10 Ways To Treat Scabies without Having the Need to Visit a Doctor

10 Ways To Treat Scabies without Having the Need to Visit a Doctor


Scabies is among the many skin conditions that are characterized by redness in the skin. This skin disease is caused by a certain parasite called the pesky mite. Most of the time, the parasites will burrow into the skin which will then cause the skin itching and inflammation. When a person has scabies, he or she will definitely feel a total discomfort.



The rashes and blisters that are found on the skin are known to be highly contagious. Thus, necessary precautions and immediate treatments are important to prevent others from being affected by the disease. It is believed that scabies won’t just go away without the proper treatment since the parasites’ eggs will hatch and will eventually get into the skin surface.

Given the harm brought by scabies, it is good to know that there are certain remedies to follow without having the need to visit a doctor. These natural remedies are as follows. Check this out!


 1. Apply Tea Tree Oil


It is one of the most effective essential oils that have been proven to treat several diseases. When it comes to the problem with scabies, tea tree oil is known to be an effective cure for skin rashes and blisters. A few drops of this oil to your affected skin can already do wonders for your recovery. Several studies have found out that the use of tea tree oil gives surprising effects to a person with such skin disease. This item is known for its antibacterial and acaricidal effects that are known to kill the tiny parasites permanently.




 2. An Aloe Vera Gel


This is another topical treatment that is known for its awesome effects to a person with scabies. Aloe Vera is always known for its soothing effect on the skin once applied. Given its healing benefits, this item is not also good for skin rashes but as well as to sunburned skin.





Another good thing about this product is the fact that it is all natural; and hence, proven safe from side effects. All you need to do is to apply it directly to your affected skin. You can repeat the procedure until you can see your desired results.


 3. Make Use of Neem Oil


This is another natural remedy for scabies and is one of the most popular herbs in the ancient times. This oil is widely known for its ability to treat diseases caused by parasites and bacteria.






Further, there are several studies which have proven that neem oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that is best for treating scabies. Just like other natural oils, you only need to apply neem oil to your affected skin in order to treat the rashes, blisters and inflammation caused by the parasites.


 4. Make Use of Sulphur


Another home remedy that is best used for scabies is the sulphur. Being widely known in the ancient times, sulphur is an ideal treatment that fights against skin infections and rashes. It is also known that this item is safe to be used for all skin types and clinical studies have proven that sulphur is capable of treating scabies after several days of application.





 5. Cayenne Pepper


Apart from treating rashes and skin blisters, this cayenne pepper is also a good treatment to reduce the pain you feel due to scabies. Skin experts have been recommending the use of this natural treatment in order to end your discomfort from pain brought by inflammation. You can apply this pepper directly to the affected area for several weeks and see the results for yourself.





 6. Apply Clove Oil


If you are looking for a natural treatment that is both an antibacterial and antimicrobial, then you can never go wrong with a clove oil. It is known that this oil has an antioxidant property that is best for healing skin diseases caused by tiny mites. Just apply clove oil to your skin with rashes and blisters and see the results after multiple applications.






 7. Soak the Affected Are in a Cool Water


While natural treatments are known to cure scabies, water is still one of the simplest and safest methods that you can use for this condition. You only need to soak your skin in cold water in order to soothe your skin from pain and itching. After soaking your skin into the water, pat dry your skin and you can opt to apply another skin treatment for scabies.




 8. Use Turmeric


Turmeric is another natural treatment that is known to create wonders for scabies. This item is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will relieve your skin from itching and swelling. Meanwhile, you can also mix turmeric powder into a lemon juice in order to create a thick paste as a treatment. Apply the paste to your skin and leave it for a couple of minutes. You can do the application once to twice in a week in order to see the best result






 9. Use Sandalwood


It is one of the popular natural woods that are known for its healing properties when it comes to skin problems. Scabies is simply just one of the many skin diseases that are best cured by this aromatic wood. It has been proven that sandalwood has an antimicrobial agent which potential help treat scabies in no time. This will help relieve your skin from swelling, redness, and itching.




 10. Clean Up Your Room


Given the healing effects brought by certain natural treatments, you can also prevent scabies to happen in the future by simply cleaning your room. It is believed that these parasites are hiding within your bed sheets, towels, and blankets at home. Therefore, make sure to change your garments at home from time to time. Meanwhile, those other garments which are not used are advised to be placed in a plastic bag and should be sealed to avoid parasites from coming in.




These are among the notable ways you can follow in order to get rid of scabies from your skin.  Make sure to make use of the treatment that works best for you!

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