11 Important Tips to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Disease

Whenever a person is sexually active, he or she is prone to developing sexually transmitted disease especially when a safer sex is not practiced. However, it is good to know that sexually transmitted infections are preventable. The only thing that a person needs to do is to avoid sexual contact that is not safe and secure.


However, practicing safer sex is no longer practical and applicable to most of the people. Hence, as a result, numbers of people being affected by sexually transmitted infection are already increasing. Nonetheless, there are tips that everyone can follow to at least limit the risk of being exposed to such infections.

These are some of the tips you need to know in order to be sexually safe from infections and diseases.

 1. Know your Sexual Partners

One of the best ways, in order to avoid sexually transmitted disease, is to be aware as to whom you are making love with. In this case, a safer sex must be practiced especially when you’re not sure about who’s the person you are going to sleep with. Meanwhile, some experts also advise both men and women to at least use a latex condom whenever doing the thing in order to prevent certain infections from happening.


 2. Use Condoms and Lubricants

This is another tip that you need to follow to avoid sexually transmitted disease to happen to you. Condoms are now widely available in stores as one way to promote safer sex. Meanwhile, when using lubricants, experts suggest for both men and women to use at least a water-based lubricant. While condoms and lubricants are not ultimately effective in preventing sexual infection, using such items are still effective when used appropriately and correctly.

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3. Have Yourself Tested by Experts Regularly

If you are sexually active and have been doing sex with multiple partners, having your regular check-up is also a must. In order to avoid sexually transmitted disease from happening, then you have to be consistent with your tests and treatments in order to lessen the risk of getting the infection. Frequent testing and check-ups are definitely advised by doctors especially when you and your partner have been sexually active with multiple partners recently.


 4. Don’t Drink Alcohol Before Having Sex

This is another important reminder that a person needs to remember before having sex. Most of the time when a person is under the influence of an alcohol, he or she is most likely be prone to getting a sexual contact to just anyone. Thus, you really need to know when to get drunk and or when to have sex beforehand.


 5. Protect Yourself with Your Own Sex Supplies

Sexually transmitted infections are becoming rampant around the world today. In order to avoid the risk of being infected, you have to be responsible for your personal safety. Both men and women are advised to bring their own protection – their own sex supplies. Whenever planning to have such activity with someone, you need to be prepared with your own thing, rather than asking your partner for some extra supplies.


 6. Engage in a Solo Sex

This is perhaps the safest form of protection to give yourself. Having said that, this solo sex is a means of self-masturbating and self-stimulation. If you wish to experience the pleasure of having a sexual partner, giving yourself your own stimulation is also a good thing that you can do. Apparently, this activity will help you keep yourself from infection since you won’t be sharing any fluids with anyone.


 7. Try Out Dry Sex

Dry sex is also popularly known as non-penetrative sex. This is one of the activities that some couples are practicing to lessen the risk of getting an infection. This simply means that you can go into a sexual activity even without having penetration just like kissing, dirty talks, and even when giving each other a sensual massage.


 8. Avoid Making Sex with Someone who has STD

This is one of the primary things that you need to keep in mind before engaging in any sexual contact. You have to be sure that you know your partner. That simply means that you are aware whether or not he or she is already infected by such infection. In order to avoid the risk of getting infected, make sure to abstain from any sexual activities to a person with STD.


 9. Avoid Sharing Undergarments

The sexually transmitted disease is best transmitted by sexual contact. However, it has been advised by doctors to avoid sharing any personal garments to your partner just like underwear. This is another tip that you need to remember in order to keep yourself safe from any sorts of infection.


 10. Get Tested for HIV

If you have been sexually active for over a period of time, getting your personal HIV test is also a nice thing to do. In order to be sure that you are perfectly safe from infection, consulting your doctor is very important. Make sure to have your appointment fixed with your doctor and have yourself check from any sorts of infections. Proper testing and medical support will lessen the risk of being harmed by such disease.


 11. Stick in a Monogamous Relationship

There is nothing safer than to stick with one partner in terms of getting the risk of having sexually transmitted disease. If you and your partner are safe from certain infection, then perhaps, by remaining faithful to one partner is a very good way to reduce your chances of having STDs.


Further, it is also very important to be honest with your partner and to talk to each other as often as possible. If both of you are consistent in practicing safe sex, then both of you got nothing to worry about sexually transmitted disease. Before doing anything that might put your sexual life in trouble, enough knowledge regarding sex is among the things that both of you must know.


These are some of the healthy ways that couples can do in order to prevent sexually transmitted disease from happening. May you find all these notable tips helpful for you!

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