suntory brewery company that claims “beer is 100 percent purine free”. The consumption of this drink in gout can be safe. You can recommend your friends and relatives to drink this beer if they have gout and looking for purine free beer. It does not elevate the level of uric acid and can be easily available in the market.

Worse beer for gout:

Regular beers contain a high amount of alcohol and purines that increased gout risk in patients. Purine is the main component that breakdown into crystals of uric acid. Therefore, you should avoid drinking these beers. Sometimes, a very low amount of these beers can cause serious problems. Here are some beers that can make worsen your gout problem.

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American Stout:

American stout is a type of stout that contains high content of alcohol and purine that has a roasted flavor. If you are suffering from gout disease, then you should avoid this beer. The side effect of this beer is that it enhances the symptoms of gout.

Dark beer:

All kinds of dark beer contain purines components that can be dangerous for people having gout disease. It can enhance the inflammation and pain in your joints. In severe cases, you may need to go to the hospital for proper treatment, if you are consuming this beer. It is important to avoid dark beer in gout.


Bourbon contains a large number of purines that can increase the level of uric acid in the blood. People with gout disease should avoid drinking bourbon. It can trigger severe pain and deposit crystals of uric acid in your joints.

Pale Largers and Pilsners:

It is a golden color beer that is very popular because of its good taste. This beer contains a low level of alcohol but a high level of purines. The most common Pale Lagers and Pilsners are German Helles, American Larger, and German Pilsner. For gout patients, these beers can be dangerous because of the presence of purine.

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India Pales Ales (IPA):

India Pales Ales (IPA) are floral flavor beers that can be available in many forms. The most common IPAs in the market are Imperial IPA, English IPA, and American IPA. These beers contain high content of purine and alcohol. If you have a gout issue, then you should not use them. It can be harmful and make your condition worse.

Barrel aged beer:

Barrel aged beer is a kind of specialty beer that is made by adding more spices and fruits. Mainly, this beer is composed of wooden barrels, that’s why known barrel aged beer. This beer can also enhance the risk of developing gout disease. So, it is important to avoid barrel aged beer, if you are suffering from this disease. Otherwise, you will face high consequences.


Gout is a disease that can be triggered when leveling of uric acid increases in the body. People who are suffering from gout disease and like drinking beer can consume low purine beers. There are many kinds of purine free beers available in the market that can be less harmful. If you consume an appropriate level of zero purine beer, then it cannot trigger gout. In the future, there will be more purine free beers.

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