9 Effective Home Remedies for Chickenpox

Chickenpox is one of the skin diseases that are caused mostly by viruses. It is known to spread easily from one person to another, especially if he or she has a weak immune function. Most of the time, this disease may spread easily through air or skin contact, saliva or any fluid from a certain infected individual.

It is also known that the infected person is very contagious after several days that rashes disappear and until such time that blisters have totally dried. In this case, precautionary measures must be made in order to avoid chickenpox to happen in the future.

Meanwhile, while such disease is known to be itchy and unattractive, it is good to know that there are natural home remedies that could help you treat and relieve yourself from chickenpox. It normally takes 10 to 20 days before it totally disappears; however, making use of these natural remedies will help you alleviate the discomfort you feel.

Here are some of the best and most recommended natural treatments to follow to relieve your body from chickenpox.

 1. Drink Lots of Water Every day

One of the simplest things you can do in order to treat chickenpox is to load up your fluid intake. It is always important to keep your body hydrated as much as possible. Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid fluids that are sugary and sweet. It is also advised to avoid eating hard foods, salty and spicy meals as these may worsen your skin itching and irritation. You can opt to eat soft foods like soup and it will make you feel a lot better.

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 2. Try Using Neem Leaves

This is one of the most natural remedies that you can use in order to treat chickenpox. Neem leaves are known to have antiviral properties which are a great cure for viral infections like chickenpox. Meanwhile, it has been proven to fight against varicella virus, the main reason why people suffer from chickenpox. All you need to do is to place Neem leaves into a hot water in order to create a natural tea from its extract. You can also opt to soak the leave into a hot water and make use of it when bathing. You can re-do the procedure until you see changes with your growing blisters.


 3. Make Use of Apple Cider Vinegar

While it is known to cure several kinds of health conditions, apple cider vinegar is also another natural cure for chickenpox. If you are tired dealing with your itchy blisters, the best thing that you can do is to dilute an amount of vinegar into a glass of water. Its natural acidity helps you alleviate the itchiness brought by your skin blisters. Further, apple cider vinegar is known to dry the blisters very fast. You can repeat the procedure until you see good results from your skin.

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 4. Have an Oatmeal Bath

Oats have been known to significantly relieve skin itchiness. Hence, this is also another natural remedy that you can use in treating your chickenpox. You can simply fix finely ground oats into the water, mix it well, and soak in it for an instant relief. Oatmeal bath is known to dry blisters quickly and hence, itchiness will be alleviated at the same time.

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 5. Baking Soda

When you are looking for the most recommended treatment for chickenpox, you can never go wrong with a baking soda. This is known to treat and give instant relief to your itching skin. Further, adding a little baking soda to your bath water is the simplest thing you can do to treat this disease naturally. You can also opt to put a little amount of baking soda into a glass of water, make use of a sponge and apply it off to your irritated skin.

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6. Take a Chamomile Bath

While it is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile oil is also another home remedy that you can use for your chickenpox.  It is known to give fast relief to blisters, itching, and skin redness. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your chamomile bath by pouring an amount of it into your bathwater and see the best results for yourself!

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 7. Try Some Honey

While sweet and sticky in nature, honey is also known to cure chickenpox naturally. It has its natural components that will actively reduce your skin inflammation and dries up blisters quickly. It also has an antibacterial property that helps you protect your skin and body from further infections. It won’t take you long before you’ll get the chance to see the result of your skin disease. Apply an amount of honey to your infected skin and wash it off after several minutes.

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 8. Use Epsom Salt

You can also opt to fill in your tub with water and pour a good amount of Epsom salt in it. This salt will quickly dry up your blisters and will also spend up to your healing process.  You can soak in the tub for a couple of minutes and gently pat dry your body after bathing. The Epsom salt also reduces the redness and itching of your skin.

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 9. Jasmine Plant

This is another natural remedy that you can use for your skin disease.  It is commonly used as a tea and a bath that cures chickenpox naturally.  You can steep off the leaves and place it on the teapot or make use of it while bathing. Jasmine plant is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties that significantly provide relief from itching and skin redness.


These are some of the widely suggested natural home remedies that you can consider to treat your chickenpox naturally. While chickenpox is known to be traditionally dangerous, trying out these tips will cause you no harm.

Make sure to stick to the home natural remedy which you think is working best for your skin condition. These alternative treatments have been proven effective for a long period of time. May you find all these tips helpful as you combat itching and irritation caused by chickenpox! Be free from itching now!

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