10 Pre and Post Workout Must-Haves

It is important to watch out for your health and fitness. One good activity to keep your body in shape is going to the gym for a workout.  Not only does it allow you to live a healthy lifestyle but also prevents you from a plethora of illnesses a person may get if they do not do some sort of physical activity from time to time. 

Exercise Is A Must!

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that not enough physical activity is one of the risk factors for death worldwide. This insufficiency can make a person prone to obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and skeletal or joint problems. WHO advises a moderate to intense physical activities for adults aged 18 to 64 for at least 150 minutes or more. Physical activities such as jogging, fast-paced walking, biking or swimming can improve muscular, cardiorespiratory, and bone function.

Despite the benefits of physical activity, WHO reported in 2010 that around 23 percent of adults worldwide aged 18 and above still do not have enough physical activity. The drop in physical activity is partly due to time constraints with people spending more time working and resting. The increase of private cars also contributes to the decline of physical activity as people no longer need to walk to the bus or train stations. 


Getting Into Shape

The good news is that gyms and fitness clubs are also on the rise as more and more people began to get health and fitness conscious. The Entrepreneur said that fitness clubs appeal to people because it is an all in one place to help you get physically fit. Various gym equipment is available, fitness classes are offered, and personalized training programs are made available to fit the specific fitness goal of a customer, which also comes with a certified trainer or coach. 

Most gyms already provide their customers with the necessities.  This includes free water and toiletries. Sometimes applying for monthly or yearly memberships can increase the services provided by gyms like free access to group workouts or classes, complimentary beverages in exclusive lounges, and free use of exclusive equipment and while going to the gym with nothing but the clothes on your back seems like a convenient idea, it is not bad to have your gym bag ready with the necessities you need for your pre and post work out.


Gym Bag Essentials



So you decide to get a gym membership and improve your overall fitness and health but you cannot just enter the gym and start working out. A pre-workout routine that includes using some essential items in your gym bag. 



  1. Muscle Building Supplement

Muscle Building Supplements contains a formula that helps in building lean and strong muscles. Does your body ever feel sore after a workout? That is because every time you lift weights or do sit-ups, your muscles get microscopic tears and your body repairs these tears when you are resting. Consuming supplements help your body repair your muscles faster while having a shorter recovery time. These supplements can be taken before your workout to also increase your energy and stamina. 




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  1. Training Gloves with Wrist Support

Weight lifting or CrossFit training can take a toll on your hands and wrists that is why having training gloves with wrist support is essential to avoid nasty scratches, calluses, and wrist injuries that will stop you from working out for a day or maybe a week or two. Some injuries can also send you to a doctor that will cost time and money. It is better to be safe than sorry.



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  1. Compact First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen during your workout and while gyms and fitness clubs have first aid kits available, it is also a good idea to carry your own especially when you have personal needs. A compact and personal first aid kit will ensure that you have everything you need in case of emergencies at the gym. 




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Now that you are done with your workout routine and are prepared to get home and take a nice rest, here are some things that can help you relax and cool down. A post-workout routine is also a must. It is important for your overall health and hygiene. You would not want to walk around in sweaty gym clothes for a long period. Right?



  1. Gym Towel

Your first go-to friend after an intense workout session is a gym towel. It needs to be soft, lightweight, quick-drying, and odor-free so your gym bag and other items in it would not be soaking wet and smelling sweaty. Gym towels are made out of different materials versus regular towels and it is compact for the on-the-go lifestyle. 





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  1. Shower Wipes

In the unfortunate event that a shower is not available in the gym, shower wipes with cleansing and deodorizing solution is your next best friend. It is a convenient bathing alternative especially when your type of workout is outdoor running, hiking, or biking. 





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  1. Recovery Lotion

Your muscles will be sore after a session at the gym and a recovery lotion will give you the relief from the pain and aches you will feel after working out. 




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  1. Workout Recovery Drink

Some people find water to be enough for a post-workout drink while others consume a sports drink that replenishes the electrolytes lost during physical activities but post work out recovery drinks are specially designed to increase muscle recovery and reduce inflammation from heavy work out.




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  1. Dry Wash Spray

Now that you are all clean from all that workout sweat and is about to change into clean clothes but you want it to stay fresh and smelling good. A dry wash spray would do the job. It Revives, refreshes and de-wrinkles clothing and has anti-odour technology. Just what you need to stay and smell fresh after hitting the gym. 




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  1. Cordless Mini Hairdryer

If you want to go a little bit extra, you can pack a cordless mini hairdryer so your hair dries quickly. It can come in handy when you have other plans like going out with friends, catching a movie, or going out on a date after a workout session in the gym.




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  1. Lip Balm

Working out will leave you dehydrated and while water and post work out drinks can help you rehydrate faster, carrying a moisturizing lip balm can help soothe and rehydrate your lips and replenish the lost moisture during the workout.



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Personal and Hygienic

Having these workout essentials ready in your gym bag can entail a more personal and hygienic pre and post-workout routines. While gyms and fitness clubs sometimes offer necessities, it is still better for you to carry your own because at the end of the day only you know what your personal needs are.


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