Are You Addicted to Sweets? 12 Simple Ways to Kick the Sugar Cravings Effectively

Do you ever find yourself craving for a sugar fix? Like that moment when eating that one piece of donut is making you reach for a second serve?


Sometimes, it is a good thing to indulge a little in things that are pleasurable. For example, having a sweet tooth and treating ourselves to stuff that is loaded with sugar. Unfortunately, there are limits to everything.


Why do we love to eat sugar?

Ever since the discovery of sugar, it is reported in several scientific studies that our brain would experience the same kind of euphoric feeling as cocaine would. When we consume sugar, it gives our brain a feeling that it is rewarded the same way taking recreational drugs would. It is normal for a person to eat sweets now and then. However, when a person has become dependent on sugary stuff, it becomes an alarming concern. Eating too much sugar can not only cause an addiction problem but can have adverse effects on the health and body weight.

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It is not a surprise that most of our food contains some amount of sugar. However, for people who are addicted to sugar, there’s always a need to munch on something incredibly sugar loaded every day.


How do we beat the sugar addiction?

Having an addiction to consuming food that is filled with sugar should not be taken lightly. Just like taking recreational drugs, cutting back on sugar consumption should be a personal choice.

When there is too much sugar in our body, it runs the risk of damaging our health through various illnesses, diabetes being the most common one. Not only that, but we are also at risk of heart diseases and even cancer. Eating too much sweets can also damage our teeth and can rot our gums.

Trying to beat the sugar fix is certainly not an easy one. However, when deciding to break the habit and cravings, it can create some impact on your life including withdrawal symptoms. Other symptoms that are noticeable within the first few days of cutting back would include headaches and even mood swings. Eventually, the body will succumb to the cutback and will achieve better overall well-being.

So, how do we cut back the cravings for the sweet stuff? Below are 12  simple and effective ways to beat the sugar habit.


  1. It’s okay to enjoy sweet treats in moderation

Stopping yourself completely and abruptly from eating foods with sugar can only make the withdrawal symptoms worse. If you choose to stop giving in to the sugar cravings, the process should be gradual. However, like everything else, you can also choose to indulge in them with moderation.

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Our bodies often need sugar. However, how much sugar you put in it can determine the balance of healthy and unhealthy nutrients that are required by our body.


  1. Chewing on gum can also help

Just like people who want to quit smoking, one effective way to achieve that is by grabbing gum and chewing on them to distract their brain. If you want to kick the sugar cravings, look for gum that is less sweet and chew on them to help you reduce the urge to eat sugary things.

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  1. Munch on fruits

They’re not only sweet and delicious, but healthy as well. Fruits are handy options when you’re feeling the need for some sugar rush. It contains fiber and nutrients that we need in our body and can help you achieve the sweet fix that you want.

ir?t=bubbleox0d 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B002865CGGGo for easy-to-carry types for snacks like all kinds of berries, dried fruits or even nuts. Try Mariani Sun Ripened Mixed Dried Fruit (with no sugar added).  It’s a good source of dietary fiber and Vitamin A.



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  1. Opt for dark chocolates

For chocolate lovers, dark chocolates are a better option. They contain less sugar but more pure cocoa. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants to give the body better immunity and achieve healthy skin. Not only that, dark chocolates help suppress sugar cravings while increasing serotonin levels as well. It’s nonetheless a healthier alternative to coffee to give you that caffeine boost.

Try ChocZero’s Keto Bark, Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt. It is all-natural with no artificial sweeteners and is gluten-free.




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  1. Practicing healthy habits is key

Starting the day with sugary foods is not a good way to curb the habit. Instead, try starting your day by drinking a cup of hot lemon with honey and water. You can also try turmeric tea with added honey instead of sugar. Try Rishi Turmeric Ginger Tea. It’s organic and caffeine-free.



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Additionally, you can also indulge in some green tea before bed and add honey instead of sugar. This can help your body get all the cleansing it needs as well as regulate your blood sugar as well.


  1. Get yourself constantly up and active

When we exercise, we increase our dopamine levels. It also rids us of the toxins from our body from the food we eat through our sweat.


  1. Make sure to get enough sleep

When we lack sleep, our hunger hormones become activated. When this happens, our bodies start to crave for sugar. Therefore, it is important to get a good night’s sleep daily.

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  1. Turn away from artificial sweeteners

Even if you’re turning your nose away from sugar, it is important to identify artificial ones and avoid them as well. Artificial sweeteners have a tendency to create an insulin surge which leads to sugar cravings and hunger. However, you can try honey and cinnamon as healthier sweetening options.

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  1. Load up on more protein

Studies have shown that eating more protein regulates our blood sugar and keep us sated longer. Eating foods that contain protein can help lower sugar cravings and have fewer feelings of hunger during the day.

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  1. Increase the number of meals per day

When we eat less, we tend to look for sugary options. It is suggested that having a higher frequency in healthy meals lessens the chance of feeling hungry and craving for sugar.

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  1. Drink more water

Filling up on your fluids is also important if you want to kick the sugar habit. It not only flushes out the excess sugar, but it also helps keep us sated as well and less likely to crave for sugar.



  1. Eat more foods that are fermented

Eating fermented foods have also proven for some that it helps lower sugar cravings. It is because foods that are fermented are rich in probiotics. When our bodies are filled with probiotics, it helps to improve our gut health while lowering the sugar cravings.

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Opt for fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi or miso and add them to your diet for a good dose of probiotics.



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