Bubble Ox is a blog that addresses what really works for health, fitness and nutrition matters in today’s modern world. This blog includes unbiased reviews of products from actual consumers themselves as well as guides to healthy living. We have also taken a no-nonsense approach, removing all-fluff and hype to uncover the real medical related issues and the only the practical and sustainable steps of resolving them.

What this blog is not about

This blog isn’t about a cure-all solution to your medical issue. Please consult your doctor or a certified professional for medical advise. Every time we recommend a product or an idea, we use them ourselves, like them, see positive results, and only then do we finally list them here.

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DAVID OX – Took a 180-degree turn at 21 and decided to be fit and healthy after being diagnosed as Diabetic. David had been through years of medications prescribed by Doctors, yet studied and experimented with the many theories of alternative medicine, dieting, nutrition and exercise. 15 years later with a fasting HbA1C of 5.5, taking 1 small dose of Glipizide and some high quality nutritional supplements, David has finally decided to step out and help not just Diabetic patients but also people with other ailments to try and gain back their health.

GRACE SAN– She is in charge on managing the online store. She also works on the different ecommerce websites. Apart from that, Grace manages the online orders as well as with the account maintenance. She is also task to do the social media sharing of the different products posted on the site. As she gets engaged with her task, Grace uses her leisure time in online gaming, movie marathon, listening to music and a lot more!

MAE OGDOC – To give you with the most comprehensive details and product features, Mae works as one of the competent writers of the Bubble Ox team. Apart from being an online writer, she is also an online ESL tutor. She loves watching movies and pampering herself to a spa clinic during her leisure time.

DIANA DAWN – To complete the Bubble Ox team is another full time writer, Sweet Diana Dawn. She’s one of the writers who carefully picked details of the products which are posted on the website. She also works as a trending news writer and blogger at the same time. Diana enjoys watching movies and reading books a lot as part of her leisure time.

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