9 Ways to Treat Bronchitis Naturally

Bronchitis is one of the top conditions affecting a person’s respiratory tract due to the inflammation of bronchial tube. Most of the time, a person with bronchitis suffers from consistent coughing and a difficulty of breathing. This uncomfortable condition will leave the patient weak due to the plentiful amount of mucus in the lungs.

Hence, a proper and prompt medication must be given to a person with such condition. Severe and consistent coughing may also lead to chest pain and sometimes, wheezing. While about numbers of people are being affected by bronchitis, it is good to know that this disease can also be cured with certain natural remedies.


Here are some of the natural ways to treat bronchitis and eliminate the mucus out of your lungs!


1.      Keep Yourself Hydrated


This is one of the simplest yet helpful ways of treating bronchitis. A person with the said condition is advised to drink plenty of water every day as it thins the mucus inside the bronchial tube. Meanwhile, drinking plenty of water also helps the person improves breathing and reduces the persistence of coughing at the same time. When affected by bronchitis, make sure to drink water for at least every two hours of interval.



2.      Avoid Smoking and or a Person who Smokes


This is another tip that you can follow in order to lessen the burden brought to you by bronchitis. In order to lessen the chances of having your condition to get worse; you must avoid and quit smoking permanently. On the other hand, it is also suggested for you to stay away from people who smoke as it may still affect your lungs badly. Several studies have proven that smokers are at a high risk to chronic bronchitis than those who are not. Apart from smoking, a person with bronchitis is also advised to avoid any irritants that may trigger the inflammation of the respiratory tract.



3.      Eat Fruits Rich in Vitamins and Minerals


Another thing that you can do to treat bronchitis naturally is to boost your immune system. In order for you to do it, expert says that natural vitamin C supplementation will help you do it. By eating plenty of fruits, you are helping your body to recover from infection. Citrus fruits are among the most advisable ones that you should include in your daily diet. Given the fact that vitamins and minerals help fight infection, thus, taking loads of it every day will also help you in order to address the issue of bronchial tube inflammation.



4.      Take Ginseng


This is another natural remedy that is known to improve the functions and health of your lungs. Ginseng is proven to treat respiratory conditions just like bronchitis. According to studies, this herb has the ability to lessen the bacteria that are present in the lungs; and hence, treat bronchial tube inflammation naturally. As it treats bronchitis, ginseng is also a good herb to improve the body’s immune function.

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5.      Try Some Essential Oils


It has been said that essential oils like eucalyptus is a good treatment to bronchitis. The use of essential oils has been proven helpful for people who have been contracted with respiratory conditions. Basically, it reduces the shortness of breathing and will also reduce the inflammation at the same time.

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You can opt to use these oils through a humidifier and or, make use of it during your steam bath. You can simply pour a small amount of oil into a hot water, soak a clean towel, and place the towel over your head for a couple of minutes. This procedure is proven to help the patient to breathe well and a lot comfortable.


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6.      Use Astralagus Plants


Given the comfort of herbal medicines, this astralagus is yet another known herb for better immune function and lung health. Astralagus is known to improve a person’s lungs and will also enhance the body’s ability to restrict infection. While this plant is best used for bronchitis, this is also one of the recommended natural treatments to improve a person’s immune system.

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7.      Avoid Taking and Eating Dairy Products


While natural treatments are proven helpful in treating bronchitis, some experts suggest for a person to avoid taking dairy products at the same time. Some studies revealed that dairy products like milk may enhance the production of mucus inside the lungs. Thus, when bronchitis hits you, make sure to avoid these foods beforehand to achieve a faster healing.



8.      Do Not Expose Yourself to Pollutants


Taking care of the lung health is also important in order to prevent bronchitis from getting worse. Make sure to avoid yourself from any substance that may trigger your infection just like dust and unhealthy fumes. You can wear self-protection such as mask and respirator in order to filter the allergens that might trigger bronchitis. Make sure to wash your hands as often as possible in order to get rid of infectious agents to enter your respiratory tract.

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9.      Take a Ginger Tea


While ginger is known to treat common colds naturally, this is also a notable remedy for bronchitis. Given its anti-inflammatory abilities, ginger is known to relieve infection and inflammation inside the bronchial tube. All you need to do is to add a ground ginger in a hot water and drink the mixture for a couple of days until condition gets better. You can also opt to make your own herbal tea and add some ginger to it. Drink the mixture for at least twice every day.


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These are just nine of the brilliant natural remedies that you can follow in order to treat bronchitis naturally. There are several symptoms that may be associated with bronchitis; however, when you feel that something is infecting your respiratory tract, make sure to take these natural treatments immediately.

Bronchitis can be chronic and a lot comfortable to the patient; nevertheless, prompt treatment will already help the person feel better in no time. If you ever have bad bronchitis, these tips will surely give you a sigh of relief!

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