8 Notable Benefits of Brisk Walking

It is no longer a surprise how people today are becoming more engaged in a healthier lifestyle. Most men and women are hitting the gym in order to attain their desired body weight; while others are taking things slow with proper food intake. On the other hand, little did people know that apart from lifting weights on the gym, brisk walking is already known to create wonders to a person’s way of life?


Brisk walking is a kind of physical activity that is known to lose extra pounds off the body. Further, it is capable of toning your abs which leaves you a sense of fulfillment. Apart from its physical benefits, brisk walking is also another way to refresh one’s mind from stress and other complicated routines.

Over the years, health experts have found out that people who spent a lot of time to walking are most likely the ones who will gain from its benefits. Here are some of the most notable advantages to get from a brisk walking routine.

 1. Fewer Chances to Suffer from Cardiovascular Problems

One of the health benefits that a person may get from brisk walking is the fact that it is less likely for them to develop health conditions in the cardiovascular system. Nowadays, stroke is one of the most common killer diseases that is hitting men and women of all ages. Perhaps, being into brisk walking will help you minimize of developing such illness. Studies have shown that for as short as 30 minutes to an hour a day of walking; you are already cutting your risk from heart diseases. Further, walking regularly will help you save your pocket from health costs. It is not only best for your health but at the same time, it is a great way to minimize hospitalization costs.

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 2. It Fights Against Obesity

One of the leading benefits that a person may get from brisk walking is the chance for your body to maintain your ideal weight. While others may consider that walking is the simplest and easiest way of exercising, people almost forget the wonders it could give to their health. According to some studies, regular brisk walking in a day could help you lower your chances of being obese for about 5%. It has been proven that walking could cut the causes of obesity-promoting genes within the body. Thus, if you wish to maintain an ideal figure and weight, make brisk walking a really good habit!

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 3. Helps Reduce the Blood Pressure

Apart from losing weight, it is known that brisk walking helps minimize and alleviate a person’s blood pressure. The often you walk, the lesser chances for you to develop hypertension. You can spend about 15 to 20 minutes a day for walking and see how it helps you manage your blood pressure. Health experts have proven how beneficial walking is to people who are suffering from high blood pressure. Hence, spending a couple of minutes of walking around your backyard is already a great deal you can do for your health!


4. It Controls Diabetes

According to health experts, a regular brisk walking routine can create wonders for people with diabetes. As much as possible, diabetic patients are advised to start walking at a slow pace for about 3 to 5 minutes a day. Further, they can also stretch to 5 to 10 minutes with a moderate speed once the body has already been used to the routine. When walking, it is also advised to keep your spine straight as it also enhances your body posture. Over the years, brisk walking has been proven to help patients with Type 2 diabetes around the world. In order to see good results, make sure to stretch your routine from 5 minutes to 30 minutes in a day.

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5. Walking Boosts the Memory

While walking is known to be good for the overall health, it is also known to be beneficial for the brain, specifically in enhancing a person’s memory. Studies have shown that brisk walking for about 30 minutes every day could slow down the shrinking of the brain’s memory. It enhances the mental skills by simply walking for about 3 times a week. This routine is also known to create remarkable benefits for the immune system cells. Hence, this allows your body to be healthier as it enhances its ability to fight against diseases.


 6. Walking is Best for the Old Age

Another top benefit of brisk walking is the fact that it allows you to maintain your mobility despite attaining the old age. Researchers have found out that adults who engaged in regular exercise like walking are less likely to become disabled when they reach the age of 60 years old and above. Perhaps, if you wish to stay healthy despite how old you become, make sure to start preparing for it today through regular walking routines.


 7. It Kicks Off Stress Eating Habits

Brisk walking also helps you fight against your unhealthy eating patterns. Studies have shown that a person may engage in stress eating when emotionally or psychologically problematic. Thus, in order to relieve your body from worries and anxieties, you can divert it through regular walking exercise. It is known that such activity helps your body to release endorphin, which is the body’s happy hormone.


 8. It Fights Against Cancer

It is another notable benefit that a person may get from brisk walking. Cancer is known to claim millions of lives around the world due to a sedentary lifestyle that most people practiced nowadays. Thus, in order to keep your body physically active, regular walking every day is one of the things that would help you. Scientists have proven that walking helps maintain your ideal weight, therefore, reducing your risk of having cancer.


These are among the most common and notable benefits that you can get from brisk walking. It doesn’t take much of your time to hit the gym in order to maintain and attain a healthier lifestyle. A simple walking routine already does wonders for your overall well-being! Make sure to be committed to your goal and see the positive results that your body will get from a regular brisk walking!

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