11 Helpful Techniques to Reduce and Relief Stress

Dealing with work, relationship, and finances are sometimes the common reasons why people become stressful. When not dealt with properly, stress can affect one’s body, a person’s thoughts and feelings. Being able to recognize the symptoms of stress, one can give a jump and must opt to manage them properly.

While most people find it hard to cope with stressful situations, there are still best techniques to follow in order to learn about healthy stress-coping strategies. You can try one or two tips that work best for you and practice each technique until it becomes a habit to you.

There are certain ways to relax one’s body and mind and here are the best techniques to reduce stress one step at a time!

 1. Exercise – This is one of the simplest yet an important thing to do to combat stress. Whenever troubled with stressful situations, you can choose to divert your anxiety to your regular exercise routine. While other think that exercise is physically exhausting, but exercise helps reduce and relieve mental stress. When a person exercises regularly, you are most likely to experience less anxiety than those who don’t get to move their body.

 2. Write down your thoughts – It may sound simple as it is, but writing down anything that bothers you helps relax your mind. You can write down ten to fifteen things in a day that you find really stressful. Doing so helps you find out what causing you much stress and how you are going to deal with it. Knowing these things will also help you find better ways in order to cope with the situation.


 3. Revisit enjoyable hobbies – While most of you are hooked on the things you do at work, once in a while, find time to do the things that make you happy. You can simply go back to an old hobby that you feel passionate about; and or, you can engage with volunteer work that helps you divert your attention. Certain activities like writing, arts, and sports activities are also other means to relax your mind and body.


 4. Light scented candles – Burning scented candles at home is another technique to follow to reduce stress. There are some scents that are really soothing and relaxing. Using these scented candles will help you change your mood. Several studies show that burning scented candles or using essentials oils at home help decrease anxiety and improve better sleep.

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5. Minimize caffeine intake – Caffeine is a kind of stimulant that is found mostly in tea, coffee, chocolates, and sodas. Some people have different verge on the amount of caffeine they can tolerate. However, as much as possible, you have to lessen your caffeine intake as it may be one of the reasons for your stress.


 6. Meditate – Another thing to divert your mind from stress is to focus on the present things that happen. Learn to meditate and focus your attention on what really matters. Meditation is another way of stress reduction and an effective way of stress management. You can also visit certain places that will make you feel relax and calm during your meditation.



7. Chew a gum – One of the quickest stress relieving techniques is to simply chew a gum. Studies show that when a person chews a gum, he or she may feel a greater sense of well-being, thus, reducing stress and anxiety are possible. Another thing about chewing a gum is that it promotes better blood flow to the brain. When people chewed more gum each day, greater chances for them to release stress more effectively!


 8. Spend more time with family and friends – During stressful situations, gaining support from your loved ones and friends is another helpful technique to consider. Being with your network of friends will give you the feeling and satisfaction of belongingness, which indeed is a great help during tough times. A certain study shows that being with friends help release the so-called oxytocin, which is a natural stress reliever.


 9. Avoid procrastination – Another way to stop and reduce stress is to stop procrastinating. Overthinking lots of things cause stress and may give your mind and body negative effects. Hence, make sure to organize things and priorities and deal with it one step at a time.


 10. Enroll in a yoga class – Yoga is another notable method to relieve yourself from stress and anxiety. While most of the yoga styles differ from one another, most of these styles share a common goal and that is to calm and relax your mind and body. This kind of activity helps you enhance your mood and is even one of the effective antidepressant treatments for depression and anxiety.


 11. Listen to relaxing music – Music can give a very relaxing effect on one’s body. There are soothing and relaxing sounds that induce relaxation and as well as alleviate stress hormones. Listen to these sounds more often as you deal with stressful situations every day.


Understanding Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a physical and mental reaction to any life situations that a person experiences. Everyone tends to deal with stress from time to time and some of the causes identified are the day to day responsibilities that a person has to deal with the work and family.


It is vital to understand how stress happens in order for you to learn how to respond to it positively. Your body may tend to release hormones that may increase your heart rates; and thus, things like this must be dealt with right away.

Stress, when ignored, may affect a person’s total well-being. One might become irritable, may find it hard to sleep, and may experience anxiety all at once. To this end, following these suggested tips and techniques will guide you best in your stress management.

Getting to know the things that make you stressful is also the key for you to overcome it. While some of these tips won’t work best for you, you can still opt to get a professional help with your condition. By doing so, you will be professionally guided on as to how you’re going to deal with your mental and physical condition.


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