10 Helpful Tips to Get Rid of Insomnia Naturally and Effectively

Insomnia is a known condition where a person finds it hard to fall asleep or to get enough sleep at night. Apparently, there are several causes that may affect a person’s inability of sleeping, which can be both physical and emotional. This condition can be acute or short-term; and or chronic or on-going.


There are many factors which contribute to those “sleepless nights” and each factor must be dealt with immediately. Insomnia becomes more serious when a person has known not to sleep for several days and weeks. Apparently, this normally needs a professional help in order to cure the underlying conditions of insomnia.

Here are some of the helpful and notable tips to follow to get rid of insomnia effectively.

 1. Make your bedroom dark at night

For some reasons, many people find it hard to sleep when the light is turned on. Perhaps, it would be best to switch off those lights an hour before going to bed. Normally, your body thinks that it’s about to time to fall asleep if your sleeping environment is relatively dark.


The darkness of your room triggers the production of the sleep hormone called melatonin; hence, sleeping will no longer become a problem. It is also important to switch off your mobile phones and gadget when planning to sleep. The bright screen of your phone will make you more alert and drowsy at night.

 2. Indulge in some relaxing bedtime routines

In the latter part of the evening, you can also opt to engage in some relaxing rituals before sleeping. This will help you prepare your mind and body for sleep since being at work for almost a day is really stressful.


Perhaps, having some activities that will help you relax your mind before bedtime can help enhance better sleep at night. There are also various relaxation techniques to follow such as deep breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, and a simple warm bath can help you get rid of insomnia.

 3. Don’t go to bed when your stomach is empty

When planning to get rid of insomnia, make sure not to go to bed when the stomach is empty. A hungry stomach definitely distracts you from sleeping right. Meanwhile, hunger is also another factor which promotes insomnia since your mind is fixated on eating foods. However, make sure not to eat too much at the same time. Stick to the 3-4 hours rule of not eating anything before bedtime.


 4. Manage your stress

When you’re thinking mostly about your finances, work, schools, and relationship problems, most likely, you’ll find hard to have a deep sleep at night. Hence, it is vital to at least reduce the level of stress before bedtime. You can divert your attention to some interesting kinds of stuff like watching movies, going out for shopping, and talking with friends to lessen your level of stress. You can also opt to free yourself from too much thinking and depression.


 5. Exercise regularly

Getting involved in a regular exercise and keeping fit is another helpful tip to reduce insomnia. Physical activities during the daytime help regulate your sleep cycle at night.


While most of you think that exercise is really exhausting, on the contrary, it is a very good technique to combat insomnia at night. Establishing a regular routine for exercise takes a lot of work. However, by doing so, getting rid of your sleep problems will naturally be solved.

 6. Cut down alcohol intake

While others believe that alcohol helps them sleep faster, studies show that alcohol consumption disrupts your normal sleep cycle and will also reduce the quality of sleep at night. As much as possible, lessen and cut down your alcohol intake especially during hours that you are about to go to sleep.


 7. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks during bedtime

Caffeine is a known stimulant which can destruct normal sleep patterns. It is known that caffeine effects could last longer for almost 8 hours; hence, as a general rule, make sure to not drink caffeinated drinks during lunch and especially during bedtime.


 8. Consult your doctor about your proper medications

Whenever a doctor thinks that it’s already helpful for you to take some medications, some doctors prescribe the right drug to cure sleeping problems. However, you have to take into considerations that insomnia medications are habit-forming; hence, it is best if you’ll just have short-term insomnia treatments.


 9. Try some natural sleeping remedy

There are lots of natural remedies which helps cure insomnia problems. Natural medicine is generally very safe to use since it doesn’t have potential side effects, unlike other medications. The most common natural aids to use to address sleeping problems are chamomile tea, melatonin supplementation, and tea tree oil.


 10. Use aromatherapy for better sleep – Aromatherapy is a known technique to get rid of insomnia. It is a way where you can make use of essential oil scents in order to create a soothing surrounding at home before sleeping. While some people consider aromatherapy as the cure to sleep problems, it is also believed that essential oils can only create relaxation to the mind to stay asleep and fall asleep faster.

Understanding Why Insomnia Develops?

Apart from taking the best remedies and treatments to get rid of insomnia, it is somehow important to know the underlying cause why insomnia develops. According to some doctors, sleep problems happen to most people due to some unwanted thoughts. Most commonly referred to as sleep disorder, insomnia can become chronic when left untreated.

At some point, sleepiness could gradually increase and might lead to a more serious health condition. Another factor which causes insomnia to develop is the noise around you which disrupts your sleeping. When noise is greater than your level of sleepiness, most likely, you will find a hard time sleeping.

Hence, in order to get a really good night sleep, make sure that your level of sleepiness is higher than the noise which surrounds you. Most often than not, doctors believe that excessive noise and over thinking is generally the underlying causes of insomnia to develop naturally.

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