Acupuncture: Reasons Why People Choose It and Its 7 Known Benefits to Health

Ever since the time of history, medicine and therapy have evolved greatly. However, some cultures still believe in the power of traditional medicine. It is because ancient therapy has proven its positive effects on health in the old days. Most of the treatment methods have been practiced by cultures like the Chinese and Ayurveda.

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Today many health experts have asserted the power of traditional medicine and therapy. There are a lot of traditional methods around. However, one of the most common kind of traditional medicine that is still practiced until today is acupuncture.


Defining acupuncture

Acupuncture is characterized as a kind of holistic health approach.  It originated from practices of Traditional Chinese medicine. It is done by trained practitioners will inject thin needles into a patient’s skin. These needles then stimulate distinct points on the body to promote health.


The practice of acupuncture first came from China more than 2000 years ago. Ever since then, the practice has been evolving. Nowadays, acupuncture has been widely practiced in America and other Western countries. Even other conventional therapies have been added to medical regimes as of date.

Based on a national health survey, as of 2007, around 3 million people in the U.S have tried acupuncture. The health survey also showed that the number of people who visit acupuncturists has largely increased since 1997 until now.

Acupuncture is known to treat a wide scope of diseases, most notably stress, pain, and nausea.


Does Acupuncture hurt?

Most people who haven’t tried acupuncture would most likely ask that question first. Does acupuncture hurt? Amazingly, acupuncture is significantly pain-free even with the needles used during the treatment. What makes acupuncture very popular in the health industry is its ability to lessen chronic pain in the body naturally. This is all achieved without the use of medicines that causes side effects.


Despite the good points that acupuncture brings to a person’s health, there is still a scientific examination of its safety when it comes to pain reduction. The good news, however, is that the study of acupuncture will be continued on its ability to help with other major conditions as well. Some of these conditions that continue to be subject to the research include depression, inflammation, hot flashes, insomnia and the side effects of chemotherapy.


What conditions can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture is known because the treatment can help with stress and chronic pains. However, other conditions that acupuncture can help treat include:


What are the benefits of acupuncture to the health?

Essentially, acupuncture treatment is a holistic method of achieving optimal health and well-being in a natural way. Below are seven known and elaborate benefits of acupuncture:


  1. Lessens chronic body pain

When our body experiences pain, it is usually a result of physical stress, past injuries, pregnancy, muscle tightening, and even bad sleeping habits. For a lot of individuals who have tried acupuncture, chronic pain is one of the most common reason. Studies show that acupuncture can lower pain by up to 15%. Other pains that are common for people to try acupuncture is knee pains.



  1. Relieves intense headaches like a migraine

Another common reason for people to try acupuncture is to provide relief for painful headaches without the use of medication. The needles that are penetrated for this kind of treatment is usually around the face, neck, and scalp. Even if the idea is not fully understood, there have been positive results generated from this method. Moreover, side effects from even the most robust migraine medicine are less likely with acupuncture.

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  1. Treats pain from arthritis

Arthritis is a common health problem that affects more than ten million people in the world. The downside of modern medicine only has fallen short for joint pain relief. Often, taking too much prescription medicines can also have adverse side effects like becoming overly dependent on them over time. Fortunately for acupuncture, there is a better option of treating arthritis without the negative effects of modern medicine.


In acupuncture, the traditional belief in its system is that there are 14 energy channels in the for the proper flow of qi. These channels or meridians are connected to our body’s nerve endings. When the needles are penetrated into these channels, the nerve endings will communicate with our brain. What follows is an endorphin release to block pain and boost energy.  Once these endorphins are released, they join forces with neurotransmitters that can effectively relieve the pain from arthritis.


  1. Helps Treat Anxiety

Anxiety is another common reason for most people to try acupuncture. In fact, some studies associating acupuncture and anxiety have also seen positive effects. Although the mechanism is not fully understood, clinical trials have seen the reduction of anxiety through the use of acupuncture.



  1. Lessens insomnia

There are also some studies that show acupuncture can lower the chances of insomnia for a lot of people. The studies revealed that acupuncture helps increase the release of melatonin, which is a chemical in our body that induces sleep. So, the next time you’re having difficulty sleeping, try to talk to an acupuncturist for options.



  1. Prevents Vomiting and Nausea

While acupuncture is also known to help relieve neck pains, there is proof showing that it is also a powerful tool for preventing nausea. Moreover, when acupuncture became an addition to the pharmaceutical procedure, with a lesser dosage of prescribed medicine, the results were better for sufferers.



  1. Relieves indigestion and lessens heartburn

Individuals who have regular acupuncture therapy have proven to show reduced heartburn signs. Moreover, it also helps relieve indigestion, there making sufferers ingest fewer antacids.




Traditional medicine and conventional therapies have a lot of benefits to the health. However, before turning to them, always consult your health specialist first before starting.

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