10 Things First-time Moms Need After Childbirth

Every mom (and dad) wants to welcome their newborn with a well-prepared household. It makes sense for parents to purchase baby items at least two months before the baby even arrives. In fact, a checklist of the baby’s must-haves is one of the top priorities of first-time moms and dads.

From infant clothing, bath supplies, baby’s room decoration and tons of other stuff, there’s not one  thing parents won’t buy for their babies.  They even study everything about infant care. From burping techniques to proper breastfeeding position and a lot more! 

But very rarely do we stop to think about ‘our‘ needs, as moms, after giving birth. Maybe because we are so consumed with excitement of having our baby that we forget about ourselves. Or maybe no one really talks about the unglamorous truth after childbirth. Only experienced moms really know that postpartum lists are essential.

What Is A Postpartum Period

A Postpartum or Postnatal period starts immediately after childbirth. It is normally the first six weeks after giving birth. It is a very important period for both mom and baby as they adjust to each other. During this period you will experience a lot of physical and emotional changes. You are prone to sudden mood swings. You may also feel irritable and anxious with all the changes happening to your body. They call it “baby blues” and that is normal. 

However, some new moms experience a more severe, continuous depression known as postpartum depression. This kind of depression can eventually interfere with your ability to care for your newborn and even handle daily tasks. Severe mood swings, excessive crying, and loss of appetite are some of the most common symptoms of having postpartum depression. Make sure to set an appointment with your doctor if you experience these symptoms. Early diagnosis and medication are very important to your well-being.

Some moms also experience physical problems after childbirth such as infection, difficulty urinating, constipation and hemorrhoids. Proper treatment can help lessen the discomfort and irritability.

Every Mom Needs A Postpartum Care Kit

As mentioned earlier, the Postpartum period is not the most glamorous days of motherhood. Regardless if you gave birth through normal delivery or c-section, the discomfort and sore will be there. Most people will say take some rest and eat nutritious food. But it’s very unusual that someone will ask “did you buy a nipple cream?”, cause you’ll get cracked nipples during the first week of breastfeeding! Or “do you have a stool softener?” cause your first stool can be a killer! Oh, okay. Really? 

I wish I had known this before my baby came. It would have saved me from sleepless nights of crying because of the pain. So please do yourself a favor and put together a postpartum care kit on your list of must-haves after giving birth.

Postpartum care kit must-haves:

  • Maternity Sanitary Pads

You’ll need a lot of pads because you will bleed (a lot!) after giving birth. Get the biggest overnight pads for the first week then the regular-sized ones after.




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  • Stool Softener

Your first postpartum poop after childbirth is the scariest thing! It can be like giving birth all over again (I’m exaggerating!). But seriously, most new moms do not know that it will really hurt especially if you tore during normal delivery. Ouch! So make sure to include non-laxative Stool Softener on your kit. Ask your doctor before purchasing one. 




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  • Peri Bottle

Peri Bottle will be your new best bathroom friend after giving birth. Fill it with warm water to use instead of toilet paper, especially during the first few days. Most hospitals are providing this but having an extra when you travel is worth it. 




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  • Perineal Spray

You will probably have soreness or pain in your private parts after giving birth. Perineal spray can help ease the sting, heal your wounds faster and prevent infection. Make sure to choose an organic brand which is safe to use for your sensitive part.




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  • Nursing and/or Sports Bras

You will experience a breast enlargement after giving birth. You can keep your old bras for a couple of months and get a comfortable Nursing Bras or Sports Bras instead. 




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  • Reusable Nursing Pads

Breastfeeding or not, you will leak especially during the first week. So make sure to have these nursing pads tuck inside your bra to avoid wet and messy shirts.




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  • Nipple Cream

One of the most fulfilling part of motherhood is breastfeeding your baby! But have you heard that you’ll have cracked nipples during the first weeks? Yes, and it can add to your discomfort. Using an Organic Nipple Cream can safely heal sore, cracked and bleeding nipples. It is safe for both you and baby.




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  • Postnatal Multivitamins

Eating a well-balanced diet may not be sufficient to ensure you get enough nutrients you need to maintain optimal health. After giving birth, your body needs a good amount of Iron, folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin D3. Most doctors recommended a Postnatal Multivitamins for breastfeeding moms to meet their unique nutritional needs.




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  • Lip Balm

Chapped lips are very common during your first weeks. Similarly to the hair loss, the drying of your skin and lips are linked to hormonal imbalance after childbirth. Moisturized them using an  Organic Lip Balm to protect your lips from drying. Keeping yourself hydrated is also recommended especially if you are breastfeeding.




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  • Belly Wrap

Whether you gave birth through normal delivery or through c-section, a Belly Wrap is a must-have!  It works by gently wrapping around your midsection and compressing everything inward. It provides good support to your back as you heal. It is a great way to help speed up the process of getting your body back to normal after childbirth.

A good amount of rest, water to keep you hydrated, and nutritious meals should be added to your prenatal care lists too. 




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Self-care After Childbirth

With all the preparations of having a new member of the family, you may have forgotten to take care of another important person.. you! As a new mom, remember to take care of yourself so you can better nurture your baby. Remember that asking for help is not bad at all! You don’t need to be heroic. Having a new baby is one of the most precious events of your life but one of the most challenging at the same time. So keep it cool and enjoy every moment! 


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