10 Natural Ways of Treating Goiter

10 Natural Ways of Treating Goiter

Goiter is a health condition that is usually characterized when the neck swells due to the enlargement of the thyroid gland. Most of the time, a goiter is painless. However, when left untreated, this may cause other conditions such as a severe cough and the difficulty for a person to breathe.

Given the common sign of a having a goiter, it is good to know that such condition is manageable and can be treated by natural remedies and methods.


Despite the growing size of a person’s thyroid gland, it is still good to know that appropriate home remedies will help you address this problem. Overcoming this thyroid gland problem may require you enough time to heal; however, these tips have been proven helpful in addressing the disease.

Here are some of the natural ways of treating your goiter problem.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is known to be a good cure to goiter. Given its acidity, apple cider vinegar has the ability to balance a person’s pH level within the body. As it heals the swollen thyroid gland, this vinegar will also detoxify your body and will enhance the absorption of iodine at the same time. When enough iodine is present inside the body, the swelling of the gland will also decrease.







  1. Eat Foods with Iodine


Primarily, goiter or thyroid problem is mainly caused due to lack of iodine in the body. Hence, in order to address the condition, a person is advised to eat more foods with enough iodine content. According to health experts, adults are advised to have about 150 micrograms of iodine per day. In order to replace the iodine that is lost in the body, make sure to load up your diet with iodine-rich foods to treat your goiter naturally.





  1. Make Garlic Part of your Diet


It may sound absurd; however, garlic plays an important role in treating goiter naturally. It is known that garlic helps lessen the swelling of the thyroid gland and enhances the function of it at the same time. Every day, a person with goiter is advised to chew or eat three cloves of garlic per day. Adding this spice to your daily dish will also help you a lot in treating the condition naturally.



  1. Use Watercress


This watercress has been widely known to be a goiter cure. It has high iodine content, and in which, iodine is seldom found in the low-land grass like this herb. Given its richness in iodine, it is also good to know that watercress contains lots of vitamins and minerals which helps the body to recover from certain conditions and infections. All you need to do is to include this watercress in your daily diet and experience the best results given your religious intake.





  1. Dandelion Leaves 


This is another advisable natural remedy that would help you address your goiter problem. Dandelion leaves are known to cure several health problems and goiter is one of them. This herb can be used in two forms; you can create a paste through the dandelion leaves, and or, drink dandelion leaves tea every day to treat goiter naturally. In order to reduce the swelling of your neck, apply the paste directly to the affected area. You can also take dandelion leaves tea for at least twice every day.




  1. Make Use of Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is another known natural remedy that cures goiter. Its high levels of lauric acid are believed to enhance the absorption of iodine inside the body. Further, coconut oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory property; thus, will also reduce the swelling of the thyroid gland. All you need to do is to include a good quality of coconut oil into your daily regimen and see the results after.





  1. Healthy Juices


There are also healthy juice choices that help treat goiter naturally. Lemon and pineapple juices are among the most notable cures for thyroid problems. These juices are known to have anti-inflammatory contents that help lessens the swelling of the thyroid gland. Meanwhile, you can also include crushed garlic into these juices and make sure to drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Apart from treating the swelling of your neck, lemon and pineapple juices also help release the toxins out from the body that has been accumulated over a period of time.




  1. Moringa Tea


This is another herbal tea that you can drink every day to cure goiter naturally. It has been proven to reduce the inflammation of the thyroid gland given its refreshing effect to the body. All you need to do is to gather a handful of moringa leaves and place it on a hot water for a couple of minutes. Drink the tea at least once every day and this will surely give you the best relief.



  1. Motherwort Tea


This is another natural treatment that helps cure goiter. In order to reduce the palpitation of the heart caused by hyperactive thyroid, drinking this natural tea every day will address the said issue. Studies have found out that motherwort tea has antiviral and anti-cancer properties and is also an ideal cure for hyperthyroidism.





  1. Neck Exercise


Given the natural herbs and remedies for goiter, another thing that you can do to address the condition is through a neck exercise. Stretching the neck is believed to be beneficial in treating the hyperthyroidism. Doing the regular neck exercise is believed to stretch the muscles of the neck. As a result, reduction of the swelling of the thyroid gland is also possible.


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These are among the natural methods and remedies that you can apply to cure goiter problem. A person with such condition is required to give utmost focus on his or her diet and food choices. Hence, make sure to follow all these tips, take goitrogenic foods in utmost moderation, and keep your body healthy by exercising regularly. Given the positive effects of these natural treatments, it is still best to consult your doctor beforehand regarding the appropriate treatment you should take into consideration.

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