8 Easy Steps on How to Slow Down Aging and Look Young Longer

At some point in our lives, we have probably looked at ourselves in the mirror and noticed that our faces are a little wrinklier than before. We have probably noticed that there are more crow’s feet around our eyes and lines on our foreheads now. Or perhaps we have also encountered people treating us older people because of how we look. Yes, we have all been there before. That is when we start to worry because we have finally realized that our age is catching up with us. That is when most of us start spending money to lean on treatments and surgeries just to remove a few years off of our face. Unfortunately, no amount of surgery is going to slow aging permanently.


What is causing us to age faster?

Genetics and DNA used to play a role in our appearance. Nowadays, it’s easy to get caught up in habits and lifestyles we are unaware of that are intermittently causing us to age faster. As we get older, our body cannot keep up from eliminating the harmful elements that we put into it and eventually cause our skin to sag, wrinkle, and become dry and dull.  From the food we eat to the kind of life we lead, it’s no wonder that a majority of the population in this century look old and immortality rate getting lower every year.

We’re too stressed out!

Stress can happen to all of us at any time. Often, stress happens mostly at work and home. Whenever we get stressed, high-levels of cortisol, which is a notorious hormone that stores excess fat, leads to high blood pressure, slows metabolism, and chest pains. These stress-related diseases are usually what contributes to a shorter lifespan. Not only do we experience health problems when we are stressed. Stressful situations can cause some people to eat more sugary, salty and fatty foods. This can result in weight gain and obesity which is also a factor causing us to make us look older than we are.

There are natural products available that can help provide relief from stress and anxiety. One product that we highly recommend is LES Labs Mood Boost Natural Supplement for Stress and Anxiety Relief, it’s a dietary supplement that promotes positive mood.

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We’re not eating healthy

It’s not surprising that nowadays it’s easily accessible to junk or unhealthy foods. It’s funny because fast foods are quickly becoming cheaper and convenient while whole, healthy foods are not. Even foods that are labeled as “low fat” or “zero calories” are mostly just lies. Any food that is processed is most likely to contain preservatives and other chemicals that can cause us to age faster and live shorter.


We’re not sleeping enough

Because of the kind of lifestyle we lead, we often find ourselves not getting enough sleep. An average adult is required to have at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep a day for normal physical and mental function. When we lack sleep, our hormones slowly start to malfunction causing our bodies to deteriorate rapidly. When this happens, health problems like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even high blood pressure can happen, and that causes us to live shorter and look older. Not only that, our skin would look dull and dry because of the lack of oxygen in our blood.

To help you get enough sleep, try Spring Valley Melatonin (10 mg), it’s a dietary supplement that is known to help induce sleep. It is added with lemon balm and vitamin B6 to boost normal sleep pattern.

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We’re overexposed to radiation and pollution

We are exposed to radiation when we’re constantly staring at our computer screens and smart gadgets. As for pollution, it’s inevitable. From the air, we breathe and the products we use, we are constantly inhaling harmful toxins resulting in our skin looking unhealthy.


We’re living a sedentary lifestyle

Getting active and exercising is a good way to allow our bodies to get rid of toxins through sweat and reduce excess fat. However, when we don’t get enough exercise, our bodies become unhealthy and can lead to complications like stroke, obesity, and diabetes.


Smoke from cigarettes and consumption of alcohol

We all know smoking is a silent killer. Not only will smoking cause lung and heart cancer, but smoking can also easily show signs of aging on our skin and face. The chemicals from cigarette smoke thin the blood vessels and make our skin more prone to wrinkles and lines because essential nutrients cannot reach our skin.


It’s hard to admit that we are aging every day. However, there are easy ways for you to try so you can slow down the aging process and gain health benefits at the same time.  Below are eight ways:

We have to quit smoking

This one is a no-brainer. Cigarette smoking may be one of the most difficult habits to break, but it’s certainly one of the sure ways to let us live longer. Quitting smoking can also slow down the onset of age-related diseases including lung and heart cancer.

quit smoking to live longer and look much younger

Meditate or do yoga to reduce stress and anxiety

Meditation is one way to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. When we practice calming and centering our minds and body, they become healthier and prevents age-related diseases.

med 1

Throw away the junk food and load up on fruits and vegetables

Avoid eating foods that contain lots of sugar, salt, and other preservatives completely. This not only makes us gain weight, but these foods also do not have nutritional value to give our skin a healthy glow and make our bodies healthy. Adding fruits and vegetables to our diet with good carbs, healthy oils and fats can go a long way when we want live long and look younger.

One example of healthy fat is omega 3-fatty acids that can be found in fish oil. This type of fat is known to boost heart health and can help prevent stroke and high blood pressure. Fish oil supplements can easily be purchased on amazon.

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Find things to do that you enjoy

It’s never a bad thing to give yourself some “me-time” once in a while. A balanced life lessens stress and makes us happier and healthier. You can try hiking, cycling, taking a walk and many more.


Drink water

Water is essential to our life. Drinking ample amounts of water helps flush out toxins through sweat and urine and ultimately make our skin look healthier.


Use natural or organic products

Often, skin products contain harmful chemicals that are bad for our skin. We would assume that we would make us look younger through skin products. Using organic products goes a long way to keeping our skin glowing and healthy.

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Add in more hours of sleep a day

Make sure to get enough sleep so your body’s cells can regenerate and give you sound health mentally and physically and ultimately let you live longer.


Take supplements

Our bodies do not have the same capacity to absorb vitamins and minerals when we grow older. We can take natural supplements to fill in the gap aside from the food we consume.

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